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The Eaton MD

Started by Sober, June 10, 2007, 11:00:39 PM

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pickled_pig: Oh yeah, thanks for reminding me, plus I have a couple of parking lots I could plop, plus I might try the SAM since it has some too :)

Madeira/She Who Will Not Be Named: Thanks very much!

porter66083: Well, after a couple hundred cans of force-fed Coca Cola, I'm sure you'll like it ;)

Ok, this update has been actually delayed a couple of times, but alright, here we go. I hit 1 million in the region a while ago, and of course, I like to celebrate milestones, so let's start with the picture:

Of course, all my residents celebrate too:

Not too much to say, but as soon as I find the time (or balance vs. getting midterms/studying done with SC4 - as if :P), I'll do something nice for the citizens of Eaton. I already parcelled off a good portion of land in Eatonville, (probably for a biiiiiiig park), plus I need to put those Mayor statue rewards I haven't plopped to good use somewhere, right?  $%Grinno$%

Also, I threw in a picture of a small park for good measure:

Hopefully more within a month (which feels so long all of a sudden)


Great update, my friend! Congratulations on hitting 1 million, too! The region looks great! I'll be looking forward to seeing more!


Congrats for the 1 million and good looking pictures there! Looking forward to more...


Great region shot there - and you still have soooooo much space to develop further, 1million residents is only the begining I feel!

I really like the small ball park as well, you use those curvy paths so well.


Whoa! A whole month out of it! (I really hate midterms right now). Anyways, I've a huge update, if I do it properly, will come out during the next two weeks. Hope to get it out by Wednesday (Tuesday is the last test before exam hunting season starts here). But while I reclaim what is rightfully mine:

thundercrack83, bat: Thanks, and I'll try not to keep you guys waiting any longer ;)
paroch: Well, I've got a good 50 or so large city tiles to play on, and this game can never end :)

Although we should celebrate, today is a day of Remebrance (Otherwise known as Independence Day in Poland and Angola; St. Martin's Day in the Netherlands; Remembrance Day in the Commonwealth, Armistice Day in Europe and Veterans Day in the United States). Eaton too is remembering those who fought in the wars of past and present for all those who died for our freedom.

The Eaton War Memorial and Cemetary is located south on the 340 in the small community (for now) of McCaul's Watchtower. Francis McCaul was a soldier in the First World War from Eaton, and his acts of bravery were commended; he was the first casualties of war and was first to be buried here. The Cemetary also houses civilians, but is rather expensive to reserve a plot in this graveyard.

The War Memorial.

On a lighter note, a teaser for the next update (to be much sooner than one month intervals :P) :


Wonderful looking cemetery there! Looking forward to more...


Hey, Welcome back Sober.

I was starting to think you'd gone for good.  Hope the exams go well - good luck.

And a nice update to come back with.  The cemetary is very nicely done.  I look forward to seeing more from you.



Kelvin welcome back and what a wonderful return Update... that cementary looks real peacful lol... See you soon right? LoL kiddin - pat

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Replies: coming soon

But an update is here!  :D

The Main Entrance and Parking Lots under construction:

The Main Entrance, Completed:

The North Entrance:

The Road that runs through the park:

People taking Helicopter Lessons and watching a game up in the air:

The Raised Portion of the Park, located on a plateau:

The North side of the park on a weekend:



Really good update there, Sober! Also a wonderful newspaper! Looking forward to more...


Mmmmmm, Nice Park!

That is a pretty big park you've developed there Sober - great work.

And the newspaper report showcases it particularly well.  The raised bit of the park is a nice touch, not seen that before.  I'm glad you're back with us and treating us to updates from Eaton.

Showing us construction is also pretty cool.

I look forward to more.



Whoa, okay, another month inbetween; I really hate this so time to kick my SC4'ing into overdrive during the holidays. Stupid exams made me want to explode  :bomb:


bat: Gonna have to work on the newspaper format because it might be just a tad too big and it's missing all the actual front-page clutter, but thanks!

paroch: Construction was the harder part because I already knew where everything was going to be ... again :P


Hey Kelvin i loved this last Update it was very good, i loved the construction site area!!

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Hah, that construction site would've been alot easier if I had just built that first then replaced it with the part!  $%Grinno$%

So what I did during the holidays - bring more of the city life into Farmer's Dozen. All the obvious components are coming into place, and even those nice houses might (might) have to make way for more taller buildings, but we'll see how it goes...

So this is an updated overview of the region, there are a few changes to the north of the river but nothing worth nothing. It's actually fairly obvious the farms are quickly being abandonned when you see the fields and then a dark 'spot'.

You can see the farm buildings abandonned more closely here. If it were further from the core out I'd leave the field much longer but I'll have to replace it with some parks and plazas now :)

Some parks I cobbled together. (I really like parks, don't I?) I actually like the red paths, I might try to figure out how to use the LE and put red paths better grass and make some other fillers for the low-wealth ones.

The sandpaths are cool too, just tried them out but I might change how I place them seeing as their widths are different from what I usually use.

And a highschool. Somewhat typical to the ones I went to with large sports fields and I also tried to put in the side road entrance in the bottom-right.


Very nicely done, Kelvin! Your building style reminds me of what I need to add more of to the suburbs of Nyhaven. Keep up the excellent work :)

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sweeeeeeeet Kelvin Im glad you are back and updating again!!! So do i get this right you built the park first then remembered about needing to do construction shots??? If thats the case then yes it would have been easeir to build the construction first lol... Anywho great new update here and i cant wait to see more!!

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wow!! splendid general sight and your installation as regards park are incredible  &apls &apls
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Great new update there! Also nice parks and overview of that area! :thumbsup:


Nice update there Sober.

I really like the school - I tend to agree that wherever possible schools should have plenty of space for playing fields and sports pitches.  And the entrance is a nice touch.