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simcity.cn - Registering Probems

Started by feliwi, July 16, 2012, 10:30:55 AM

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Hello together,

recently I discovered a massive Chinese Fansite of SimCity4 (www.simcity.cn)
Accordding to other threads there might be dozens of custom content downloads of any kind. (http://community.simtropolis.com/topic/15291-chinese-bats/).
But to download you have to register.

My problem is, that I cannot speak or read any Chinese. Usually one can user google Translator to understand at least a bit. In this case I wasn't able to register because of some sort of a "please make sure you're not a robot question". Until some time ago they just asked to sum 2 numbers and to insert into a field, but now thy want to have a more difficult question answered. I couldn't translate this question exactly and I wasn't able to aswer correctly.

Does anybody in here can speak Chinese? It would be very kind, if the person would create a guide helping others registering at this website.

I'm sure this might help lots of people.




Here is a simple guide.  ;)

(Click to enlarge.)
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@Moen: It worked out perfectly, thx a lot! I tried Maxis yet, but not in upper case. I always entered "Maxis" and not "MAXIS".

Hope this may help others too.




Well, that helps a little.....but question...What will you do after you registered following the step above? The chinese letter will gone and transform into english? And then you could browse, search, download freely, bla, bla,bla....I don't think so...  $%Grinno$%
Simply use Google Chrome or Opera as your browser....they have a translate automatic ability...and it's a lil bit better than Google translate i guess...
I've already registered to the simcity.cn and other "alien" language sites, simply by using these browsers.... ;)
Note: if you don't have them both installed, just ignore this post.



Someone knows something about SC.cn be out?

There is no comment on the search sites and it's been a week since there is no connection available!  ()testing()



Quote from: NCGAIO on June 28, 2013, 03:08:16 PM

Someone knows something about SC.cn be out?

There is no comment on the search sites and it's been a week since there is no connection available!  ()testing()
SCcn has encountered some problems. We're sure it will come back soon.   ;)
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Quote from: weixc812 on June 29, 2013, 05:25:41 AM

SCcn has encountered some problems. We're sure it will come back soon.   ;)

Well coming from you is good information! :thumbsup:

It will be a repeat of this problem? The DNS is already active but is outside the usual hosting site.



Sorry to bumping up this really old topic, but my problem is related with Simcity.cn registration so I don't see the popint to open a new thread for this.
Recently due to some security risks on my computer I made a huge housekeeping in my passwords and browser history, basicly took out all the auto filling stuffs and passwords. Well my simcity.cn password is gone aswell, so I went to the page and tried to ask a new password (google translator is my best friend these days). I put my email in the required field than I got a pop message that I'll get an email with the activation code and the method which is available for 3 days. Well I've never got any email after that and I check my junk/spam folder and nothing in there either.
I tried to make a new registration which is faild immediatelly with the first Required Field, which is: Invitation Code (local censors can hit me, but What the Fries is that Brown Sauce?  :angrymore: :angrymore: :angrymore: :angrymore: :angrymore:).

Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance

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An invitation code means pretty much what it says. Another active member must send you an invite, thus providing you with a code for registration. So unless you can get a referral, you can't register an account.

There are tools to recover lost passwords from web browsers (try a Google search). You might be shocked to find just how much data is still there. If you've completely deleted this data, don't have a back-up and never kept a copy of your password, you are probably out of luck.

I have an account/password, but it stopped working long ago for no reason I can think of. Best guess, either keeping the costs of the site down or some filtering prevents e-mails that aren't handled by Chinese providers. That would fit with the narrative of the locked-down internet of China these days, but I'm only able to speculate.


I wanna to register SimCity China right now! Filling everything was OK, except....  邀请码 (Invitation code)?  ???


Thanks mgb for info. Look likes Simcity China was almost private ever... Never download anything!  :angrymore:
I loves Sim City forever!