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October 05, 2022, 09:20:01 AM

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The Noro Cooperative

Started by noahclem, January 30, 2013, 03:41:12 PM

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What type of airport should NORO's new one be?

Passenger only
Passenger & military
passenger & general aviation (private & charter aircraft)
Passenger, military & general aviation


Table of Contents



______Page and Reply#______
______Description and Link_____
PG - 1 Reply#1ToC
PG - 1 Reply#2Welcome to The Noro Cooperative
PG - 1 Reply#18Blank Map & The Delta
PG - 2 Reply#25Maarten's Transit Proposal
PG - 2 Reply#29Comparing Transit Layouts and a Question
PG - 2 Reply#39Creating maps in InkScape Part 1: The very beginning by MandelSoft
PG - 3 Reply#41Creating maps in InkScape Part 2: Water, Infrastructure and Cities by MandelSoft
PG - 3 Reply#44Creating maps in InkScape Part 3: Administrative subdivisions, route shields and area names by MandelSoft
PG - 3 Reply#50Teaser by Noah
PG - 3 Reply#53Our Final Map Grid by Willy
PG - 4 Reply#61Noah's Transit Ideas
PG - 4 Reply#65Willy's Transit Ideas
PG - 4 Reply#67Robin's Transit Ideas
PG - 4 Reply#70February 19th Update
PG - 4 Reply#72Nomenclature?
PG - 4 Reply#75March 2nd Update
PG - 4 Reply#78Outside Robin's Comfort Zone
PG - 5 Reply#87Caption this picture and Bonus Pics
PG - 6 Reply#100Reply 100 goes to metarvo watch for your reward
PG - 6 Reply#102NORO experiences more seasons than just summer and fall
PG - 6 Reply#108Willy plays with Vortext's Coast Extended Tree controller
PG - 6 Reply#115Still outside Robin's comfort zone
PG - 7 Reply#122Robin is getting Comfortable
PG - 7 Reply#126Noah's RHW Initiative
PG - 7 Reply#130Robin's Cabin/Lodge Challenge
PG - 7 Reply#134Robin's thoughts on a Cabin/Lodge Challenge
PG - 7 Reply#139Poll Results for Nature Reserve and Caption that Picture
PG - 8 Reply#141NORO's First Interchange by Noah
PG - 8 Reply#153Robin Goes Camping
PG - 8 Reply#158Robin's Smooth Delta Technique
PG - 9 Reply#163Happy Easter from Robin
PG - 9 Reply#168Tile "Is" Transport Teaser by Noah
Pg - 9 Reply#175Dam it Noah! A bunch of maps and "Is" revisited

Important Links

______Name and Link______
Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky by drunkappleThe map we have choosen for the NORO Cooperative
ARDEN Seasonal Tree Controllers by vortextBest Tree Controller to date 3/13/13

Team Members

rooker1 better known as Robin
noahclem better known as Noah
swordmaster better known as Willy
wouanagaine better know as wou the Great

Special Guests and Special Thanks
MandelSoft better known as Maarten - A very special thanks to Maarten for his incredible tutorials on page 2 and page 3.
wouanagaine better know as wou the Great - A very special thank to wouanagaine for the program that he made for us to make our lives much easier.

History of the NORO Team
to be continued.....



Welcome to the Noro Cooperative!
Here Robin and I will create a new region, building on each others' skills and trying a new form of collaborative city building. Rather than play a region together and assigning the separate tiles between us, we plan to share the play within the tiles. Specifically encouraging us to work and plan together down to the smaller scale details and even to "get in each others' way", much as the real life process plays out. We believe that keeping our plugins and regions folders synced in the cloud will make this kind of play much easier and more protected from plugin errors than it may have been in the past. While the basic plans for our building and presentation are in place, the core of our endeavor is to be dynamic and able to change as we learn what works best, what we like most, and what our readers enjoy. We plan to share as much as possible of the development process with you and your input and feedback will be highly valued.

The Noro Cooperative will combine many of the elements you may be familiar with from MindScape and Siilijoki but it is a project to go along with and not replace our individual MDs. The NAM and CAM will be highlighted and the region will take a North American style, featuring many of the amazing BATs created for such a setting.

We plan to spend the next few days fleshing out the details of our plugins folder, laying out our early city planning, and looking forward to beginning building in earnest. We certainly hope you share our enthusiasm for our new project!

Enjoy a first look at our region (click for full resolution)


Interesting project. Two great MDers together.

Do you plan to build on the delta, or make a natural area? It will be a dificult challenge if you choose to urbanize.

Thanks for our first reply Kergelen  :thumbsup:   We only confirmed the map yesterday so plans are in a very early stage at this point. If I told you my latest thoughts on that it would be news even to Robin. But difficult? I'm not afraid of a bit of water  $%Grinno$%


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Wow, cool initiative! I'm taking part in something similiar, but as you said - with assigning the separate tiles, or at least assignig parts of tiles. That would be interesting to observe, how you both will reconcile your (probably a bit different) ideas.   ;)

Do you take into consideration adding new players to your project? (I'm not talking about myself - I'm not keen on playing with american style cities ;)

Glad you like it! Hopefully our different approach will work well--if not it can change. We're definitely going to have some conflicting ideas and it should be interesting to see what happens then. I suppose if we can't come to an agreement we could always settle it by voting here.

At this time we plan the project to only include the two of us but being open to change is one of our core principles.

Thank you for visiting Kolbrów, and for being for last ten years!


Great job starting a cooperative MD! I have a ton of ideas for this region, but you guys come first. I hope that you take a few ideas, like kbieniu7 said.

Adding others might be a good idea, I may know a few great American -style builders.

Can't wait to see what's next!

I'm glad you like the idea of a copperative MD, hopefully as much as we do.  Everyone's ideas are more than welcome and actually we are really hoping on getting as much feed back from everyone as possible.  Everything said will definitely be taken into consideration.  As for adding others, we have decided to keep it just the two if us for now....but we are open to change in the future.

Provo, a city apart Updated July 4.


Interesting concept. I'll see how this turns out. Good luck! :thumbsup:

Good to see you in here and we hope you follow along and participate as often as you can.

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Amazing region and an even more amazing (as well as interesting, novel and ambitious) project!

I'll definitely keep an eager and keen eye on this!


Thanks for the kind words! We look forward to your continued interest and participation  :thumbsup:

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Best projects in sc4 are born from cooperation, because 2 brains are better than 1  ::)

Seems to become awesome  ;)

Thanks Antoine! Did we forget to mention in the introduction that we'll be showcasing plenty of your beautiful flora?  ;D

The Floraler

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Sounds interesting. A cooperative with two of my favorite MDers... I'll follow this. :)

Glad to have you following Arthur! We're looking forward to plenty of feedback and advice from you  :)

I'll take a quiet life... A handshake of carbon monoxide.

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Two of the best MDers - this deserves a


We expect a ton of railways, you know that alright? ;D


PS: Good idea to do the David-style replies here. Make us jealous :thumbsup:

Holy crap, we already got a dancing elephant and haven't even started development yet! This can only be an omen of good things to come ;)  Interestingly, I can confirm that my first tinkering here was a little zoom 7 play inspired by PSC while I was assembling and calibrating the terrain/water/beach/rock mods. As for railways, would you expect anything less from me and Robin? And these David-style replies are pretty handy, not gonna lie  :P



I look forward to the results of your collaboration. This is certainly great art. I'm very excited. Much success to you!

Thanks alot.  We are looking forward to our collaboration too.  ;D Although we do have a lot already planned, this is still a very young project and we are expecting many surprises along the way.  I'm sure we'll work through them, though, especially with the reader's input.



Oh, cool. This can only be great. I am very excited to see two of the best MDers around combine their skills.  :thumbsup:

Let me add a  /&HiPP/% to the  &dance.

Thanks for your vote of confidence.  Not really sure if we are two of the best MDers around, but now you have raised the bar for us.  And if I know Noah well enough by now, he's going to strive for it.  Thanks for our first hippy and our second dancing elephant!!

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Sounds interesting! You already have my attention. I like collaborative projects, because with more persons you can combine your ideas. Also, the map is a nice one to play on. I can spot a volcano in the north-east.  :)

I'm looking forward to seeing some development.


I hope everyone is able to find our project as interesting as we are hoping to make it.  We have some big plans in place and the plans that are not ready, we plan to make big as well!!  As for the valcono, I think it's dormant.  ;)



This certainly looks like an interesting project.  I look forward to seeing what you do with it, and what exactly 'showcasing the NAM' turns out to be.  Love your choice of map, and i hope to see some heavy development in that delta.

Think i'll just add a %BUd% to the existing  /&HiPP/% and the  &dance

As for "showcasing the NAM", you'll have to sit back and see what we have up our sleeves. 
We love the map as well.  I think we went through about a day of searching, narrowed it down to about ten and came up with the one you see.
Not sure what we have in store for the delta yet, but it may end up being a mix of greenery and cement.  Who will win the battle Noah or myself?



WOW!!!!just wait and see what these two guys together can do! :thumbsup:

Thanks.  But we still need to figure out what we can do together. $%Grinno$%



What a great project, this seams like tots of fun for you and for us as well. Look foward to the first update :)

Thanks a lot!  I hope everyone finds it as much fun as we are having getting it all ready. 
The next update is right around the corner.

You can call me Matt


A cooperative project between two MDers sounds like a winner to me.  It will be interesting to see how the snow-bound style of Noah collides and combines with the industrial style of Robin.  ;D

We think we have a winning combination between the two of us and we are also very interested to see our two styles coming head to head, maybe me more so than Noah though.  ::)

Find my power line BAT thread here.
Check out the Noro Cooperative.  What are you waiting for?  It even has electricity.
Want more? Try here.  For even more electrical goodies, look here.
Here are some rural power lines.


So the mists begin to clear and the project starts to come into focus. With the two of you working together I'm sure we're in for quite the experience. Interesting use of a cloud server for the game. Have you come up with a way to ensure the same tile isn't being played by both at the same time?

Thanks Matt! Our primary technique about avoiding playing the same tile at the same time will be talking about who plays what when  ;)   Certainly we're both hoping the technical stuff will work out with the cloud server and our cities. Hopefully you like what you see with your new focus  ;D



We have to thank you all for your enthusiastic response! We'll see what we can do about keeping things interesting around here  ;)

Blank Map & The Delta
For now we have our regional map, as seen from wouanagaine's update of terraformer and a couple images from me dialing in our terrain/water/beach/rock mods and settings.

Cick any image to enlarge

Network plans are beginning to develop and have so far been largely shaped by the terrain.

Our current settings for the delta area

And our river water plan

We hope it's always a pleasure


Wow. That map is awesome, the delta looks great and the river equally beautiful!

This is promising! ;D

Yeah, dobdriver did some great work on that one, as did God or whoever you choose to believe designed that nice little corner of the world  ;)  Glad you liked the pics and thanks again for your feedback  :thumbsup:

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