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Show us your....Subscriber exclusive premier pictures

Started by noahclem, July 03, 2013, 06:44:08 AM

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I've been thinking of what could be fun to post on this board and had a few pictures from my most recent work lying around. These are from Ko-Noropolis, the central tile of the NORO Cooperative:

I decided there aren't enough curved bridges in the SC4 world

The bridges here are created with my usual style of lowering the sea level to build roads and then returning to normal sea level. There's one actual bridge (MIS), 5 built as L2 networks, 1 FLUP/tunnel, and 1 diagonal bridge. Building bridges as viaducts this way also allows me to use slopes so networks can reach the river's minimum clearance of 9m for barge and recreation.

The plan for the tile is to incorporate a signicant-sized section of diagonal grid. Refitting this area for tram traffic has been taking up most of my time lately.

I'll probably incorporate this area into a NORO update in the near future, probably with a bit more polish.


Really interesting stuff going on here. :thumbsup: It's really creative how you used elevated pieces to build the bridges.

Amazing Work!
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Give me a region shot and I'm   ()stsfd()   but I do like your curved bridges ... very cool   ;D
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