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VDK Bats

Started by vester, August 16, 2013, 03:16:42 PM

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Here is my new project. Another iconic building, I would say most Danes know, if not then from the TV.
I call it the CUBE, after the former firmed had house there:

Yes I know, I'm teasing you.


The Cube.  ;D

I like what you did for the pattern.  :thumbsup:
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Thanks Arthur. Glad you like it.

That wall is just a simple box. All the details are in the texture.
Baked a texture from the full geometric.

Here is an update:


A view from the street side

Earth quake


Thank you, Earth quake. Glad you like it.



Thank you whatevermind.

Got all the textures and uv-mapping on the walls:


Just a quick update:

Just a few more textures. Think there is one or two texture that need to be update as well.


Not much comments around here.  :satisfied:

Looking good as usual Arne. Just the front pavement, but I know you're working on it. ;)
I'll take a quiet life... A handshake of carbon monoxide.

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It's looking nice Arne. Do you have a the full image, it's blurred on this one due to scale down.

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Not due to rescaled, but due to lowered rendering quality => faster render.

Will post one tomorrow.


 :thumbsup: Looks great.  Will be a definite download for many when its completed!  Thank you


Good job Arne. Typical modern Euro office block; you got it right.



Is this the office block at the end of ├śrstedparken (isn't it owned by SBS now?).


Woah! I like those textures, particularly the windows on the smaller wing and the pavements (and the roof and walls...)  ;D

I am curious about those lollipop trees though...


TY you all.

krbe: Yes it is the building at ├śrstedparken / Jarmers Plads.
Think its still own by Realdania. Think SBS just moved in, in the other end toward Farimagsgade. Realdania is still in the other end.
EDIT: At least in 2009 in was own by Realdania through its subsidiary Realea.

The green lollipop trees is just a placeholder until I can get my hands on some nice trees.


Just an update on the nightlights:


Working my way around the building:


Great work Arne  &apls  A lovely European office block!


Thank you Noah.

A little something new I am working on:


Great night lighting on the cube and loving the shape of the new project :thumbsup:

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