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August 16, 2022, 08:57:31 PM

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Japan Recreation(日本作成日時) - Teaser(ティーザー)

Started by ユミーちゃん, June 23, 2014, 04:37:39 PM

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This is my recreation of Japan. I will do updates on this region. Hope you enjoy.  ;)


These are the very first photos I will show of my Japan recreation.

This is a photo of the city of Niigata (unfinished), and the city of Honoshima, which is right off the coast of Niigata.

This is the Kanto Region, with Mount Fuji showing off in the distance.

This is the Southern part of the island of Kyuushu. The cities here are: Kagoshima, (to the left and has two parts) Miyazaki, (to the right) and Higashimorokata (The tiny town in the middle)

This is the Northern part of Kyuushu. You can see the entire city of Miyazaki down there.

This right here is the Aichi plain, in  the Chubu region. The city that is currently there is called Mie. I will be building Nagoya later.

Anyway, this is the first update. In the next one, I will be showing the actual cities themselves from close up, and I will show my cities progress. Please comment and like!  ;D


Welcome to the MD world. :)

That is a quite nice region you've shown here.
I'm looking forward to the close up. I'm interested to see the developments you'll do on Toyama and Akita. :)
I'll take a quiet life... A handshake of carbon monoxide.

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You've made a great start on a lovely and challenging region map. I'm eager to see your cities in close-up views. Based on what I see here so far, I'm sure they will be beautifully crafted.


Since you wanted to see what my cities looked like, here it is.

Here is a little snippet of a suburban part of Niigata. This is not a true update, just a small one to show you a little part of what my city looks like. I'll have a true update later. Please comment and like. :)


Great start. Like what I see.

Two things:
Turn off the grid, by press G.
Turn off the UDI-icons in the UDI menu.


When showing developments, I don't mind the grid. :) However I agree with Vester about the UDI icons.

Nice work on that picture, love the area.
I'll take a quiet life... A handshake of carbon monoxide.

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Nice work you have over there! Pretty interesting to see more! ;)


Looks like you've got quite a few well designed regions. Can't wait to see more close-ups.  :thumbsup:
Welcome to ALFERRID(UPDATE 5-District C)
And my other pics at SimCityChina:click here


Please correct me if I am wrong; I can read some Kanji, all Hiragana and all Katakana, but is your SC4 Dev name Yomi-san?  I also spent 14 years stationed in Okinawa then Yokosuka Japan.  Your detail is AMAZING and your region especially in the Kanto area is spot on.  Keep up the great work and I will definetly be looking out for this MD.



Another update! Thanks for the comments guys! Oh and, dyoungyn, my name is Yumi-chan in Romaji, not Yomi. Anyway, onto the pictures!

This is again, a suburban area of Niigata. Many houses in the area. There is a High School to the far upper left. There are some shops on the road there, and even some shops on the neighborhood streets (You see that in Japan, those family owned shops)

As you can see, the area we were just looking at was the area we were in before. Now its just a bit more developed. Mid rise apartments have begun to spring up. Probably due to the nearby train station (You can't really see it that well, but it's on the far right).

This right here is an example of the rural to suburban transition. As you can see, there are some wildgrasses I placed there.

This is an area near the downtown. There is a driving school located here, and many apartments.

This is Niigata's downtown area. A lot more commercial than seen before.

This is what Niigata looks like now. It took me a good 3 hours to build that. (Not counting the crash which made me lose ALOT)

So this update was somewhat big. In the next update, I will show you the rural parts of Niigata, and maybe even one of the other cities! Hope you enjoyed, please comment and like. And if you are wondering about where I even got the mods from, you are free to ask. :)

Indiana Joe

素晴らしい.  What a fantastic start.   &apls  Epic use of custom buildings; good job capturing the location.  As your work progresses, keep surfing the content exchanges; you'll find more and more mods and such that will help you in your recreation.

And hopefully you will be able to fix your crashing problems.  Look for posts about it; over the years the community has found out how to end those.



Fantastic project !! I like so much to see how the people make its own Japanese regions or projects, but especially I like to see how the people from Japan make regions inspired by their own country, so I will be here watching every update because I really enjoy with this kind of MDs.

Greetings Yumi - Chan  :thumbsup:

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Another update! Thanks for the comments! I finally got rid of those terrible UDI icons. They were bugging me to death. Luckily, there were no crashes this time. Next time, I will show you the other cities. There was a lot to show you in the rural Niigata area. So on to the photos.

This is the first rural area in Niigata I will be showing you. Just a small little town with some old houses, and some rice farms.

This right here is part of the downtown area. Still extremely rural. If you look off to the left, you can see a creek running through, surrounded by trees.

This is the other part. Once again, small shops. There is a MaxValu supermarket in the downtown.

This is the rural part's rural  train station. Lots of trees around.

Another extremely small town. The train runs through it, but there are no stops.

Hope you liked! Please comment, like, and feel free to ask where I got the mods from!


Very nice!  :thumbsup:
I like the rural shots, with all the small wooden houses, great work!  :)


This is looking really good. You have a unique style which is very pleasing to the eye.


Another greay update.  :thumbsup:
One thing, I don't see any trains on the tracks. Maybe you need to change your NAM automata plug-in.
Mine is called: NetworkAddonMod_Automata_Plugin_Radical_Automata24.dat
Would love to see one of my Japanese trains running round in your region:
VDK Japanese Train Mods Vol 05
VDK Train Mods Vol 06, Super Express Trains
VDK Train Mods Vol 7 - HSR

Sorry for pushing my trains. :P

Good to see you figure out how to get rid of the UDI Icons.  :thumbsup:

If you want, you can get ride of the small minimize sign: Minimize Button Remover


Another nice update! Lovely small town and the rural area so green with those trees  :D

vester: I might took em btw


The rural area looks great.
Would have loved to see one or two old houses by the isolated field on the train station picture. :)
I'll take a quiet life... A handshake of carbon monoxide.

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