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Rest In Peace Barby.

Started by TheTeaCat, March 18, 2015, 04:53:44 AM

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I have some unfortunate news for the SC4 community :'(
I am quoting a post made on her facebook page.

"Hello. I'm Geoff, Barb's brother. I'm sorry to have to say that she has passed away in hospital on the morning of Tuesday 17th March.
Barbara died peacefully, in no pain,and will be sorely missed.
Apologies for this method of notification but I don't have individual friends addresses.
My email is (edited out)
Kind regards."

Barby will be missed by many, many people, she thought me so much! It was a pleasure to meet her and we had some really good laughs.

Rest in Peace Barby

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That's very sad news. I didn't know her much, but I know the great job she did here and for the SC4 community. Her presence will be missed by all.

Rest in Peace Barby.


I saw that on her Facebook and what a shock I had. She was a very fine lady and I'm really sorry I could not have met her in person. But we had spent many hours chatting and she was kind of my mentor when I first became a BSC member. She taught me almost everything I know about modding/lotting SC4. I will surelly miss her a lot. :(
Rest in peace Barbara


A very sad day indeed, my sympathies to her family
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I'm really, really sorry to hear that. It's impossible to imagine the SC4 community without the impact she made. In the short time I was able to work with her she was a kind, talented and dedicated person. I count myself lucky for that and for all the other ways I've benefited from her works. She'll be greatly missed.


She was indeed a great person. What she did to the SC4 community will not be forgotten.

May you rest in piece, Barby.
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That's very sad to hear. Her contribution to the SC4 community will certainly not be forgotten and we all benefited from the work she did.

Terribly sad :(
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Words fail me.

I wasn't able to get to know her, but I saw her impact all over the site and the community.
RIP. For what it's worth, my condolences to her friends (on this site and elsewhere) and family.
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Very sad. RIP Barby and Thanks for all your work and dedication.

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I am so sorry to hear this. I never got to know her personally, but I do recall her name popping up in this community a lot. Very sad news.


This is so sad. :'( My warmest condolences. We will all keep you in memory, Barby.


In the early days of Sc4, Simtropolis and this site Barbara was a good friend of mine. We worked together on a number of things for BSC. We used to talk a lot via MSN those days. She was a wonderful person and I hope she will rest in peace. I will miss you Barbara.  :(


She sure will be missed.

Rest in peace.


Barby will surely be missed, not only by myself but so many others. I don't think it would be presumptuous to say that her work in this community has had a great, positive effect on all of us in on way or another. Rest in peace.


Very sad news, my warmest condolences to Barby's friends and family :(
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A really sad new indeed. I feel sad and shocked. A bad day today  :(  ()sad()
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I read this on Facebook first thing this morning and have spent the rest of the morning in a stunned fog. Barby's knowledge of the game and her willingness to share that knowledge and help others were already legendary when I originally joined Simtropolis way back. She helped me countless times when I was beginning to BAT and taught me so much. It was Barby who first invited me to join the BSC... an invitation which had more impacts than I ever imagined. Not only the impacts it had on my involvement with SC4, but major impacts on even my "outside" life. Joining this site, meeting the online friends I've made, even the places I've traveled, and consequently meeting some of those online friends in person, all grew from that invitation.

We used to chat quite a bit on MSN in the early days. I was fortunate enough to meet Barby in person several times. She was just as amazing outside the SC4 community as she was inside of it. We shared many laughs together and had some great times. I'll miss her very much.  ()sad()

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Really sad to see this, Barby was such a great person, especially in the early days of BSC and Simtropolis. We came from broadly the same geographical area if I recall (she was from Chester, UK originally while I was from a few miles North). It was great chatting with her about Chester of yesteryear ect.

Condolences to her family and friends.


RIP, ma'am.  You started as an SC4 idol of mine and wound up a true friend.  So, so sad to hear of your passing, but now we know that there'll be lotting in heaven.

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Sad to hear this information. My condolences to her family and friends...

But like dedgren said: there´ll be lotting in heaven. RIP, Barby!