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Gotham City

Started by Eddie, July 07, 2007, 11:06:52 AM

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Nice very nice eddie i cant wait to the last update of the flight of the man bat

btw my honours to bring you over to pg 8

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Quote from: Eddie on August 10, 2007, 01:03:30 PM
Note: Readers of Meinhosen's CJs will see the obvious Ralston influence in the city hall district.  ;)[/b]

Thanks for the compliment, Eddie!  I know that the thank's is a bit belated, but I just caught it after going through this MD in detail.  On a side note, I actually redesigned Ralston's downtown a few months ago, so it's good to see that the old influence lasted beyond my late night urban renewal kick.

This MD seriously rules.  I've been watching all the animated Batman shows from the mid-90s and have enjoyed the shows and this MD even more after seeing them intertwined so well.  It shows a lot of thought and hard work to blend those two as well as you have, and needless to say you've gained a loyal reader.  :thumbsup:

One thing I'd like to see is some close-ups of the rough-and-tumble world of Gotham... the dirty alleys, the rusted industry, the massive public works infrastructure(s) that are so common to GC (if you have one drawback to your depiction of Gotham, it's that the city is so clean-looking from those far-zoom screenshots).

Keep up the great work!  *pops Batman: The Animated Series disk into DVD player*
You're telling me I get to be home for more than 12 months?


Great last updates! Wonderful looking zoo and city! :thumbsup:


wow Eddie...great work as always, It took me a bit to catch up with all that you've been up to. So many great bat choices to fit with great story line...so much eye candy to take in, great work! ;D


Heck with the Batman bit- Your night-lit cities rule, Eddie.  I've never made anything in SC4 urban-wise that looked that gorgeous.

And I continue to enjoy the story here, too.  It's all good.

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The conclusion to On Leather Wings.

pat: Hey, thanks for opening Page 8. We're getting there!

meinhosen: I really love the way you made your city hall in Ralston, so I've been trying to incorporate that style into my cities, but give it a fresh unique twist. The style has grown on me so much, that it's how I build my city hall districts all the time (SF city hall across from Buffalo).

Now as for the animated shows, they were indeed classics in 90's American TV. Mature storylines + pulpy 30s noir + Batman = damn good television.

However, you bring up the point that Gotham City is too clean. Thing is, with so many interpretations of the city (Tim Burton, Christopher Nolan, TAS, the comics), it's quite a hassle trying to juggle them all. TAS Gotham City is somewhat clean, but I also draw heavy Art Deco influence from Tim Burton and the gritty realism of Batman Begins (Christopher Nolan). However, there's an update in this CJ called "Crime Alley" and IMO it's pretty dirty.  ;) It's on Page 1.

But look out though. In a week or so, I'll be posting an update entitled "Lower East Side" That should show the rough and tumble world of Gotham's streets, as well as some gritty polluted industry (TAS style of course).

Heh. I guess I ended up rambling a pretty long reply. Oh well, I love responding to detailed comments.

bat: Thanks, bat!

Yoder7652: Thanks for stopping by and catching up on the story. It's good to know that people take the time to follow the adaptations of the storylines.

dedgren: Aww, shucks.  ;)

Next Storyline: Robin's Reckoning


Eddie all i got to say is  :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

awsome cant wait for Robins Reckoning!!!!!!

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I totally forgot about your Crime Alley story in the opening pages... oh well, I guess I'll chalk that up to getting distracted by work midway through my browsing of your MD.  You and I like Gotham for similar reasons (i.e. non-Batman reasons), in other words the gritty reality of the city, the Art Deco influence (which you pointed out is seen in Burton's films and also in the animated series to a lesser extent) and for me the fact that Gotham blends parts of several of America's major cities together (which gives it a good flavor and mix when you recreate it in SC4).

You've got a heck of an undertaking in re-creating Gotham.  I'll continue to eagerly await the results of your efforts.
You're telling me I get to be home for more than 12 months?


Honestly, in terms of creativity, this has to be one of the best MDs I've ever seen. Its a fresh, totally different take on MDing, and it works very, very well!


Robin's Reckoning

-Robin's origin is finally detailed.

Story by: Randy Rogel

Adapted by: SpecialEddie

pat: Thanks, here it is.

meinhosen: Indeed. I like Gotham for non-Batman reasons as well. Architecture wise, it's very unique, and there's some social issues with building the city, too (crime, poverty, pollution). But it's also fun recreating landmarks and geographical areas.

nedalezz: Thanks! I always like to make my MDs/CJs out of the norm. I hate being regular!

Next Update: Haley's Circus


 :thumbsup: :thumbsup: cant wait for Haley's Circus

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Miss some update but still like the story . Great use of the helicopter.  &apls &apls can`t wait for the next  :thumbsup:


Like always great two updates! :thumbsup:


Haley's Circus is a traveling performance company famous for its acrobatic attractions and animal acts. This is the circus's first time in Gotham City...

pat: Well here it is.

kimcar: Thanks for the comment.

bat: Glad you liked it.

The Flying Graysons

Haley's Circus' most famous attraction, the Flying Graysons dazzle audiences with their death-defying acrobatic routines. The Flying Graysons perform amazing stunts, hundreds of feet in the air, without the aid of a net. The youngest Grayson (their son) showed talent on the trapeze from such an early age, he was nicknamed the Boy Wonder.

Tony Zucco

He's just one of Gotham's rotten apples. Tony Zucco, young and careless, is just one of the many hopefuls trying to make a name for himself in the Gotham mob scene. Though not quite in the racketeering business, Zucco is quite skilled at extortion and sabatoge.

Next Update: Robin's Reckoning, Part 1


Eddie all i can say is "awsome" also loved the circus tent  :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

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Wonderful new update! Great pictures of that zoo! :thumbsup:


The circus area looks like fun! Really nice update and great pics.

Come Visit Murdock Valley


Dick Grayson is introduced. Meanwhile, Tony Zucco begins to conduct his extortion scheme on Haley's Circus...

pat: Thanks, pat.  :thumbsup:

bat: Thanks, bat.  :thumbsup:

serenity086: Circuses are fun and I wanted to capture that feel in my city. Glad you like it.

Next Update: Robin's Reckoning, Part 2


now why does it feel something bad is gonna happen?  great susspens eddie!!!!  :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

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Fantastic new update! Looking forward to part II!