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Big City Tutorial :)

Started by spot, July 31, 2007, 05:40:49 PM

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Hello! This is my first published work. I use map that everybody know. It's called TIMBUKTU and is the first thing after EA&Maxis credits that see every beginner. :) Have fun.

Start with regional view (click over thumbnail to see large version of image):

Now we go to the city of Big City Tutorial and more exactly to industrial zones and harbour:

More updates soon : :P

Have a nice day  ;)


Nice start, you've got some of my fave lots in there, the docks, the canal and of course jeronij's wall. :)

If anything, the port may be a little cramped with the two Maxis ports so close together.

Looking forward to see how this develops




Wonderful start, spot! Fantastic industrial area and port! :thumbsup:


Ooooh- ya' got me with the industry.  I really, really like big grimy well detailed industrial areas, and that looks like how you'll be making, at least for now, the Timbuktoo quad yours.

Good luck!

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Love the use of Goober's canals, they fit perfectly with the industrial side imo, while CAL's version are much better outside of industrial areas.

The seaports are nice too, except the cramping between the maxis seaports, and just you wait til the water pollution gets really bad.


The industries looks great, my friend! Fantastic start! I can't wait to see how you develop further.


tooheys, bat, dedgren, Sober, thundercrack83 thanks for nice comments. Now continue with closer look inside the city.

here we have construction of new quarter...

...and after 5 sek is ready.

some canal works at night :)

3 of 7 large residential tenement

second pass to industrial zone

other 3 large large residential tenement and first pass to industrial zone

eyes of city
more picz after few days .
have fun ;)


Great new update! Wonderful looking pictures! :thumbsup:


Hello, there, spot! The update looks great! I love your sunken highway especially. If you don't mind a suggestion, though, I would recommend posting the pictures in their actual size, rather than thumbnails. If people have to click on them to see them, they may not want to take the time. But whatever size you choose to post the pictures, I'll be looking forward to see more of them!


Holy :angrymore: ! those last three pics are wow 100%
Show us what you look like http://sc4devotion.com/forums/index.php?topic=1142.0

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