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AntigOne's Projects: Elsewhere.

Started by Badsim, January 17, 2007, 02:14:19 PM

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Easily worked out... RRW rails are spaced 10px apart and are each roughly 3px wide. (I say roughly, some transparency is involved). If one texture (128x128px) = 16x16m, that makes that distance between them 1.25m.

The problem could be though, that scaled like this, the models don't look right. Adjusting the bogies separately can be done, but could be a tricky proposition, it really depends on the model.


Hello tigerbuilder

Vester does alot of automata modding and he would have the ability too make custom bogie set for the RRW. I do agree that the current automata has the mismatch of the bogies fitting the RRW. If you have a set that you would like converted I'm sure we can sort something out  ;)



Hi ,

Thank you all for your comments , I've got not enough time to spend here for individual replies but I think that any who having posted a question or an advice will find his/her reply ...  ;)

@Sciurus , thank you for your files , but bad timing , unfortunately   ::) ... your BATs would deserve to be all HD , &apls  for sure I'm gonna use them all for a next rural project . :) I would have a suggestion though ( for Krasner as well ) for your next releases : a version with black roofs so they could match with Vnaoned's village set ... @Missvanleider , while we're speaking about Vnaoned's BATs , his work is stamped VIP Team , the decision to upload them as a BAT prop pack is in Girafe's hands . Already requested by me , I sent him the MODed pack 3 months ago and I can only insist to him to do it ...

I've opened 4 various main projects since last October ; Port-Royal , a texturing studio ( with a promised upload ) , MMPs MODing with 700 props extracted from automata ( half finished ) and some works about RRW ... and ,  like if it wasn't enough , I've opened these last days a fifth project : a Terrain MOD . None of them is finished and I've got from now only 3 weeks before to stop any SC4 activity until the end of September , that's hard for me but c'est la vie , at least this is mine . So this probably is  the last update of this MD for the 6 next months : I'm gonna spend the remaining time to re-index my textures and upload them .  :-[

So , Pixelrage has reawakened another dragon ...  ;D what has happened to my « hybrid Terrain MOD » ? Well , nothing . :P  At that time I was just able to copy/paste FSH files  from a MOD ( MAXIS terrain Mod revisited by Pegasus )  to another ( Pyrenean Terrain Mod from Orange ) but since , I've developed my texturing abilities and discovered a fabulous tool : GoFSH . I've got still many things to improve ( corrections with some overscaled textures , tiling problems with some zoom levels and a general look too green for my taste  :-\ ) but here the first results , clickable full sizes :











It will be a Terrain MOD dedicated to mountainous environment ( nothing revolutionary for flat lands ) . I've used the PTM MODing from Orange as basis but almost all textures are going to be replaced with 1024x1024 FSHs ... this is still at prototype stage and I'm waiting for your suggestions here . Most probably my first work when I'll come back . ;)

After a dozen of texturing tests , this is my final RRW Reskin version :





If you like it , better than to upload and download heavy files , download directely  these two pictures , convert them to .bmp ( I wonder  why Imageshack don't let me upload it as .bmp ?   ()what() $%Grinno$% ) that's all what you'll need once the RRW Reskin automation will be publicly released :





Waiting for eggman's fabulous catenaries release ( I know he's overwhelmed by various MODing tasks and that it's not his priority so I'm not sure they will one day see the light ...  :'( ) , I've created 2 MMPs ( available at the end of this post ) with Citymax's ones . Better than nothing ( Plundere's ones and corresponding MOD are outdated ) ... as Citymax has had the good idea to release an offset version of them all , with the grid ON to see free adjacent tiles and a lot of patience  ;D , it's perfectly possible to make a decent railways electrification even  along curves and puzzle pieces . Both set have ortho , 22.5 , 45 and 67.5 angled catenaries , each model repeated 4 times and a ghost piece at the end for more flexibility . Reminder for those uploding these two MMPs ; you need to download Citymax rail props pack THERE   ( Click on « Télécharger » button )

Last point , for tigerbuiler and all others worried by trains automata driving out of the rails ; this is what I did using SC4ModelTweaker , resize all S3D files of your favorite trains automata with a 0.95 factor , then ( it can't be done at the same time ) correct the X value with -0.2 value as following :






Not absolutely perfect but a good compromise , even if you have a fixation for that kind of details ( otherwise we should reduce more S3D files and I would not recommend it , that's already "at a push" for visual scale consistency ) .

Finally  , for Antoine : I'm very fond of your latest Corail train you sent me for testing ...  &apls , so familiar as I took them so many often . ;) The end car has a problem though , it does't take curves properly as you can see on that last picture :


Found it strange as I thought that only freight trains has a particular end carriage ...  &Thk/(

Greetings. ;)


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Stunning work (as always)  :thumbsup:

I think that problem you see in the last picture is due to the length of car is a bit longer than the game like.

Will check my pm's when I get home and reedit this post. Think I have a PM from Rivit about it.

Rivit wrote:  As far as I have been able to determine 24m is the longest without getting into problems.




Wow! The terrain textures looks great. If it was issued, maybe I'd even thought about changing my old terrain mod ?$%#Ninj2
Thank you for visiting Kolbrów, and for being for last ten years!


Oh my god  :o Great, great work on the rocky terrain, on the RRW re-skin as well  &apls &apls &apls

To congrat Girafe as well, his corail train showed here is a great achievement  :thumbsup: Exactly the same, I realize, that the ones which drive along the sadly crippled, slowly disappearing Intercités lines. On the Lyon-Nantes line, through the Massif Central mountains for example  ::)

To respond about the black slates roofing suggestion, I can totally consider to make alternative versions for some models - the smaller ones, which have a neutral-enough architecture to seem like it's from Bretagne just by switching the roof texture. I have small houses in the making which could come along that quite easily, it will be something to discuss in the future. I already made a breton-like version of my railroad crossing keeper house, which is visible in my BAT thread. It is supposed to be part of the railroad pack I prepare with Sciurus, but I think I can send them to you sooner if you want to work with it  :)


Boy that is one nice terrain mod. And those MMPs look great! I'll get downloading...


QuoteWaiting for eggman's fabulous catenaries release ( I know he's overwhelmed by various MODing tasks and that it's not his priority so I'm not sure they will one day see the light ...

When they arrive they will be on a top secret project the NAM team is working on  $%#Ninj2

It is more the wires I am concerned about but I have found a very neat solution.

Armed with FreeCAD and Cogeo's SC4 Model Tweaker I have been able too make wires with a set base by scaling and rotating a specific wire once copied too a new instance.

The wires are simple enought to be True 3D models instead of isometric BATs which can prove quite hard to batch export since everything has to be correct calculation wise.

If they do eventuate on the RRW it will be FlexTrack only! That is because the Puzzle pieces are too abstract to put wires on. That is what led me into FlexTrack in the first place!

Aside from that, I do want wires. Timewise however, it is hard to fit the time in. I will see what I can do!



thats really cool addition toward the RRW reskin project... also that mmp will be really usefull even with me who not yet using RRW (waiting for the eggman's awesome catenary first ;) ).

Not forget the terrain mod is awesome as well!  :thumbsup:


These new tracks look awesome!
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Mikey Knox

What Terrain Textures are you using, they look very nice  :thumbsup:


That's some real impressive work with the terrain mod  &apls  I've enjoyed dabbling in that but it's quite difficult work, especially to do an entire set. Tiling and scaling are big headaches and just getting things to show up where you hope for is tricky. Those "moisture" values are so odd. The one I tried from the ground up (besides the .ini and terrain properties files) achieved some things I hoped for but never got close to something worth releasing. I do still use a fairly highly modified version of gobias' terrain mods though, and have had ambitions lately of improving on it. In any case, best of luck with what you're doing there and what you've accomplished so far is really something.

Your RRW textures really turned out excellent--think I'll be giving them a try ;) And I can't believe you got MMP catenaries to behave so well! Always a pleasure to see what you've been up to here  :thumbsup:


Hi , :)

Hard to believe  - at least for me  - but this MD gained 71 000 views during the last 6 months of inactivity , 2630 per week , 375  per day ... so , guests , whoever who you are , whatever you think , I have to thank you because this is truly the kind of parameter that keeps unspoiled  my motivation  , after 13 years spent to play SC4 exclusively - oh my god , once written , that sounds so frightening ...   ()lurker() ;D

Anyway , I'm back on MDing side too . I still don't know where inspiration will lead me , for once I would like to finish something but  ... well ... there's always something new to attract me elsewhere .  $%Grinno$%

For the time being  , here's just a postcard , playing with the Terrain Mod I'm working on and other stuff personally re-Moded :

(Clickable to 1280x1024 , when it works ... $%Grinno$% )

@Mikey Knox , the Terrain Mod I was using till now is the Appalachian Terrain Mod from  Lowkee33 , and  , to reply  to your recent PM ; 1  -  speaking about freight train automata , mine is a mix from Jim and jestarr ones , but on the picture you sent me ,  I've used props I've extracted  from both ... 2  -  more generally , I have nothing to share personally on the LEX , I'm not a BATer , just a MODer , and , as I re-Mod and resize at the same time almost everything , it would be an insane work to separate hundreds of FSH and 3DS files to create proper dependancies , as the good behaviour regarding original creators would request . Sorry . :)

For those interested , the dedicated VIP Terrain Mod thread is to follow there :  http://sc4devotion.com/forums/index.php?topic=17728.0, with a link on my latest post , page 3 ,  to download a testable version . That's also where  I'm waiting for feedbacks , suggestions and even pictures about your tests and what you like/dislike :-\  so , don't be shy . ;D


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Nice pictures, great to see this bridge having some uses. Also nice to see you play the game from time to time. :)
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Awesome pics :)

I am glad you are still finding motivation after all these years  ;)
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It looks stunning!


Cedric, my old friend, the years boost your talent.
The rock is very realistic and you know so well to highlight it.

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Hi Badsim,
Yeah, 13 years sounds like a lot. But why not, when you have fun?
And for me there is also still fun in the game, although I am not too busy these days with SC4.
Your images are stunning and there is this itch that tells me to fire up the game again... Who knows.


Lovely update my friend !! It's a pleasure for us to spend our time watching one of these updates. I've learned a lot from you and I'm still learning a lot from you and your updates so I hope you keep playing this fantastic game for at least another 13 years more  $%Grinno$%

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