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Little Italy, Part II

Started by Rayden, September 18, 2007, 03:41:05 PM

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Guess what...

Yes, unfortunately it's true, it's back again $%Grinno$%

I haven't made much changes to the terrain, except for the port area which now is on one quad only instead of being devided in two like it was previously, and, little changes like that small "cordillera" down south and some retouches on the rivers beds. More changes on the terrain will occur during play sessions. I'm still using the Italy Terrain Mod, along with Jeronij's modified Pegs Limestone Rock Mod and Clipper Water Mod. Of course CAM, NAM, SAM and RHM are part of my really small and selective plugins folder with a mere 13000 files (4.01 Gb), all nicely packed with SC4DatPacker by our friend Wouanagaine.

Here is some Regions Census pictures, before and after playing a little while.

Press on the images to open full lenght ones.

And here is a first mosaic from the first quad I've start playing.

... and a small picture of a farming area.

That would be all for now and I hope this Little Italy would be as successfull as the other one and that it lasts longer. ;)



Looks very promising! :thumbsup:
Maybe even I for once could follow an MD ::)


Hello Rayden,

I know there was a Little Italy on ST, but I didn't know it very good (although I have a small collection of pictures from it ;)). But I saw your Shosaloza and I like your work very much &apls

As for Little Italy 2 - I like the way you use space, the village has an european look. Everything looks very realistic.
I will wait for more  :thumbsup:
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Judging by your Region Census shots, that is alot of clearcutting!

That almost-a-port looks nice; can't wait to see actual unnature-y stuff move in!

(Littaly is what I shall call this :))


Welcome back!

And great start! Wonderful region and great first pictures of the development! Wonderful rural area! :thumbsup:


Nice start and lovely farms. Since I'm unfamiliar with Little Italy I, watching II develop will be an exciting new experience.

Until next time...


Well, this is a treat! Great start you've got here, my friend! I'll be looking forward to following along from the beginning this time!


Anybody here who's seeing Silvio's work for the first time needs to know that this guy is one fine MDer and Little Italy has been one fine MD (well, CJ actually, but it's a distinction without any difference).

Thank you, my friend, for sharing a "Part 2" with us.  I can't wait for what's next.

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Great start! That mosaic is amazing...I never learnt how to do it...It would be great if you could give a little tutorial. Also, where can I get that Region Census?


Rayden - great start and beautifull mosaic! I have never seen Little Italy -part I-  but loved what you did in the Shosaloza project. Looking forward to following the updates in this new MD ....
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Hi Rayden,

ahhh the Little Italy from the old days at ST :)

Given the previous installment (at ST....) cannot wait for the uptates here!! :thumbsup:


good start, i really like that map.
nice rural villages.
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