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Evergem, The Netherlands

Started by capo, October 13, 2007, 09:46:47 AM

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Quote from: kwakelaar on January 08, 2008, 08:08:19 AM
I can understand your problem with testing and playing Evergem at the same time, still you will have to be careful about using your MD region for testing( one bad lot and  :'(), probably need a new region to do your testing in.
I am of course saying this so we could continue following the development of Evergem through all the ages until modern time. I know I have been enjoying your work here but I am sure a modern day Evergem will be just as interesting.

This is very true. I'd be careful testing new things in your region, you wouldn't want to have something happen and lose everything! I know I don't want that to happen to you either!

Anyway, I'll be looking forward to seeing what the modern Evergem looks like! If the history is any indication, it's going to be great!


Perhaps it would be best to have a test city next to my MD, thanks for the warning guys. With all the hours I put in the modern Evergem already, I would probably explode if the city would no longer load after a corrupt file &hlp

Thanks for all the positive replies everybody and I'm glad you all understand. I'm really enjoying the zoning again and seeing what has developed.

For the last days I've been working hard on Biroud but still only 10% of the town is done..Thusfar most of the main-railway and main-roads have been drawn and I've been working hard on the rural and industrial parts of Biroud. Most of the zoned regions haven't developed to the stage I want them to be so here's only a teasers of the rural Biroud, I hope you like!

cows, a bicycle path and greenhouses...how Dutch can you get?

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Hey Capo,

That indeed looks very Dutch! :thumbsup:

Lekker hollands hoor die kassen & koeien. ;D

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That's great you started to build again, capo  :thumbsup:

Don't hurry, you should enjoy it, not to get nervous  :D
More time and some relax = better ideas

Good luck!
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Hi Capo,

Well, those greenhouses are just brilliant.  I've thought about BIG greenhouses and you have produced what I was thinking about.  I assume you've custom lotted them.  What a brainwave - I'm impressed.

Great teaser shot, I'm sure more special stuff will follow in time.

All the best



Mooi Capo - a great teaser that is. Looking forward to see more of these gorgeous greenhouses.... And definately can't wait to see a night shot of this area  ;)
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Quote from: capo on January 09, 2008, 08:28:44 AM
cows, a bicycle path and greenhouses...how Dutch can you get?

There are definatly some caravans lacking...  $%Grinno$%
J/k. What a wonderful picture!  :thumbsup:


This could be De Kwakel. Good luck with the new growing Biroud.



Strechnitz: Koeien&Kassen :D If I ever throw in a pic in the picture competition of this rural scene, that will be the title!

Ennedi: Thanks my friend, well you have waited long enough I feel and there is so much to do and so little time! :D Don't worry, I'm really enjoying the zoning and the surprise of what will grow next. After having to plop every tile it's now a bless to zone a 6x6 residential area. That just saved me 36 clicks! :D

paroch: Tag-One is the creator of those very nice greenhouses. I msged you the link, but here's the link to them for others who are interested: http://www.simtropolis.com/stex/details.cfm?id=15729&v=1 . Thanks for your kind words, 3 more teasers as a result of last night's insomnia are here.

sebes: Yes those greenhouses look excellent by night as well, come to think of it I will include a night shot in this next teaser update. Thanks for the compliments, much appreciated!

praiodan: lol. Yes defenitely cars with caravans who are continuously driving on the left lane on the highway are missing. I should have taken a pic of the moving cars  when the residentials started to develop for even more realism. ;) Thanks, I hope you will like the next teasers as well.

Kwakelaar: It looks like where I live as well, not much variety in Dutch landscape sometimes :)

Ok please bear in mind that I'm still not done. Many of the buildings haven't developed into the stage I want them to be and more eye-candy will come. This is just a first view...

A very low wealth area right next to the small industry zone of Biroud. This place is really a mess...I'm a bit afraid for riots and the organisation of gang-activity so I will probably have to give them some education, parks and police coverage soon. Got to do something about that garbage too..

Industry demand is huge at this moment and so the industry is developing quite rapidly. Unfortunately because of poor education for the workers (previous pic) no big real high-tech industry is to be seen. Well nothing wrong with good and honest manual work now is it?

Important lesson learned: Peg's no railroad dirt mod should be loaded after JR's streetside mod. Well everything is packed so nice together now that I will change that later. This is already my favorite part of Biroud.

Greenhouses at dawn.

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Shadow Assassin

I like the rail interchange there, it fits very well. :P

I wonder what the town centre's gonna look like now. But I quite liked the look of the old town...
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I don't really know where to start. Your greenhouse area looks really very realistic. And I should know, have lived in the Westland for some years.
But also teh industrial area.... I'd enlarge it a bit, so it starts to look like the Hoogovens.
The Ghetto-area is not really Dutch, I'm afraid. In respect to your work of course. In RL it's just very good we don't have them. What comes closest is maybe the Bijlmermeer?
And I agree with Shadow Assasin: the railroad interchange is a very realistic touch, the wide curves and all.

You make me very curious about your town centre. But as I stated before: you should keep the best part as a monumental area (Beschermd Stadsgezicht). :D


Stunning update, capo!

I love your greenhouses and the railroads and industries. The modern Evergem is certainly coming together nicely! I can't wait to see more!



Oh yes, even the small glimpses of Biroud you're showing us are looking great.

That rail junction is good and the greenhouses, well, just downloading them now! :thumbsup:


Quote from: FrankU on January 10, 2008, 05:33:18 AM
The Ghetto-area is not really Dutch, I'm afraid. In respect to your work of course. In RL it's just very good we don't have them.

Funny - I justed want to say that I recognized my stadsdeel - Slotervaart - in that picture - except the many roundabouts are missing  (and the riots and burning cars....)

Great pictures Capo!  :thumbsup:

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Wonderful update there! And great pictures of that industrial area!! :thumbsup:


very beautiful! I like much your spaces agricultural! and your "cité -zup- in French " is very quite carried out!  &apls
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capo wonderful last few updates since i last poked my nose in here WOW and i loved the greenhouses!!! cant wait to see more........

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Great update, I love the first pic and how dirty it is.  Very low wealth there I assume.  Great over all layout of this city, could I see A higher view? please.

Robin  :thumbsup:
Call me Robin, please.


Aaargh Slotervaart! :o beware, beware!

nah, great update my friend!

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I haven't been around in awhile and had to catch up.  I really missed everything around these parts and one of them was your journal.  It was nice to look through everything and see what you have doone.  Great as I remembered it.  I love the 3rd pic in that last update and even with the dirt around the tracks that picture I really like.  I love pictures like that one.