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Table of Contents - Pages 1-50

Started by dedgren, October 30, 2007, 09:45:57 AM

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Table of Contents - Pages 1-50

      Page 1 through 10 12-20-06 - 1-16-07

      Page 11 through 20 1-16-07 - 2-7-07

      Page 21 through 30 2-7-07 - 3-1-07

      Page 31 through 40 3-1-07 - 3-20-07

      Page 41 through 50 3-20-07 - 4-10-07


n.b.Please note that if you have you have checked the "Show most recent posts at the top." selection in your member profile, the pages in this TOC won't line up with the pages you view.

...that's because you are viewing them backwards!

Aside from this somewhat disconcerting situation, the remainder of the TOC links work just fine.

Each of the page numbers and individual posts is hotlinked, and clicking on one of these will take you there in a new window.  Since 3RR pages tend to be pic heavy, you should give your browser a little bit of time to load them and settle down at the top of the post.  Once there, you can resize the new window to your liking.  3RR's current page is noted by the emergency flasher pic.

After each page number, I have noted the dates of the first and last comment on the page.  After each post heading, I have noted the date the post was originally made.  If a content update has been made to a post, the word "MORE!" will appear highlighted in yellow followed by the date of the update.

The members who've commented on a particular page are listed, with folks who left more than one comment on the page noted with "(x2)," "(x3)" and so on.  "First timers" appear in red.

Table of Contents - Page 1 through 10 12-20-06 - 1-16-07

   Page 1 12-20-06 - 12-21-06

      Welcome to 3RR; Table of Contents Page 1 to 10 12-20-06

      Our friend Gaston discovers the scrolling text 12-20-06

Commenters include:  kokopelli, pvarcoe, thundercrack83, Gaston, threestooges, meldolion, bat, emilin, jeronij, jacqulina, Darmok, tkirch, keithsed, Ajax, The TeaCat, sebes, mjig_dudy, and beskhu3epnm

   Page 2 12-21-06 - 12-24-06

      First 3RR Eye Candy...; Eat your heart out, Silvio! 12-21-06

      Topo mapping- first look 12-22-06

      The 3RR back story- first draft 12-24-06

      Water feature map 12-24-06

Commenters include:  vab423, Gaston, bat (x3), Alfred.Jones (x2), Ajax, meinhosen, purpledaddy, Livin in Sim, thundercrack83, emilin, hamsterTK, The TeaCat, and keithsed

   Page 3 12-24-06 - 12-29-06

      The  Christmas snow "Easter egg" 12-25-06

      We answer keithsed's questions; Playing Johnny Appleseed 12-25-06

      We reply with a gentle, but necessary, correction 12-28-06

      Eastern Northern Range topo 12-29-06

Commenters include:  thundercrack83m (x2), sebes (x2), bat (x2), keithsed, threestooges, Alfred.Jones, Rayden, Ajax, petercintn, Niknik, mattb325, jacqulina, Bishop Hawke,and keithsed

   Page 4 12-29-06 - 1-1-07

      Happy New Year from 3RR! 1-1-07

      New NAM teaser 1-1-07

Commenters include:  ShadowAssassin, meinhosen (x2), thundercrack83 (x2), bat (x2), exodus101, Gaston (x3), threestooges, meldolion, CrazyChickenSC12, jacqulina, Rayden (x2), and pvarcoe

   Page 5 1-1-07 - 1-4-07

      A change of seasons teaser 1-1-07

      Back to Alaska 1-3-07

      It's snowing- pics of a dumper; Custom seasonal tree lots and pics of same 1-3-07

      We buy time with 3RR Eye Candy; 1,000 page views 1-4-07

Commenters include:  sebes, bat, asturianu, beskhu3epnm, your_adress_here (x2), thundercrack83, Gaston (x2), Rayden, Niknik, Alek King of SC4, Derek_Pearce, meinhosen, Owen Luby, and Fred_Ginger

   Page 6 1-4-07 - 1-5-07

      100 posts!; Piazza Meldolion 1-4-07

      A Field Guide to the Trees of 3RR - Coniferous Trees 1-4-07

      We answer tkirch's inquiry; Terraforming small streams 1-5-07

Commenters include:  meldolion, bat, emilin, jacqulina, Ajax, your_adress_here (x2), asturianu, tkirch, LP_Green (x2), Rayden, mattb325, Gaston (x2), and thundercrack83 (x2)

   Page 7 1-5-07 - 1-9-07

      A Field Guide to the Trees of 3RR - Deciduous Trees 1-6-07

      The growing 3RR back story- second draft 1-7-07

      A few seasonal pics 1-8-07

Commenters include:  Alfred.Jones (x3), Ajax (x2), tkirch, pvarcoe, bat (x2), jeronij, The TeaCat, thundercrack83, Niknik, pvarcoe, exodus101, your_adress_here, and threestooges

   Page 8 1-9-07 - 1-12-07

      On cheating; Adjusting your region's budget 1-10-07

      We lighten up with more Shameless Eye Candy 1-10-07

      All the 3RR placename maps 1-12-07

Commenters include:  Livin in Sim, SIMMANIA, Yoman, Fred_Ginger, emilin (x2), thundercrack83, Traff, threestooges, pvarcoe, bat (x2), asturianu, exodus101, Ajax, your_adress_here, and petercintn

   Page 9 1-12-07 - 1-15-07

      Can't he'p myse'f- More Shameless Eye Candy! 1-12-07

      On Rural Land Division: Sections, Townships, Acres and Farms - Part One 1-13-07

      We let Giligone in on our little secret 1-14-07

      On Rural Land Division: Sections, Townships, Acres and Farms - Part Two 1-14-07

Commenters include:  keithsed, thundercrack83 (x2), szarkoz, your_adress_here, bat (x2), threestooges, Alfred.Jones, wouanagaine, Ajax, Giligone (x3), pvarcoe, and Craiggles

   Page 10 1-15-07 - 1-16-07

      On Rural Land Division: Sections, Townships, Acres and Farms - Part Three 1-15-07   MORE! 1-16-07

      The Table of Contents is up 1-16-07

      A 3RR Party? 1-16-07

Commenters include:  KooriSim123, exodus101, Fred_Ginger, thundercrack83, Gaston (x2), Darmok (x2), bat, your_adress_here (x2), threestooges, mightygoose, Craiggles, pvarcoe, keithsed, and nedalezz

Table of Contents - Page 11 through 20 1-17-07 - 2-7-07

   Page 11 1-17-07- 1-18-07

      200 Posts!; Thunder Bay; We respond to a few folks, but not Justin 1-17-07

      We correct Justin's Dustin's name 1-17-07

      Calling all lurkers!; All the other great MDs as of today 1-18-07

Commenters include:  thundercrack83 (x3), Ajax, Niknik (x2), kwakelaar, mightygoose, threestooges, Gaston, Shadow Assassin (x2), meldolion, KooriSim123, jestarr, and tkirch

   Page 12 1-18-07 - 1-20-07

      We are amazed by the number of posts and change our plans 1-18-07

      One for the birds... 1-20-07

Commenters include:  sebes, Fred_Ginger, thundercrack83, your_adress_here, Gaston, Grneyes, Giligone (x2), keithsed, wouanagaine, emilin, NikNik, rw0381c, petercintn, exodus101, nedalezz, Badsim, and bulldog2010

   Page 13 1-20-07 - 1-23-07

      An eye injury; Semi-random pics and thoughts 1-21-07

Commenters include:  Giligone, vegeman, beskhu3epnm, ACEfanatic02, Tarkus (x2), vab423, kalanc69, thundercrack83, Shadow Assassin, bat, Air6, Elektra, mightygoose, Fred_Ginger, Gaston, bulldog2010, NikNik, and Darmok

   Page 14 1-23-07 - 1-24-07

      We bow to the Custom Content Gods; What grows in 3RR 1-23-07

      We try out our farm field lots 1-23-07

      exodus101 joins the 3RR Fact Checkers; Updated evolution of 3RR 1-24-07

Commenters include:  exodus101 (x2), pvarcoe, Giligone, threestooges, wouanagaine (x2), thundercrack83, Nedalezz, NikNik, BadSim, meinhosen, bat, Alek King of SC4, mightygoose, derek_pearce, and kwakelaar

   Page 15 1-24-07 - 1-27-07

      We've got Mail... 1-25-07

      A Blast from the 3RR-ST Past - #1 1-27-07

Commenters include:  Rayden (x2), Grneyes, Gaston (x2), Menotyou, kalanc69, emilin, Serkanner, petercintn, thundercrack83 (x2), NikNik, pvarcoe, M4346, vab423, Fred_Ginger, and KooriSim123

   Page 16 1-28-07 - 1-29-07

      We perform our duties 1-28-07

      300 comments!; Shadow Canyon; Exodus Falls and the creation thereof 1-28-07

Commenters include:  Shadow_Assassin, M4346 (x2), NikNik, Darmok, Menotyou, Gaston, exodus101, threestooges, thundercrack83, emilin, meldolion, Elektra, bat, Rayden, KooriSim123, M4346, sandrasim1, and Alek King of SC4

   Page 17 1-29-07 - 1-30-07

      We are a tease 1-29-07

      Welcoming back another 3RR Fact Checker; Exodus Falls sign 1-30-07

      We talk about the guidelines... 1-30-07

Commenters include:  Sim1234. Rayden, Menotyou (x3), Ajax, Low Light, bat, Gaston, tkirch, kalanc69, Grneyes, mightygoose, jeronij, thundercrack83, and Shadow Assassin,

   Page 18 1-30-07 - 2-1-07

      The RL blues; Concho Creek Canyon teaser pic 1-30-07

      Photoshopping pics?  Moi??? 1-30-07

Commenters include:  thundercrack83 (x2), Rayden (x2), Gaston (x2), keithsed, M4346 (x2), emilin, NikNik, your_adress_here, bat, exodus101, Darmok, sandrasim1, threestooges, and Tarkus

   Page 19 2-1-07 - 2-4-07

      Love, hate and Mongo 2-2-07

      We shoot Bullwinkle; jeroni's Ploppable Rocks on the LEX 2-3-07

      Meese, Meeses, Moosen...whatever! 2-4-07

Commenters include:  meinhosen, Gaston (x2), Tarkus, emilin, NikNik (x2), thundercrack83 (x4), Shadow Assassin (x2), kwakelaar, Yoman, Livin in Sim, and threestooges,

   Page 20 2-5-07 - 2-7-07

      "I knew that..."; Piazza Aspromonte 2-5-07

      Creating Large Seasonal Woods Ploppable Lots - Part One 2-6-07

      Nobody wants to be #399... 2-7-07

Commenters include:  meldolion, M4346 (x3), emilin (x2), Grneyes, hogs29, Gaston (x2), thundercrack83 (x2), Low Light, Cali, threestooges, bat, and CabraBuitre

Table of Contents - Page 21 through 30 2-7-07 - 3-1-07

   Page 21 2-7-07 - 2-10-07

      Table of Contents - Pages 21-30 2-7-07

      400 comments!; Rayden Mountain 2-8-07

      Just a nice pic 2-10-07

      The 3RR Fact Checkers take on another member; Marius Corners 2-10-07

Commenters include:  Rayden (x3), pvarcoe, M4346 (x2), petercintn, thundercrack83 (x3), Thornton, Tarkus, Antoine, Bishop Hawke, Grneyes, and Gaston

   Page 22 2-10-07 - 2-13-07

      A dirty little secret revealed; The 3RR Table of Contents; 1,899 ImageShack images 2-11-07

      Creating Large Seasonal Woods Ploppable Lots Tutorial - Part One 2-12-07

      The question of why 3RR tutorials aren't in the tutorial section is answered 2-13-07

      Creating Large Seasonal Woods Ploppable Lots Tutorial - Part Two 2-13-07

Commenters include:  meldolion, M4346 (x4), cali, thundercrack83 (x2), GMT, kalanc69, meinhosen, kwakelaar, NikNik (x2), emilin, and bat

   Page 23 2-13-07 - 2-16-07

      We respond to comments about the tutorial 2-14-07

      Shameless Eye Candy - A mountain stream through stands of aspen 2-15-07

Commenters include:  Schulmanator, Gaston, threestooges, thundercrack83 (x4), Tarkus, Badsim (x2), meldolion, Flipside, bat, exodus101, emilin, meinhosen, M4346, and Rayden,

   Page 24 2-16-07 - 2-17-07

      A 3RR snowfall; Art Corner 2-17-07

      The (not very) secret techniques are revealed! 2-17-07

Commenters include:  NikNik, bat (x2), pvarcoe, GMT, petercintn, Gaston (x2), Eddie (x2), Livin in Sim, kalanc69, Flipside, Rayden (x2), Zaphod, kwakelaar, and threestooges

   Page 25 2-17-07 - 2-20-07

      Creating Large Seasonal Woods Ploppable Lots Tutorial - Part Two, cont'd 2-19-07

      We overlook something; "Three Stooges" 2-20-07

Commenters include:  thundercrack83 (x2),  patfirefghter, Tarkus, swi21, M4346, Gaston, kimcar, bat, exodus101, Bongoswimp, mightygoose, Kokopelli, Schulmanator, Travis, cameron1991, threestooges, and meldolion

   Page 26 2-20-07 - 22-23-07

      500 Comments; Travis, 3RR's former Cranberry Capitol 2-20-07

      We finally complete the tutorial section! 2-21-07

      We find a remarkably similar marker 2-21-07

      A ride to 3RR-ST in the WABAC Machine - We make a comparison and look at elevation change 2-22-07

Commenters include:  Travis (x2), Tarkus, bat, emilin, threestooges (x3), thundercrack83 (x2), M4346, Meastro444, petercintn, Gaston, patfirefghtr, and Rayden

   Page 27 2-23-07 - 2-24-07

      Snow blankets the islands 2-23-07

      Shameless Eye Candy - Island doodling 2-23-07

Commenters include:  threestooges (x2), Gaston, meldolion, thundercrack83 (x2), sebes, Rayden, petercintn, meinhosen, CabreBuitre, kwakelaar, Low Light, Tarkus, emilin, bat, nova vesfalo, and Travis

   Page 28 2-24-07 - 2-26-07

      We time planting a quad's worth of seasonal trees and detailing shorelines 2-24-07

      D. Edgreschetti paints an Alaskan landscape 2-26-07

Commenters include:  M4346 (x2), Rayden, petercintn, Zaphod, bat, thundercrack83 (x2), kimcar, joelevan, meldolion, emilin, NikNik, Badsim, pvarcoe, krbe, Tarkus, and tkirch

   Page 29 2-26-07 - 2-28-07

      Are you ready for ploppable "game" water rapids? 2-26-07

      Headed back to Anchorage; We answer a few questions 2-27-07

      Back home; The Lion's Head 2-27-07

Commenters include:  Cali (x3), joelevan (x3), thundercrack83 (x2), threestooges, bat (x2), NikNik, rooker1, petercvintn, mrgscottc, Schulmanator, and kalanc69

   Page 30 2-28-07 - 3-1-07

      Update to the 3RR "backstory": Transportation 2-28-07 MORE! 3-1-07

      It's not a lightpole, Jay 2-28-07

      Jestarr does something really, really cool- a 3RR snow marker pole 3-1-07

Commenters include:  M4346, Rayden (x2), Cali (x3), Gaston (x2), thundercrack83 (x2), patfirefghtr, Darmok, jestarr (x2), meldolion, Travis, and joelevan

Table of Contents - Page 31 through 40 3-1-07 - 3-20-07

   Page 31 3-1-07 - 3-3-07

      Table of Contents - Page 31-current 3-1-07

      Don't you eat that yellow snow! 3-2-07

      Creating Liv's Creek 3-3-07

      We still think they're beaver... 3-3-07

Commenters include:  Livin in Sim, Zaphod, Rayden (x3), NikNik, emilin, Cali, pvarcoe, kimcar, thundercrack83, kalanc69, M4346, bat, beskhu3epnm, and Fred_Ginger

   Page 32 3-3-07 - 3-6-07

      600 comments!; Liv's Creek 3-4-07

      Getting things done- we finish up the Transportation backstory update 3-5-07

Commenters include:  Darmok (x2), Livin in Sim, meinhosen, Thornton, Gaston, thundercrack83 (x2), emilin, Low Light, NikNik, asturianu, bat, pvarcoe, exodus101, Travis, patfirefghtr, and kwakelaar

   Page 33 3-6-07 - 3-8-07

      A big Alaskan thank you! 3-7-07

      The 3RR Gazetteer:  Thunder Bay 3-8-07

Commenters include:  Badsim, meldolion, kimcar, Schulmanator, Tarkus, zniehadajet (x3), patfirefghtr (x2), Gaston, thundercrack83 (x2), petercintn, Shadow Assassin, beskhu3epnm, Livin in Sim, and emilin

   Page 34 3-8-07 - 3-11-07

      Quickies... 3-8-07

      You mean this bear, Silvio? 3-9-07

      Nope, not the same... 3-10-07

Commenters include:  Shadow Assassin, BigSlark, NikNik, seemurray2, Rayden (x3), Kokopelli, beskhu3epnm (x2), thundercrack83 (x2), Schulmanator, Yoman, kimcar, Gaston, and sebes

   Page 35 3-11-07 - 3-12-07

      Working, working...; Notice of an anniversary 3-11-07

      Happy Anniversary, 3RR! - A retrospective look at the past year 3-12-07

Commenters include:  Zaphod, threestooges, Tarkus, thundercrack83 (x2), patfirefghtr, emilin, Badsim, Niknik, meldolion, Gaston, M4346, pvarcoe, bat, Rayden, Giligone, Fred_Ginger, and Kokopelli

   Page 36 3-12-07 - 3-13-07

      It's collaboration time 3-12-07

Commenters include:  Gaston (x2), Cali, Thornton, sebes, meinhosen, zniehadajet, Unkles27, patfirefghtr, Silur, Travis, Livin in Sim, threestooges, Tarkus, Badsim, meldolion, Niknik, emilin and pvarcoe

   Page 37 3-13-07 - 3-15-07

      A historical marker teaser 3-14-07

Commenters include:  Gaston (x4), patfirefghtr, M4346, Cali, Rayden, Unkles27, thundercrack83 (x2), zniehadajet, kwakelaar, cameron1991, Niknik, patfirefghtr, Cali, Gaston, Giligone, and emilin,

   Page 38 3-15-07 - 3-17-07

      Recognizing 10,000 page views and 700 SC4D comments; Mount Gaston revisited; Pvarcoe 3-15-07

      Upsidaisium 3-16-07

      Collaboration update - A table 3-16-07

Commenters include:  Rayden, Cali (x2), zniehadajet (x3), thundercrack83 (x2), Gaston, pvarcoe, Giligone, Zaphod, BigSlark, threestooges, Yoman, Tarkus, and emilin

   Page 39 3-17-07 - 3-19-07

      Collaboration update - First round Administrator/Planners 3-17-07  MORE!  3-18-07

      How did we create 3RR? 3-19-07

Commenters include:  barnatom, thundercrack83, zniehadajet (x2), meinhosen, kimcar, Cali, Unkles27, Tarkus, kalanc69, Zaphod, BigSlark, Gaston, patfirefghtr (x2), Enzo (x2), and Giligone

   Page 40 3-19-07 - 3-20-07

      Creating Large Seasonal Woods Lots - Part Two, Section Three 3-20-07

Commenters include:  metasmurf, thundercrack83 (x2), Badsim, Darmok, Kokopelli, Rayden, beskhu3epnmn, tkirch, GMT, mightygoose, pvarcoe, M4346, patfirefghtr (x2), Gaston, Cali, Tarkus, and Giligone,

Table of Contents - Page 41 through 50 3-20-07 - 4-10-07

   Page 41 3-20-07 - 3-21-07

      Table of Contents - Page 41-current 3-20-07

      Thoughts on seasonal tree lots and redistribution 3-20-07

      800 comments!; We honor zniehadajet; Tejeda Spring; 3RR springs generally 3-21-07

Commenters include:  zniehadajet, emilin, BigSlark (x3), joelevan, hamsterTK, bat, kwakelaar, Cali, thundercrack83 (x2), Enzo, Fred_Ginger, Rayden, Gaston, and Travis

   Page 42 3-21-07 - 3-24-07

      Another pic of some springs 3-22-07

      A map of 3RR's cities, towns, villages, and places 3-24-07

Commenters include:  Heinz (x2), Badsim (x2), pvarcoe, Schulmanator, pickled_pig, Zaphod, thundercrack83 (x2), kimcar, M4346, bat, sebes, BigSlark, Rayden, iamgoingtoeatyou, and Fred_Ginger

   Page 43 3-24-07 - 3-25-07

      Thanks so much, 3RR Regulars! 3-24-07

      A 3RR rail line map 3-25-07

Commenters include:  kwakelaar, threestooges, Yoman, kimcar, Kokopelli, Livin in Sim (x2), Gaston, emilin, Heinz (x2), Darmok, M4346, BigSlark, Zaphod, Unkles27, kalanc69, and patfirefghtr

   Page 44 3-26-07 - 3-27-07

      The continuing 3RR backstory - 3RRDOT Rail Transport Division 3-26-07

Commenters include:  meldolion, Giligone (x3), pvarcoe, Gaston (x2), Badsim, Fred_Ginger, thundercrack83 (x2), patfirefghtr, Elektra, BigSlark, pvarcoe, pickled_pig, emilin, Rayden, and threestooges

   Page 45 3-27-07 - 3-30-07

      3RR International Airport teaser 3-28-07

      We post once again from the Lone Star State 3-30-07

Commenters include:  Zaphod, patfirefghtr (x2), meldolion, bat, meinhosen, Heinz, Rayden (x2), thundercrack83 (x3), emilin, Low Light, Fred_Ginger, Yoman, kwakelaar, and Flipside

   Page 46 3-30-07 - 4-3-07

      An updated township map 3-31-07

      It's a fishwheel! 3-31-07

      Break's Over!; Housekeeping matters; Big Slark Lake 4-2-07

Commenters include:  BigSlark,  Shadow Assassin (x4), bat, M4346 (x2), Heinz, chocolatemax, threestooges (x2), thundercrack83, meldolion, Gaston, and Fred_Ginger

   Page 47 4-3-07 - 4-5-07

      A 3RR population table 4-3-07

      A 3RR backstory update - governance and demographics 4-4-07

Commenters include:  bat, Giligone, Kokopelli, SgtJoeDes, pvarcoe, thundercrack83 (x2), BigSlark (x2), tkirch, patfirefghtr, Tarkus, emilin, Heinz, kimcar, Livin in Sim, Travis, and stewart_garden

   Page 48 4-5-07 - 4-7-07

      Mapgeek eye candy - two detailed region maps 4-5-07

      An out! - we wriggle out of a corner 4-5-07

      Grounded in Texas! 4-6-07

      3RR Regional Parks 4-6-07

Commenters include:  pvarcoe (x2), sebes, Fred_Ginger, threestooges (x3), Unkles27, Tarkus, kalanc69,  meldolion, thundercrack83 (x2), kwakelaar, Elektra, Rayden, and emilin

   Page 49 4-7-07 - 4-9-07

      Back to Alaska; A Texas snowstorm; We don't like "game" road curves 4-8-07

      Wider radius road curves? 4-8-07

      The ring of SC4 power 4-8-07

      Wide radius road curves drawn in vector graphics 4-9-07

Commenters include:  thundercrack83 (x2), BigSlark (x2), Heinz (x2), Shadow Assassin (x3), glepet, Tarkus, Frankie, Gaston, threestooges, Elektra, and rooker1

   Page 50 4-9-07 - 4-10-07

      First in-game pics of wide-radius road curves 4-9-07

      Is it 1,000 yet? 4-10-07

Commenters include:  Thornton, barnatom, threestooges, glepet, Shadow Assassin, belfastuniguy, exodus101, thundercrack83, patfirefghtr, Elektra, meldolion, Giligone, emilin, pvarcoe, Badsim, kimcar, BigSlark, and Zaphod

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