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Table of Contents - Pages 51-100

Started by dedgren, October 30, 2007, 04:17:33 PM

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Table of Contents - Pages 51-100

      Page 51 through 60 4-10-07 - 5-30-07
      Page 61 through 70 5-30-07 - 7-15-07

      Page 71 through 80 7-15-07 - 8-17-07

      Page 81 through 90 8-17-07 - 9-18-07

      Page 91 through 100 9-18-07 - 10-20-07


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The members who've commented on a particular page are listed, with folks who left more than one comment on the page noted with "(x2)," "(x3)" and so on.  "First timers" appear in red.

Table of Contents - Page 51 through 60 4-10-07 - 5-25-07

   Page 51 4-10-07 - 4-15-07

      Colonel Klink; Post 1,000 Speculation 4-10-07

Commenters include:  Tarkus, thundercrack83 (x4), threestooges (x2), BigSlark (x2), patfirefghtr, bwatterud, bat, Heinz, emilin, pvarcoe, Gaston, kalanc69, M4346, and tkirch

   Page 52 5-15-07 - 4-18-07

      Prog pic teaser! (say that three times fast) 4-16-07

      The Tarkus Museum of Prog Rock 4-17-07

      We've got Mail... 4-18-07

Commenters include:  Tarkus (x3), Rayden, M4346, Livin in Sim, BigSlark (x2), thundercrack83 (x2), Gaston, MAS71, mightygoose, Heinz, Elektra, NikNik, and barnatom

   Page 53 4-18-07 - 4-23-07

      Some stuff about me... 4-22-07

      We note the release of wide-radius road curves with a pic 4-22-07

Commenters include:  Gaston, BigSlark (x2), Unkles27, Livin in Sim, Tarkus (x2), mightygoose (x3), Heinz, glepet, meinhosen, thundercrack83 (x2), threestooges, emilin, and meldolion

   Page 54 4-23-07 - 4-28-07

      More wide-radius road curve pics; Tejada Springs pics, too! 4-24-07

      We respond to Pat's APB with yet one more wide-radius road curve pic... 4-28-07

Commenters include:  Heinz (x2), Elektra, mightygoose, kwakelaar, glepet, Darmok, thundercrack83 (x2), TheTeaCat, Andreas, patfirefghtr (x2), bat, meldolion, asturianu, Gaston, and meinhosen

   Page 55 4-28-07 - 5-1-07

      Two nice teaser pics 4-29-07

      The Spanish Bay area 4-30-07

Commenters include:  patfirefghtr (x2), Badsim, BigSlark, sebes, asturianu (x2), bat (x2), emilin, Thornton, stewart_garden, mightygoose, thundercrack83 (x2), and pvarcoe

   Page 56 5-1-07 - 5-7-07

      We celebrate Pat's accomplishment with several tiny island pics and a lot of fall trees 5-1-07

      Topo map mind candy 5-3-07

      A question about SC4Terraformer view angles 5-5-07

      Pat's Summit 5-6-07

Commenters include:  patfirefghtr (x2), Heinz, bat (x2), asturianu, Livin in Sim, glepet, BigSlark, kalanc69, thundercrack83 (x2),Tarkus, emilin, and Shadow Assassin

   Page 57 5-7-07 - 5-16-07

      Nonstandard SC4TF output; A plug for WinTopo freeware; We read the SC4TF manual 5-7-07

      Thomas makes us a collaboration quad index map 5-8-07

      We ask a question about runways... 5-16-07

Commenters include:  thundercrack83 (x2), Jmouse, bat (x2), Travis, threestooges, BigSlark, mightygoose (x2), meldolion, Tarkus, flame1396, Unkles27, patfirefghtr, jacqlina, and Heinz

   Page 58 5-16-07 - 5-18-07

      We let the cat poke its nose from the bag... 5-17-07

      We ask an already answered question 5-18-07

      What planes drive on 5-18-07

Commenters include:  thundercrack83 (x3), mightygoose, freedo50, Yoman (x2), patfirefghtr (x2), bat, sebes, BigSlark, emilin, jklein_stl, barnatom, bwatterud, and Zaphod

   Page 59 5-19-07 - 5-25-07

      Figuring out the centerlines 5-22-07

      Concrete versus asphalt; A teaser from the runway lab... 5-23-07

      ...and another one 5-23-07

      Slow going... but we press on 5-25-07

Commenters include:  freedo50 (x2), bat (x4), jayo, patfirefghtr (x3), JMouse (x2), emilin, thundercrack83 (x2), stewart_garden, and rooker1

   Page 60 5-25-07 - 5-30-07

      We think we've finished up the diagonal runway textures 5-26-07

      Slicing and dicing; A new runway thread 5-27-07

      The last of the ortho pieces; Fred and Ryan are on the team! 5-28-07

      Tonight's upload to the texture guys; We see a swishbuckler movie 5-29-07

      The home stretch 5-30-07

Commenters include:  thundercrack83 (x2), beebs, bat (x4), freedo50, l.h., patfirefghtr, pilotdaryl, kwakelaar, pvarcoe, BigSlark, and TheTeaCat

Table of Contents - Page 61 through 70 5-30-07 - 7-15-07

   Page 61 5-30-07 - 6-11-07

      Table of Contents - Pages 61-current; More diagonal runway masters; Breaktime! 5-30-07

      We reassure our loyal readers we're only on break 6-7-07

      We deal with an impertinent reader; Call for beta testers 6-10-07

      Quick on/off taxiways are in the Lot Editor 6-11-07

Commenters include:  thundercrack83 (x2), Tarkus, glepet, bat (x2), Jmouse, exodus101, Travis, threestooges, emilin, meldolion, sebes, patfirefghtr, and schm0 (x2)

   Page 62 6-12-07 - 6-17-07

      Further experiments in airfield design 6-13-07

      First teaser in quite a while... 6-17-07

      ...and whoa!  There's another one 6-17-07

Commenters include:  bat (x3), HabLeUrG (x2), threestooges, patfirefghtr (x2), thundercrack83 (x2), Jmouse (x2), meldolion, N1_2888, BigSlark (x2), and blahdy

   Page 63 6-18-07 - 6-19-07

      We answer a map scale question 6-18-07

      NE Quad Curtiss Township topo map 6-18-07

      Comment 1,200!; We check out Thunder Crack 6-18-07

      Feel like exploring Shadow Canyon? 6-19-07

Commenters include:  Shadow Assassin (x2), thundercrack83 (x3), Tarkus, glepet, HabLeUrG, patfirefghtr (x3), emilin, threestooges, Livin in Sim, bat, and Jmouse

   Page 64 6-19-07 - 6-22-07

      Shadow Canyon doodle pics; An improved waterfall 6-20-07

      More Shadow Canyon pics 6-22-07

Commenters include:  glepet, bat (x2), Shadow Assassin (x2), keithsed, TheTeaCat, wouanagaine, ript7368, patfirefghtr, Jmouse (x2), dmscopio, thundercrack83 (x2), HabLeUrG, Travis, and Sober

   Page 65 6-22-07 - 6-29-07

      The permanent home of the 3RR Gazetteer 6-26-07

      A first try at Thunder Crack's rapids 6-28-07

      We use a pen to complete a road map; Road problems 6-28-07

      Thunder Crack's rapids - a second try 6-29-07

Commenters include:  BigSlark (x2), Bishop Hawke, patfirefghtr (x3), Shadow Assassin (x3), emilin, threestooges, schm0, Jmouse, thundercrack83 (x2), and pvarcoe

   Page 66 6-29-07 - 7-1-07

      We spot a new member of the "double-0" club; Post 1291; The Grey Mouse 6-29-07

      Thoughts on pics versus photography; Attempt three on Thunder Crack; Lurkers galore! 6-30-07

      We honor our 1,300th commenter; Brother Todd's Kirche 6-30-07

Commenters include:  tkirch (x3), flame1396 (x3), BigSlark (x2), Darmok (x2), Shadow Assassin (x2), emilin, thundercrack83 (x2), dedgren (x3), Jmouse, and Acefanatic02

   Page 67 7-1-07 - 7-3-07

      Rapids on the West Fork .. It Works! 7-1-07

      Any more questions? 7-2-07

      A rapid transition... 7-3-07

Commenters include:  thundercrack83 (x2), dedgren (x3), Jmouse, tkirch, BigSlark (x2), meldolion, Shadow Assassin (x2), flame1369 (x3), Badism, pvarcoe, jestarr, joerg and Shulmanator

   Page 68 7-3-07 - 7-6-07

      We're making topo maps... 7-4-07

      A nifty little goodie... 7-6-07

      More on topos 7-6-07

Commenters include:  Gaston, Shadow Assassin (x2), Pat (x4). thundercrack83 (x3), Big Slark (x2), meldolion, dedgren (x3), flame1396, Jmouse, pvarcoe and TheTeaCat.

   Page 69 7-6-07 - 7-11-07

      It's about time! 7-8-07

      Matt's (threestooges') quad 7-8-07-07

      Topo Maps – the Tutorial Part 1 7-9-07-07

      Topo Maps – the Tutorial Part 2 7-9-07-07

      22 mystery guests 7-11-07

Commenters include:  Jmouse (x2), dedgren (x5), Unkles27, thundercrack83 (x2), meldolion,  bat (x2), emilin, Shadow Assassin, Heblem, BigSlark (x2), Pat and Travis.

   Page 70 7-11-07 - 7-15-07

      Map development - terraforming 7-13-07-07

      River Width – the question answered 7-14-07-07

      Whose quad? 7-15-07-07

      Oops, it's BigSlark's 7-15-07-07

Commenters include:  TheTeaCat, thundercrack83 (x3), BigSlark (x3), Unkles27, Heblem, Jmouse (x3), dedgren (x4), flame1396, Gaston and Travis.

Table of Contents - Page 71 through 80 7-15-07 - 8-17-07

   Page 71 7-15-07 - 7-20-07

      TOC link 7-15-07

      Another "00"; Travis' quad 7-15-07

      Eye candy in quad 188 7-19-07

Commenters include:  emilin, flame1396 (x2), BigSlark (x2), dedgren (x3), Travis, Yoman, thundercrack83 (x2), Pat, bat (x2), kwakelarr, Zaphod, tkirch, freedo50 and van1357.

   Page 72 7-20-07 - 7-22-07

      Emil's "00" honors in the pipeline 7-20-07

      Bats honor bat 7-21-07

      Adding quads to the map 7-21-07

      "Late-stage" annotations 7-22-07

Commenters include:  fredo50, dedgren (x4), bat (x3), thundercrack83 (x3), Rayden, TheTeaCat, Jmouse (x2), Pat (x2), bat, Unkles27, Gaston and BigSlark.

   Page 73 7-23-07 - 7-27-07

      Adding more quads 7-23-07

      Sivlio's (Rayden's) quad finished 7-24-07

      Growing the region map 7-25-07

      A dam for McLaren Flowage 7-26-07

      How did you do that? 7-27-07

Commenters include:  bat (x4), dedgren (x5), thundercrack83 (x4), BigSlark (x2), Shadow Assassin, tkirch, Pat, mightygoose and emilin.

   Page 74 7-27-07 - 7-29-07

      Filling in more quads 7-28-07

      What's that grid-map thingy? 7-28-07

      Fox River Valley 7-29-07

      Taking a virus-scan break 7-29-07

Commenters include:  Gaston, abcvs (x3), BigSlark (x3), dedgren (x4), Pat (x2), bat (x2), NASCAR_Guy, Swamper77, Shadow Assassin, Pat Riot and Rayden.

   Page 75 7-29-07 - 7-31-07

      No worries... 7-29-07

      Emi'ls Yards - A "00" celebration 7-30-07

      Adding more quads... 7-31-07

      The quads in place 8-1-07

Commenters include:  Jmouse (x2), thundercrack83 (x3), dedgren (x4), Pat (x3), abcvs, stewart_garden, emilin, Gaston, mightygoose (x2), BigSlark and Shadow Assassin.

   Page 76 7-31-07 - 8-3-07

      "Instant" annotations - just couldn't resist! 8-1-07

      Starting the day with a LAT-LON layer 8-2-07

Commenters include:  Pat (x3), Heblem, dedgren (x2), abcvs, bat (x2), steward_garden, mightygoose, meldolion, pvarcoe (x2), thundercrack83, Jmouse, BigSlark, threestooges,  flame1396 and Schulmanator.

   Page 77 8-3-07 - 8-5-07

      Flame1396's quad 8-5-07

      Dustin's (thundercrack83's) quad 8-5-07

Commenters include:  Gaston (x2), Eddie, thundercrack83 (x3), abcvs, BigSlark, dedgren (x2), bat, Yoman, Pat (x2), Shadow Assassin (x2), Livin in Sim (x2), mightygoose and Heblem.

   Page 78 8-5-07 - 8-7-07

      South Cold - NE; Gazetteer link 8-6-07

      Elevation markers explained 8-6-07

      Camp NW, a topo map for Alex (Tarkus) 8-6-07

Commenters include:  dedgren (x3), Pat (x2), thundercrack83 (x3), Tarkus (x3), Heblem (x2), emilin (x2), BigSlark, bat (x2), Yoman and meldolion.

   Page 79 8-7-07 - 8-14-07

      Pat's second "00" post honored by Wolf Lake Fire Dept. 8-8-07

      Diddicks-SW - a topo map for John (Darmok); Tower - NE a topo map for Lucas (meldolion). 8-8-07

      A quick map legend 8-9-07

      Ash Creek topo map and Gazetteer entry; Links of interest 8-13-07

      Eblem's quad in progress 8-14-07

Commenters include:  flame1396, dedgren (x5), Pat (x3), thundercrack83 (x2), meldolion (x2), Bishop Hawke, bat, Shadow Assassin, burgsabre87, Heblem, emilin and threestooges.

   Page 80 8-14-07 - 8-17-07

       Baudette - its highways and byways 8-14-07

       More fun with annotated topos 8-15-07

       A contest: Match the topo feature with the source of its name; Enjoy some photos of the Alaskan wilderness 8-17-07

       A few takers 8-17-07
Commenters include:  bat (x3), Heblem (x2), TheTeaCat, Jmouse, dedgren (x4), Filasimo, Pat (x3), emilin, dragonshards, BigSlark, mightygoose and callagrafx.

Table of Contents - Page 81 through 90 8-17-07 - 9-18-07

   Page 81 8-17-07 - 8-20-07

       The contest continues with a huge two-pronged hint 8-18-07

       Bat honored again: Grand Valley/Bielefeld, Germany 8-18-07

       An historical marker for Matt (threestooges): The power of three... 8-20-07

Commenters include:  bat (x2), tkirch, threestooges (x3), Pat (x4), dragonshardz, kalanc69, dedgren (x4), thundercrack83 (x2), Sizzlakalongi and rooker1.

   Page 82 8-20-07 - 8-24-07

      Could Curly be a landform? 8-21-07

      Who is Louis Marx? 8-21-07-07

      TIME for toy trains 8-22-07

      A bird's eye view of Montana 8-24-07-07

Commenters include:  thundercrack83 (x3), Jmouse, bat (x2), Pat, Shadow Assassin, emilin, dedgren (x4),Yoman, dragonshardz (x2), jestarr, BigSlark, threestooges and NikNik.

   Page 83 8-24-07 - 8-28-07

      Crop circles 8-25-07

      Back in the map lab... 8-27-07-07

      A bit of 3RR history: Links to the "0" and "00" posts 8-28-07

Commenters include:  Pat (x3), Gaston, thundercrack83 (x5), dedgren (x3), threestooges, Caisson, Yoman, NikNik, bat, dragonshardz (2) and Jmouse.

   Page 84 8-28-07 - 8-31-07

      Tales from the Map Lab 8-29-07

      More quads from the Map Lab 4-28-07

Commenters include:  burgsabre87, bat (x2), Jmouse (x2), BigSlark (x2), Shadow Assassin (x2), dragonshardz, Pat (2), mightygoose, dedgren (x2), meldolion, rooker1, thundercrack83, Ennedi and kalanc69.

   Page 85 8-31-07 - 9-5-07

      Burning the midnight oil in the Map Lab 9-1-07

      100+ hours 9-3-07

      One of the places we're headed 9-4-07

      A teaser: The 3RR Water Feature Map 9-5-07

Commenters include:  bat (x4), thundercrack83 (x2), Pat (x2),dedgren (x4), Unkles27, Jmouse, flame1396,  meldolion,emilin, douwe, mightygoose, Travis.

   Page 86 9-5-07 - 9-6-07

      We honor jestarr's arcane knowledge of things Marx 9-6-07

      From rough to ready: The transport system emerges 9-6-07

Commenters include:  Pat (x2), TheTeaCat, dragonshardz, kalanc69 (x2), thundercrack83 (x3), Jmouse (x3), Sober, BigSlark, threestooges, dedgren (x2), burgsabre87, bat and jestarr.

   Page 87 9-6-07 - 9-10-07

      All things transport continue coming together 9-7-07

      The map layers thicken 9-9-07

Commenters include:  DFire870, dragonshardz (x3), beskhu3epnm, Pat (x3), mightygoose, FrankU, flame1396, dedgren (x2), thundercrack83, BigSlark, Jmouse, bat (x2), burgsabre87 and meldolion.

   Page 88 9-10-07 - 9-13-07

      Another teaser: Adding route numbers 9-11-07

      The road map with route numbers 9-12-07

Commenters include:  thundercrack83 (x3), dragonshardz (x2), dedgren (x2), flame1396, BigSlark (x2), Tarkus, bat (x2), freedo50, threestooges, Jmouse, meldolion, Unkles27, mightygoose and rhizome21.

   Page 89 9-13-07 - 9-16-07

      1, 4, 11, 60, 214, 637 - the transport system comes together 9-13-07

      Here come the township names 9-14-07

      Fall arrives in 3RR; Attention Gazetteer authors!; Helpful links for writers 9-15-07

Commenters include:  dedgren (x3), TheTeaCat, thundercrack83, dragonshardz, BigSlark (x2), bat (x3), Yoman (x2), freedo50, tkirch, Jmouse (x2), meldolion, Travis and Owen Luby.

   Page 90 9-16-07 - 9-18-07

      Away for the weekend 9-17-07

      Thanks for the birthday wishes 9-18-07

Commenters include:  rhizome21, dedgren (x2), Badism, thundercrack83 (x2), Jmouse, threestooges (x2), Pat, bat, BigSlark, emilin, meldolion, Madiera aka She Who Will Not Be Named, dragonshardz, kalanc69, tkirch, Gaston and Travis.

Table of Contents - Page 91 through 100 4-10-07 - 5-30-07

   Page 91 9-18-07 - 9-24-07

      A "bare bones" road map with interchange numbers 9-22-07

      D'ja ever wonder where 3RR actually is? 9-23-07

      RL photos of 3RR's Ash Creek 9-24-07

Commenters include:  threestooges (x2), Jmouse, Pat, thundercrack83 (x3), Tarkus, bat (x2), dedgren (x3), Heblem, BigSlark (x2), Yoman, burgsabre87, meinhosen and meldolion.

   Page 92 9-24-07 - 9-27-07

      Redesigning Minnesota? 9-25-07-07

      Just changing the highway system... 9-25-07

      About that highway signage... 9-27-07

      A word about the children; Pat is honored for his third "00" post - Marchland 9-27-07-07

Commenters include:  dedgren (x4), emilin, pvarcoe, Jmouse (x2), thundercrack83 (x3), jplumbley, BigSlark (x2), burgsabre87 (x2), bat, beskhu3epnm, threestooges and TheTeaCat.

   Page 93 9-27-07 - 10-1-07

      Emo - Read all about it! 9-29-07

      We honor Matt (threestooges) for his first "00" post 9-29-07

      Random thoughts; We've got mail... 9-30-07

      We edit a Gazetteer entry 10-1-07

Commenters include:  douwe, Shadow Assassin (x2), dedgren (x4), thundercrack83, Pat (x2), Gaston, emilin, BigSlark (x2), Jmouse (x2), threestooges, Tarkus, beskhu3epnm and rushman5.

   Page 94 10-1-07 - 10-5-07

      Speaking of maps... 10.2-07

      A reader proposes a highway connecting the Pine Cone Islands 10-4-07

Commenters include:  jplumbley, Jmouse (x2), burgsabre87 (x2), Pat (x3), dedgren, Yoman (x3), thundercrack83, BigSlark (x2), sc4luv2, Shadow Assassin, dragonshardz, meldolion and tkirch.

   Page 95 10-5-07 - 10-8-07

      The Toshiba Satellite laptop dies; Random photos; We discuss sc4lub2's Pine Cone Island highway addition 10-5-07

      Follow this link and watch SC4 history in the making 10-5-07

      3RR - An investment of time, work and emotions 10-6-07

      Introducing the new 3RR Child Boards; More fun with map layers 10-8-07

Commenters include:  jplumbley, Gaston (x3), dedgren (x4), meldolion, dragonshardz (x2), sc4luv2 (x3), Jmouse, Yoman, Andreas, BigSlark and Pat (x2).

   Page 96 10-8-07 - 10-12-07

      Miserable RL week, beautiful RL photos 10-12-07

Commenters include:  BigSlark (x2), Jmouse, girlfromverona (x2), pvarcoe, dragonshardz, threestooges, meinhosen, thundercrack83, meldolion, jestarr, sc4luv2, Shadow Assassin, dedgren, mightygoose, sebes (x2), freedo50 and Pat.

   Page 97 10-12-07 - 10-16-07

      Corrections to the map 10-12-07

      Farewell to Anduin Valley Revisited 10-12-07

      A teaser from the map lab 10-15-07

      Another side project - signage organized 10-15-07

Commenters include:  dedgren (x4), freedo50, sebes, threestooges, Pat (x3), thundercrack83 (x3), Yoman, tkirch, Jmouse, BigSlark, flame1396, Shadow Assassin and burgsabre.

   Page 98 10-16-07 - 10-18=07

      The 3RR proposed freeway map[/font] 10-16-07

      The U.S. buys Alaska 140 years ago today 10-18-07

      Page 99 comin' up! 10-18-07

Commenters include:  douwe, dedgren (x3), Pat (x2), Jmouse (x2), BigSlark (x2), Yoman, freedo50, burgsabre87, emilin, mightygoose, bat, thundercrack83, Rayden, Tarkus and meldolion.

   Page 99 10-18-07 - 10-20-07

      We ask a favor... 10-19-07

Commenters include:  sc4luv2, thundercrack83 (x2), Pat (x2), burgsabre87 (x2), flame1396, Jmouse (x2), freedo50, Gaston, threestooges (x2), dedgren, Shadow Assassin, kalanc69 (x2), star.torturer and emilin.

   Page 100 10-20-07 - 10-21-07

      We opened a whole new can of worms! 10-21-07

Commenters include:  star.torturer (x2), Pat, sc4luv2, mightygoose, bat, dragonshardz (x4), BigSlark, Livin in Sim, thundercrack83 (x2), Gaston, Shadow Assassin, burgsabre87, Jmouse, dedgren and Tarkus.

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