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June 02, 2023, 02:27:57 PM

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Japanese SC4 Links

Started by snorrelli, February 06, 2007, 06:34:06 PM

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So it is a warning that the building suffers from the blank lots problem?
I thought so but got confused by the "settings type". Guess it is a translation problem.  ;)
My name is Raphael.
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Do not need to care to that.  :)
A few years ago, It was one of rule(manner) of BATer in Japan that discribe to WHAT TOOL USED about those works in a site.  ;)
Quote・This lot uses Reader.
・Because it's blanklot, it's setting type.
In this case, He used the "RCI-Blank Lot Set" with "ILiveReader" and "Ploppable Lot", Its a meaning.

by the way,
For a few days, APTX san's site "8590"(link) is not available.  &mmm
We hope to his come back soon. :)


My name is Raphael.
Visit my MD: Empire Bay (My old MD: Santa Barbara County)


I have to do a disappointing announcement about some BATer's site in Japan today.  &mmm
A few days ago, One of free server service managed by the RAKUTEN was end.
Some japanese BATer's site deleted with that.

The following sites were closed as far as I know.

hIMAGINE by NOB san (Top page is available now) (His all works can not downloaded)

SC4 MK BAT by MK san (end)

Sim Commerce by SimKengo san (end)
His blog was already end too. (end)

Already you know, All site having a URL were end.
Only NOB'san already gave to BSC his permission about his all works, so his works would be uploaded on LEX sometime. ;)
but other works can not get till they will re-opne again theire site..... &mmm

I'll report again here if can get good announce of them. :)


森川鉄道 (MORIKAWA Railway) by Kandahra san (Old name : 211 san)
He did move a site here
Old : (end)
Latest : (available)

Thank you


That's disappointing.   ()sad()   Thanks for letting us know MAS.   It seems that are a lot of wonderful BATS and LOTS from Japan that are somewhat inaccessible to many Westerners and are at risk of being lost forever.  It would be nice to figure our a way to get permission to host copies here on the LEX (or even the STEX, given the rigorous vetting required here).



Quote from: MAS71 on November 05, 2010, 07:53:50 AM
Already you know, All site having a URL was end.
Only NOB'san already gave to BSC his permission about his all works, so his works would be uploaded on LEX sometime. ;)
but other works can not get till they will re-opne again theire site..... &mmm

Thanks to your post on the BSC, Masuda-さん, we also understood that Raika's files were available for the LEX. :)
I've thus uploaded all Raika's models in two model packs today.
On the LEX they appear under raikas, which is Raika's LEX account. ;)


Hototogisu (incorrectly "tokitori" in the list above") has revived his website.


&bis& RAIKA san comebacked  &bis&

You may have already known it. ;)
Raika san comebacked with his new works in SC4 !!
A few days ago, his site was end as I reported. He has new site with his new works now.

Simcity-BAT memo by Raika san
-> Traslated Site for English(links)

I could talke with him on e-mail today about his works that already uploaded on LEX.  "$Deal"$
He gave to BSC his permission about his all of works !!  :thumbsup:

Thank you so much for your understanding and all of your works Raika san !! :)
We're looking forward to your new creation in the future too !  ;)

Thank you.


It seems that APTX 8590's site does no longer work, the link leads to a page full of commercials that does not have anything to doo with simcity.
The Dragon Island Cities journal at SC4Devotion

For a Dragon Islands video click here



Can you help me ?

I research this fire station but the link it's block. I know that there is an other link but I don't find it . Do you know this to download ?


This "Hiroshima West FD(Hiroshima Nishi Shoubousyo)" was made by NOB san's in Japan.
Unfortunately, NOB san's all works can not downloaded now.  ()sad()
(his site was end as I reported before)

### Edited ###
NOB san already gave his permission about his all works(BATs and MODs) to BSC team(SC4Devotion). ;)
Looking forward to a day will come that his works on LEX sometime. :)


Where I can get the TSUTENKAKU tower?

I need this for the city of Osaka that I make.

Thanks  :)


I have a question about the SimCity Force's BBS.
Is that band other country IP for reply and get new topic? ()sad()
A lazy fox (=^ω^=)

Canidae Inu Republic League


About Sim Commerce: Users that are interrested in the downloads of this site might find that interresting:
The Dragon Island Cities journal at SC4Devotion

For a Dragon Islands video click here


um I got Kei's BATs for houses but when I tried to find them in the lot editor all I found was Maxis buildings with the same number tag that Kei's buildings had. Is there a solution to this, or am I missing something?
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<a href="">


They're probably just props, not outright buildings. You'll find them in the prop menu.
If you want them to be Buildings, then you'll need to build a Desc file.

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Here is another site you should list.

It is Moonlight's site and has a lot of really awesome things.


Quote from: xxdita on December 26, 2009, 12:23:21 AM
I can't seem to find the smaller buildings for the Coruscant Mod at yuhisa anymore. Does anyone know what's happened to them? Or maybe have a link? Thanks.

This is a little late, but are you looking for these:;no=107;id=%3E

It contains 1 that's significantly smaller than most coruscants I've seen. It's still gigantic, but it's just almost small enough for CAM...



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