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Started by khoianh94, February 01, 2008, 07:50:03 AM

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A German version can be found here.

Newer updates:
- Update 2 (2/2/08)

Welcome to my first city portrait on SC4D. The region's name is Springfield, and it's one big city terrain only. Some work with wouanagaine's SC4Terraformer and planting God Mode trees made this region:

This will be the city centre later in the future:

At first, I built a road which goes along the coast:

At the planned centre, a central ring has been built, but this isn't the first building place:

But on the other side of the river, a suburb was planned as the start of the town:

The industrial centre:

Then I started playing: After some problems in the beginning have been solved, an elementary school and small hospital were built. The population reached 2.000:

Some years later, the town had more money, and a water system and a police department made the life more comfortably. Population had been about 4.000:

When I had enough money, I created a new part on the east side of the avenue. This was before I started playing:

These two pictures show the current situation:

The population is at about 8.200 now. The houses are all euro-style, the difficulty is medium.

I don't really like writing in English, so there isn't very much text. But the pictures are more important. ;)


Nice little city you have. :)
Show us what you look like http://sc4devotion.com/forums/index.php?topic=1142.0

Just call me Dave


Very nice start.  If I could suggest only one thing it would be to either turn off the pause or try this [LINKIE], SMP Yellow Pause Thingy Remover by TheQuiltedLlama.  Since I have DL'd it, I can't live with out it.  I use it all the time now when taking pics of my city.
I can't wai to see some further progress.

Robin  :thumbsup:
Call me Robin, please.


Let's go on - Springfield has a population of 11.807 now and about 900 commercial and 6.000 industrial jobs.
I start with a second bridge which is still to build:

Next to the bridge, a third part of the city is planned. This will be part of a huge suburb which takes the whole northern part of the map:

Then, new settlers came to the new area - the bridge could be finished on time:

Another view to the new part:

View on the old town...

...and the whole city:

I hope you liked it.  :thumbsup:



Very nice indeed. Simple and nice

Copperminds and Cuddleswarms


Yes - I do like Springfield - ich liebe es sogar  :thumbsup:
Check my MD:               


Great start there! And wonderful two updates!
Looking forward to more... ;)