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Started by GrindPepper, February 25, 2008, 12:18:50 AM

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Hello. I am new here, but Ive been wanting to start am MD for a while, so here goes.

Criadandre is small area of land and see with a tropical climate with a predominately European and Spanish population. It has recently became a tourist attraction with the development of a large island off the coast. Criacandre, when getting closer to the city become very dense with turn of the century brownstones and apartments. The commercial centre, how ever, is very modern. The reason it is so dense is the lack of space due to towering mountains and hills, and a result suburbs have sprawled in the space between them. There are four major hills/mountains in the area, and alot of them have busy highway tunnels going through them so commuters don't need detour the mountains completely.

An actualy update will be done some time tommorow or Wednesday, but until then, here's some teasers:

Hope you enjoyed!


Cool looking golf course. You might want to turn off the UDI icons though. It makes for such a better pic. I'll be following this one.
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beautiful beginning! hasten to see the continuation  :thumbsup:
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Earth quake

Great start, It's very promising. :thumbsup:


Welcome to this site!

And wonderful start there, too! The pictures are looking great! Fantastic city!


Has I said in my city. This city looks sharp. I enjoyed the visual & airial tour of Criadandre. Keep Up the great work with your city Bat. :)

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First, welcome at SC4D  ;)
after i like the CBD and the (suburbs?).  :thumbsup:
I wait to see more  :)


Update 1:
I will be showing the region shot in this update. Note: I only tree city tiles as i work on them, so it may be a bit bare.

Full region image.

I'm planning to finish off this corner of the region (the bit surrounding the downtown) by the folllowing colour codes:
Yellowey Green: Middle class American-style suburbia.
Dark Green: High wealth european-style suburbia.
Yellow: Farming.

Urban pic.

Volcem Bay, the largest bay on Volcem Island off the coast of Criacandre.

Old MED housing on the island dates back many centuries.

Finnally, a small tropical market situated over a reef in Volcem Bay.

Hope you's all enjoyed. I'll be doing replies later.


Nice update. I like the region shot as it looks perfect for development. You seem to have a nice little CBD with plenty of room for expansion.

thats one nice tropical market too, can just imagine pulling up along in my little skiff.

I remember the time the owl and I took a trip  ::) ::)  aaaaah the good ol' days  :D :D
but I digress ::) looking forward to seeing where you go with this MD

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The region shots are great there! Nice work on it so far!
And the pictures are wonderful, too! Volcem Bay is also looking great! ;)


No Update, just a new region shot, with some tiles with new terrain.  ;)

Earth quake

Excellent. &apls
It's a very nice overview.


Like the new terrain! And great new region overview of Criadandre!