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Table of Contents - Pages 151-200

Started by dedgren, March 01, 2008, 09:57:43 AM

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Table of Contents - Pages 151-200

      Page 151 through 160 3-1-08 - 3-31-08

      Page 161 through 170 3-31-08 - 4-21-08

      Page 171 through 180 4-21-08 - 5-12-08

      Page 181 through 190 5-12-08 - 5-28-08

      Page 191 through 200 5-28-08 - 6-15-08


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Table of Contents - Page 151 through 160 3-1-08 - 3-31-08

   Page 151 3-1-08 - 3-4-08

      F-28 Exit Log 3-2-08

Commenters include: bat, mightygoose, BigSlark, Bishop Hawke, dragonshardz (x2), Kokopelli, Pat, burgsabre87 (x2), dedgren, TheTeaCat, Filasimo, Heblem, bighead99999, thundercrack83

   Page 152 3-4-08 - 3-7-08

      How well do you know western Chicagoland? 3-5-08

      And the winner is... 3-6-08

      Five days and counting! 3-7-08

Commenters include: BigSlark, dedgren (x3), mightygoose (x3), thundercrack83 (x2), threestooges (x2), Pat (x3), Filasimo, CabraBuitre (x3), bat and Silur

   Page 153 3-8-08 - 3-11-08

      Working the WiFi in Montana 3-10-08

Commenters include: bat (x2), Silur (x2), dedgren, paroch, mightygoose (x2). dragonshards (x2), thundercrack83 (x2), burgsabre87, BigSlark, Unkles27, meldolion, Toichus Maximus, Heblem, Yoman and bighead99999

   Page 154 3-11-08 - 3-13-08

      Complex collaboration countdown continues 3-12-08

      Heather posts news about David's health 3-12-08

Commenters include: burgsabre87 (x2), BigSlark (x3), dedgren (x2), Jmouse (x2), mightygoose (x2), star.torturer, dragonshardz (x2), krbe, Heblem, thundercrack83, Ennedi, RippleJet and wouanagaine

   Page 155 3-13-08 - 3-14-08

Commenters include: bighead99999, meldolion, rooker1, Darmok, snorrelli, Kokopelli, star.torturer, Livin in Sim, BarbyW, Gaston, Silur, TheTeaCat, Pat, sebes, Tarkus, threestooges, tooheys, mattb325, Haljackey and Bishop Hawke

   Page 156 3-15-08 - 3-17-08

      Checking in 3-17-08

      Paul's (paroch) quad

Commenters include: dragonshardz, Travis, pokestik, FrankU, calibanx, Couchpotato, Giligone, dedgren (x2), Pat (x2), star.torturer (x2), mightygoose, Jmouse (x2), thundercrack83 (x2), Tarkus and threestooges

   Page 157 3-17-08 - 3-20-08

      A map of Dutchman-SE, Paul's (paroch) quad. 3-17-08 3-18-08

      Diddicks-SW, John's (Darmok) quad; a forest fire breaks out. 3-20-08

Commenters include: paroch (x2), Giligone, Silur, emilin,, wouanagaine, pvarcoe, burgsabre87, dedgren (x2), Alfred_Jones, Pat, mightogoose, bat, kokopelli, BigSlark, Haljackey, projectadam, thundercrack83 and TheTeaCat

   Page 158 3-20-08 - 3-24-08

      Testing, testing, testing... 3-22-08

      We're back! 3-24-08

Commenters include: threestooges (x2), Pat (x3), Heblem, thundercrack83 (x3), quackmofro, paroch, Unkles27, bighead99999, dedgren (x2), burgsabre87, tkirch, BigSlark, Silur and rooker

   Page 159 3-24-08 - 3-28-08

      Found an old topo map... 3-26-08

      Crusin' Aurora – the drive-in movie theater 3-28-08

Commenters include: Pat (x2), star.torturer, Jmouse, mightygoose, Darmok, threestooges, BigSlark, bat (x2), Kokopelli, TheTeaCat, Bishop Hawk, dedgren (X2), thundercrack82, gaston, snorrelli, Giligone and burgsabre

   Page 160 3-28-08 - 3-31-08

      Who needs fences? 3-30-08

      Celebrating Seward's Day in Alaska 3-31-08

Commenters include: thundercrack83 (x3), BigSlark, bwatterud, Pat (x3, Haljackey, bat (x2), dragonshardz, dedgren (x2), Jmouse, Darmok, FrankU, threestooges, Yoman and Heblem

Table of Contents - Page 161 through 170 3-31-08 - 4-21-08

Page 161 3-31-08 - 4-1-08

      Gas price woes in Pineshore! 3-31-08

Commenters include: emilin, Andreas (x2), TheTeaCat, Pat, BigSlark, dedgren, Heblem (x2), DFire870 (x2), dragonshardz, Jmouse, freedo50, burgsabre87, Tarkus, bighead99999, bat, Yoman, and CabraBuitre

   Page 162 4-1-08 - 4-3-08

      Catching you up... 3-31-08

      Springtime in 3RR 4-3-08

      Ironing out the bugs 4-3-08

      Adventures in file sharing! 4-3-08

Commenters include: haljackey, dedgren (x4), bighead99999, projectadam, Pat, bat, thundercrack83 (x5), TheTeaCat, jacqulina (x2), Jmouse (x2) and Heblem

   Page 163 4-3-08 - 4-4-08

      Let's try the crop circles 4-4-08

Commenters include: Tarkus, Heblem, dragonshardz, Pat (x2), Toichus Maximus, zorven , threestooges, quackmofro, dedgren, Kumba, wouanagaine, meldolion, Diggis, rooker1, pokestik, bat, Giligone, thundercrack83 and mightygoose

   Page 164 4-4-08 - 4-6-08

      Here's a treat – the TS windmills 4-5-08

      Last snow of the season 4-6-08

Commenters include: Toichus Maximus, Heblem, jacqulina (x2), Jmouse (x3), dedgren (x2), mightygoose, thundercrack83, threestooges, Pat (x2), girlfromverona, bat, emilin, TheTeaCat, Colyn and snorelli

   Page 165 4-6-08 - 4-9-08

      Are you ready for some fencelines? 4-9-08

      The lampposts gotta go... 4-9-08

      ...and they're gone 4-9-08

      3,299! 4-9-08

Commenters include: thundercrack83 (x2), burgsabre87, bat (x2), bighead99999, dedgren (x4), rooker1, Pat (x2), emilin, Swamper77,  jacqulina, TheTeaCat, pokestik, and threestooges

   Page 166 4-9-08 - current

      It's the little things that count 4-10-08

      This isn't just a game anymore 4-10-08

Commenters include: Jmouse (x2), mightygoose (x2), thundercrack83 (x 3), dragonshardz (x2), Pat (x2), jacqulina, bat (x2), FrankU, Diggis, dedgren (x2), BigSlark and threestooges.

   Page 167 4-10-08 - 4-13-08

      Fence lines – a labor of love 4-13-08

      Country crossing 4-13-08[/size

Commenters include: Yoman, threestooges (x2), dragonshardz, Pat (x2), greenbelt (x2), Darmok, bat, bighead99999, TheTeaCat, Travis, star.torturer, Shadow Assassin (x2), dedgren (x2), mightygoose and Tarkus

   Page 168 4-13-08 - 4-14-08

      Fence lines – one thing leads to another 4-14-08

      Finishing up the fence line lots – any volunteers? 4-14-08

Commenters include: jacqulina, bat (x2), Jmouse, Pat (x3), Yoman, dedgren (x2), threestooges, meldolion, Shadow Assassin, FrankU, bat, Travis, j-dub, emilin, burgsabre and dragonshardz.

   Page 169 4-15-08 - 4-16-08

      A quick experiment with TPW 4-15-08

      Eye candy 4--08

Commenters include: bat (x2), bighead9999, Pat (x3), thundercrack83 (x2), j-dub, dedgren (x2), burgsabre87, Shadow Assassin (x2), rooker1, sebes, vester, jacqulina, dragonshardz and camaro_69_327

   Page 170 4-17-08 - 4-21-08

      Luca's (meldolion) quad – Tower NE 4-20-08

      This is what slows me down... 4-20-08

      3,399 4-21-08

Commenters include: jayo, bat (x3), quackmofro, Bishop Hawke, TheTeaCat (x2),  dedgren (x3), threestooges, mightygoose, jacqulina (x2), Pat (x2), thundercrack83, emilin and meldolion.

Table of Contents - Page 171 through 180  4-21-08 - 5-12-08

   Page 171 4-21-08 - 4-26-08

            Random shots from Luca's (meldolion) Tower NE quad 4-23-08

            Just a quick pic 4-25-08

Commenters include: star.torturer (x2), pvarcoe, camaro_69_327, Pat (x3), burgsabre87, bat (x3), bighead99999, dedgren (x2), girlfromverona, thundercrack83 (x2), jayo, threestooges and jacqulina.

   Page 172 4-26-08 - 4-27-08

            3RR eye candy 4-26-08

            Transport teasers from Daniel's (Shadow Assassin) Grass NW quad. 4-27-08

           An overview of Daniel's quad 4-27-08

Commenters include: BigSlark, (x2), dedgren (x3), Pat (x2), Jmouse, threestooges, freedo50, thundercrack83 (x2), quakcmofro, star.torturer, jplumbley, Yoman, girlfromverona, Gaston (x2) and Darmok.

   Page 173 4-28-08 - 4-30-08
            How I build MIS ramps for a diamond interchange. 4-28-08

            "Along the freeway" pics in Daniel's (Shadow Assassin) quad. 4-29-08

            Reforesting Daniel's quad. 4-30-08

Commenters include: meldolion, dedgren (x3), Darmok, bat (x2), Pat (x2), TheTeaCat, Gaston, Shadow Assassin (x2), thundercrakc83), jacqulina, camaro_69_327, freedo, CaptCity, BigSlark and Tarkus.

   Page 174 4-30-08 - 5-2-08

            Can you say "fractional angle road segments?" 5-1-08

            They're a little too dark. 5-2-08

Commenters include: Pat (x2), burgsabre87 (x2), Kokopelli, Shadow Assassin, WillG_75, dedgren (x2), Tarkus, threestooges, thundercrack83, bighead99999, star.torturer, bat, sebes, Darmok, pvarcot, rooker1 and Diggis.

   Page 175 5-2-08 - 5-3-08

            Lightened it up 5-2-08

            Long curve transition works. 5-2-08

            3,499 5-3-08

Commenters include: thundercrack83 (x2), TheTeaCat, Toichus Maximus, szarkoz, dedgren (x3), burgsabre87, freedo50, Jmouse, Pat (x2), Haljackey, mightygoose, star.torturer, Nardo69, threestooges, bat and Gaston.

   Page 176 5-3-08 - 5-4-08

            Showing off the new angles. 5-3-08

            Silvio (Rayden) honored for 3,500th post with Pink SW quad map. 5-4-08

Commenters include: Rayden, caspervg, bighead99999 (x2), thundercrack83, jacqulina, Pat (x2), Shingure, girlfromverona (x2), dedgren (x2), threestooges, Tarkus, bighead99999, freedo50, bat, mightygoose, and Yoman.

   Page 177 5-4-08 - 5-7-08

Commenters include: threestooges (x2), thundercrack83 (x2), Pat (x2), girlfromverona, star.torturer (x2), FrankU (x2), bat, Haljackey, Rayden, camaro_69_327, Doctor Soul, Tarkus (x2), Jmouse and emilin.

   Page 178 5-7-08 - 5-9-08

            A country road in a snow-covered landscape 5-7-08

            Playing with snow again 5-9-08

Commenters include: Rayden, Darmok, bighead99999 (x2), JanYpe, star.torturer, dedgren (x2), Pat, thundercrack83 (x2), Masochist, metarvo, bat,  BigSlark, girlfromverona, Heblem (x2) and Tarkus (x2) .

   Page 179 5-9-08 - 5-10-08

            More scenes from the great north. 5-9-08

            Dave's (bighead99999) quad, Twin Glacier NE. 5-10-08

            FAR, my first real tryout! 5-10-08

Commenters include: sebes, girlfromverona, jacqulina, Rayden, dedgren (x3), threestooges (x2), bat, krbe, burgsabre87, Travis, Toichus Maximus, etherian, amapper, Pat, thundercrack83, dsrwhat316 and dragonshardz.

   Page 180 5-11-08 - 5-12-08

            Lucky Sevens... 5-12-08

Commenters include: BigSlark, (x2), girlfromverona (x2), szarkoz, threestooges (x2), mightygoose, jplumbley, thundercrack83 (x2), Darmok, allan_kuan1992, bat, dedgren, Masochist, Pat (x2), debutterfly and bighrad99999.

Table of Contents - Page 181 through 190 5-12-08 - 5-28-08

   Page 181 5-12-08 - 5-14-08

            Pine Cone NE 5-13-08

Commenters include: jplumbley (x3), thundercrack83 (x4), threestooges (x3), dedgren, Jmouse, Doctor Soul, bat, Pat, nerdly_dood, debutterfly, pvarcoe, Tarkus and Swamper77.

   Page 182 5-14-08 - 5-15-08

            First the roads, now the rails 5-14-08

            Haystack Rock 5-14-08

Commenters include: Jmouse (x2), threestooges (x3), Shadow Assassin, Doctor Soul, bat, Swamper77, thundercrack83 (x3), dedgren (x2), debutterfly, bwatterud, Pat, BigSlark, etherian and bighead99999.

   Page 183 5-15-08 - 5-16-08

            Working on more curves 5-15-08

            ...almost on the home stretch... 5-16-08

            First look at FARR 5-16-08

Commenters include: girlfromverona, Cosmic, krbe, bat (x2), mightygoose, dedgren (x3), thundercrack83 (x2), Pat (x2), threestooges, newsimaddict, BigSlark (x2), bighead99999, Ennedi and Diggis.

   Page 184 5-16-08 - 5-18-08

            Last of the FARR alphas 5-17-08

            Curved rail is closer than you think 5-17-08

Commenters include: burgsabre87, Nardo69 (x2), BigSlark, nerdly_dood, krbe, stewart_garden, TheTeaCat, Pat (x2), girlfromverona, pilotdaryl, Masochist, dedgren (x2), bat, jacqulina, bighead99, Travis and thundercrack83.

   Page 185 5-18-08 - 5-18-08

            The FARR is near! 5-18-08

            Break the grid once and for all before midnight 5-18-08

            The many pieces of FARR 5-18-08

Commenters include: dedgren (x3), Tarkus (x3), threestooges, Alfred.Jones, TheTeaCat, star.torturer, bat, Doctor Soul, szarkoz, etherian, bighead99, warszawa, Shadow Assassin, Anereas, debutterfly and dragonshardz.

   Page 186 5-18-08 - 5-20-08

            FARR eye candy 5-20-08

Commenters include: Nardo69, petercintn, Haljackey, BigSlark, girlfromverona (x2), Swamper77, threestooges, ejc, Tarkus, FrankU (x2), bat (x2), star.torturer, Diggis, Shadow Assassin, dedgren, ScottFTL and mightygoose. 

   Page 187 5-20-08 - 5-22-08

Commenters include: BigSlark (x2), Ennedi (x2), Swamper77 (x2), Andreas, freedo50, Pat, threestooges, j-dub, pilotdaryl, mightogoose, Shadow Assassin, rooker1, bat, star.torturer, thundercrack83, nerdly_dood and caspervg.

   Page 188 5-22-08 - 5-25-08

            Trying out some interesting combinations of FAR/FARR 5-22-08

            Off to Trapper John's Cabin for the weekend 5-24-08

Commenters include: Ennedi, rooker1, dedgren (x2), mightygoose, bat, thundercrack83 (x2), Pat, yochananmichael (x5), threestooges (x2), dragonshardz, silur, SimNation and wes.janson.

   Page 189 5-25-08 - 5-27-08

            A FARR Crossing 5-25-08

            "Level-Cross" eye candy 5-27-08

Commenters include: Pat, dedgren (x3), krbe, thundercrack83, Ennedi, yochananmichael, girlfromverona (x2), BigSlark, bat, AlfredJones, Swamper77, stewart_garden, Tarkus, penguin007, mightogoose, FrankU, etherian and Glazert.

   Page 190 5-27-08 - 5-28-08

            The first 3RR-ST post restored 5-27-08

            Cookin' chicken and makin' curved roads. 5-27-08

            The chicken is done! 5-28-08

Commenters include: ShadowAssassin, thundercrack83 (x3), bat (x2), debutterfly, threestooges (x2), dedgren (x3), yochananmichael, girlfromverona (x3), burgsabre87, Pat, mightygoose and Tarkus

Table of Contents - Page 191 through 200 5-28-08 - 6-15-08

   Page 191 5-28-08 - 5-29-08

            More FAR curves. 5-29-08

Commenters include: yochananmichael (x2), Darmok, mightygoose, Ennedi (x2), dedgren, girlfromverona, Tarkus, Anthony, jacqulina, Andreas, rooker1, Warszawa, petercintn, etherian, bat, Haljackey, pvarcoe and debutterfly

   Page 192 5-29-08 - 5-30-08

            Just an aside... 5-29-08

            The final fixes to this... 5-30-08

Commenters include: yochananmichael (x3), mightygoose, thundercrack83 (x2), threestooges (x2), TheTeaCat, Pat (x2), dedgren (x2), BigSlark, bat (x2), star.torturer, toxicpiano, Patricius Maximusand radioGOD

   Page 193 5-30-08 - 5-31-08

            Finishing alterations to the second-level cross pieces 5-31-08

            A review posted on ST two years ago 5-31-08

Commenters include: jacqulina, nerdly_dood (x4), burgsabre87, j-dub, Masochist, Pat, dedgren (x2), Yoman, mightygoose, Nardo69, stewart_garden, threestooges, Zaphod, girlfromverona, jplumbley and thundercrack83

   Page 194 5-31-08 - 6-3-08

            For our Euro-texture friends... 6-1-08

            Putting 3RR on the Google map 6-3-08

Commenters include: star.torturer (x2), threestooges, krbe (x2), mightygoose, bat (x2), Glazert, dedgren (x2), Pat, thundercrack83 (x2), Jmouse, yochananmichael, caspervg, pagenotfound, Dargor and rushman5

   Page 195 6-3-08 - 6-5-08

            Another Google map pic 6-3-08

            A FARR spur for Bernhard 6-4-08

            Mountains in Alaska 6-5-08

Commenters include: Tarkus, dedgren (x4), Pat, threestooges (x2), emilin, Warszawa, jacqulina, bat, yochananmichael, burgsabre87, thundercrack83, bwatterud, mightygoose, allan_kuan1992, Ennede and rooker1

   Page 196 6-5-08 - 6-8-08

            The state of Google mapping 6-5-08

            A 3RR-ST post from March 13, 2006 6-7-08

Commenters include: Shadow Assassin, pvarcoe, dedgren (x2), Pat, thundercrack83 (x3), dragonshardz, Zaphod, mightygoose (x3), bat, star.torturer, metarvo, girlfromverona, yochananmichael, Jmouse and Ennedi

   Page 197 6-8-08 - 6-10-08

            "Unofficially" available for download 6-8-08

            Curves in Arcadia 6-10-08

Commenters include: dedgren (x2), jacqulina, Ennedi, pilotdaryl, thundercrack83 (x2), threestooges, bat, FrankU, Shadow Assassin, star.torturer (x2), freedo50, Pat, rooker1, girlfromverona, yochananmichael, Gaston and mightygoose

   Page 198 6-10-08 - 6-12-08

            Another 3RR-ST oldie but goodie 6-11-08

            SNOW! 6-11-08

            How does the snow cheat effect roads? 6-11-08

            Playing with Chris' (chrisadams3997) plopable flora 6-12-08

Commenters include: Shadow Assassin (x2), meldolion, dedgren (x4), M4346 (x2), star.torturer (x2), bat, Pat, TheTeaCat, threestooges (x2), dragonshardz, yochananmichael, thundercrack83 and mightygoose

   Page 199 6-12-08 - 6-14-08

            "1 to go!" (A 3RR-ST oldie but goodie) 6-12-08

            Page 199; We request another favor 6-12-08

            We superdetail a "rain tool" lake with RRP flora 6-13-08

            3RR's future foretold...NOT! (A 3RR-ST oldie but goodie) 6-14-08

Commenters include: pvarcoe (x3), bat (x3), dedgren (x4), girlfromverona (x2), Ennedi, thundercrack83 (x2), caspervg, bighead99, Haljackey, Pat, and stewart_garden

   Page 200 6-14-08 - 6-15-08

            Not too FARR... 6-14-08

            Pics of a culvert 6-14-08

            Informing the old sensibilities 6-15-08

Commenters include: Andreas, threestooges (x2), Toichus Maximus, Pat (x2), dedgren (x3), Alfred.Jones (x2), Shadow Assassin, bat, Tarkus, Nardo69, girlfromverona (x2), XiahouDun, Ennedi, and dragonshardz

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