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Respublikii Anaksii (1 Dec Updated)

Started by zakuten, April 14, 2008, 07:46:06 PM

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Welcome to the Anakan Republic! This former colony world of Terra has had some rough times, but newly independent, it starts to get back on its' feet, with both old industrial towns and bright new shoreside cities. All of these will be coming forthwith!

Current Regions:
Kara`i District
Kohatsa Special Administrative District
(World maps soon to come)

So then, let's begin with Kohatsa!

     Welcome to the Kohatsa District. This region, once a collection of small rural towns along the mighty Anaka River, has exploded into a quickly growing urbanized region, crisscrossed by highways and bridges.

However, recently growth in the central area, centered around Kohatsa, has been stagnant. Even as new development blossoms, buildings fall into disrepair. Therefore, the national government has decided to step in with a long-term program of development for the Kohatsa district to defeat blight and ensure a better quality of life for the citizens of the area.

General Information for Kohatsa

Kohatsa city and district lie in the near center of the continent Nakora on the planet Anaka. In the Kohatsa region, the terrain is a high plain, like a veldt, with many mountainous regions formed by ancient large-scale volcanism. However, today, it's restricted to several small volcanic vents.

As for the political situation, Anaka is united into a single federal republic, of which Kohatsa Special Administrative District is a subunit. The districts are the first-level subunits, often quite large and sometimes corresponding to old-time fiefs before unification after the Terran(Earth) colonization. Kohatsa District was originally much larger, until the rampant problems associated with the booming growth threatened to tear the government of the district apart. The federal government stepped in to split the single district into two, with the remainder becoming a seperate entity. In addition, Kohatsa was declared a Special Administrative District, which meant that the taxes collected in the region stayed there rather than fall under typical federal jurisdiction. This allowed the local towns to re-analyze their priorities freely. The Development Council was formed with a council of 10 mayors from around the region, with the historic anchoring towns of Kohatsa and Ojoze granted permanent seats. However, some of the towns like Daenaroi refused to take their seats due to what they saw as undue interference on the part of the comparative juggernaut of Kohatsa.

The region has traditionally been based around farming, which due to Anaka's gentle climate, is possible, even though the terrain is too dry to support extensive forest growth except near mountains. The other main industries have been aquaculture, with fishing in the river being a major industry until recently. With the colonists came modern Earth technology, and Kohatsa was found to be a great place to mine for several minerals, most notably silicon products, iron ore, and aluminum. Kohatsa also exports it's shellfish and grain products, such as the local kutcha, a grass-like plant that can be brewed to create a somewhat sweet tea-like drink that is popular across the world. The government also hopes to produce tourism, due to the fact the district is home to wonderful vistas and also is near the headwaters of the largest river in the world.

We'll begin with Kohatsa proper, and it's trouble spots.

As you can see, the downtown of Kohatsa city is an island. Development, while at times dense, has been spotty at best south of the Central Highway, part of the Koha Ring highway system. Unfortunately, due to the situation of the area, no suitable alternative to the elevated highway has yet been found. In addition, even though it takes care of many passengers, Kohatsa Central is vastly underutilized. The hope of the program is to remove the highway and then to demolish Kohatsa Central to integrate it into a triple network of HSR/Rail/El-Rail. At the moment, the Island Line of the Koha RTS lies under the station. An aim is to move the Westside RTS Line (Pylons of the bridge visible on the left river, almost off shot.) down and to interconnect to the New Kohatsa station which will likely be moved to the vicinity of the Central Highway once reconstruction is completed. As this is one of the most intensive rebuilding projects, it's expected to take the longest time.

    Next is the South Point neighborhood. Originally an affluent residential sector, it's proximity to downtown combined with bad zoning practices has resulted in the area filling with high-level residential towers. Unfortunately, the local road network is unable to handle this load, especially Central Avenue, which crosses this map into town. The bridge is one of the most congested road areas in the region(even though you can't see it here.) Central Avenue also is a main commuting route from the south of town. As a revenue measure, the City of Kohatsa tolls most bridges over the main channel of the Anaka River, which allows lower taxes. Central Avenue has an electronic toll, which isn't visible behind a building in this angle. Even though it's used to keep taxes low, an attempt to encourage turning the section of South Point east of Cental into Commercial failed and necessitated it's return to Residential. An aim of the project is to re-establish that program and add more mixed-use development throughout the neighborhood, moving northwest into the empty land along the side channel of the river.

Here's a high-altitude overview of the city of Kohatsa, just for your orientation:

The Development Authority has also earmarked funds to rebuild this interchange on Kohatsa's Southwest side. National Highway 3, the turnpike, goes from N-S at ground level across this picture. The E-W elevated highway is maintained by the City and has no route designation. Since the Turnpike is funded by tolls, it requires an entrance booth. This interchange will continue to be particularly troublesome for a long time, especially considering the intertwined industrial parks within the interchange's loops. The current plans haven't decided on which side of the approach to place the new ramps. However, in this photo you can also see the first fruits of the development program as the HSRP has finally made it into Kohatsa proper and linked with the other two networks. Of course, a path to downtown is still needed.

This picture is of Kohatsa's neighoring city, Hodkan. Hodkan neighbors on Kohatsa's industrial district, and unfortunately, strong development of dirty industry has occured. Since the small town, the original core of the city, lies so far above, it is slightly protected from the pollution. To help people get to and from work down the steep clifflike hill, a GLR system was installed. This town will be the test bed to attempt to encourage strong Hightech growth, a bit of which can be seen in the south of the photo.

      The next challenge for the Development Authority is the management of the industrial areas of Kohatsa. Recently, a new industrial estate was opened on the far Eastside, to house hightech industrial. A GLR extension of the Eastside line was also added to improve transport options to the area, though traffic has become a problem streaming through residential areas. In addition, a modern bus stop system is being deployed throughout, as a test for city-wide deployment of the new system.

The Northside's industrial estate is a bit more problematic. Although providing badly-needed jobs, the area is convienient to the downtown area, and so there's hope to redevelop it into a residential district. In addition, the Nuclear Power plant that resides here will have to be replaced, likely with several high-tech experimental wind plants across the city.

The final sector, Westside, has been redeveloped somewhat to remove dying heavy industry. Due to the dependence of nearby towns, this sector can't be removed, and enroaches upon the residential development nearby. The plans are to remove the industrial sector north of the airport, and turn it into mixed low-wealth residential and commercial, with a parkland buffer between it and the factories.

The District

   To move beyond Kohatsa's borders, we have the "New Town Ke`naru". This city was purpose-built as an integrated bedroom community near the junction of the national High Speed line and the Highway 3 Turnpike. This town is notable for being one of the quickest growing around, and within a year, the town plans to finish filling it's grid.

However, the New Town concept has driven more commercial development than expected, especially near the main train/HSR station. Therefore, the downtown is being expanded and nearby residential sectors rezoned and rebuilt to higher densities to take pressure off of residential demand. Some buildings have, unfortunately, failed due to overdevelopment, so the District  government is working a bit more slowly than might be expected.

A view of the low-slung, growing city core on a quiet night:

However, some towns in the Kohatsa region are doing quite well on their own, without the Development Authority's help. For example, Daenaroi. This small town has kept to it's rural character, while making some concessions to tourism with a small resort hotel on the edge of the mountains. While not particularly obvious from this picture, the views from that hotel are extraordinary. From the balconies, you can look down at Daenaroi's stunning Rift Lake, around and above which the town has grown. The other great view though is out over the two river valleys of the Anaka and the Kedar, with a panoramic view spanning from Kohatsa to Ojoze, the largest cities of the region.

In addition, an overview map with major routes marked is provided for your viewing pleasure.

(Too big to embed)

That's all for the current Development Authority report.
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All comments are welcome! (Hopefully someday I can re-splice 'em together, but we'll see)


Hey Zakuten welcome to the wonderful world of MD'ing and let me be the first to welcome you to it!!!!  I like the start here and one thing I would suggest is downloading the SMP yellow Pause thingie Remover here [linkie] other then that I cant wait to see more of Anakan Republic!!!

Don't forget the SC4D Podcast is back and live on Saturdays @ 12 noon CST!! -- The Podcast soon to Return Here Linkie


Nice pictures Zakuten! Looking forward to see more of Anaksii...
Check my MD:               


Fantastic start there!!! Also looking forward to see more...


Thank you all for your quick responses to the placeholder post! Of course, it's been replaced with actual content now. I'm just getting started, so bear with me if I stumble a bit from time to time. :-[ The picture quality will improve, I assure you.
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All comments are welcome! (Hopefully someday I can re-splice 'em together, but we'll see)


Niiiice very nice addition here Zakuten!!!! Cant wait for the next update here!!!!

Don't forget the SC4D Podcast is back and live on Saturdays @ 12 noon CST!! -- The Podcast soon to Return Here Linkie


Just a small teaser regional-map for the other region, Kara`i District, attached.

I know it's not much, but it's the best image I have just now.
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All comments are welcome! (Hopefully someday I can re-splice 'em together, but we'll see)


That region is looking great, zakuten! Looking forward to more...


Quite well developed mountainous land. On your place I would change the appearance of water. Apart from that your city has the good urban planning although seem to me that you built behind many bridges.


Thanks Szymcar! Yeah, I know the bridges are a bit excessive, but it's just one of my odd traits I guess.

Anyway! I can't update for the forseeable future, as I have an intense project in one of my classes that'll pretty much absorb all my free time. Many, many apologies. With finals in the last week of May, I should be back soon enough to avoid the Inactive time, and if possible, I'll make some sort of update this week.
Visit my MD Respublikii Anaksii , or the reboot CJ "Kara`i Shores" since the region wiped, at !
All comments are welcome! (Hopefully someday I can re-splice 'em together, but we'll see)


Zakuten don't worry take care of RL stuff first and if you don't think you can make it back just let Dustin know and he will take care of your MD...   Till the next update!!!

Don't forget the SC4D Podcast is back and live on Saturdays @ 12 noon CST!! -- The Podcast soon to Return Here Linkie



General Information for the Kara`i Region

(Said as "Kahrah-ee")

    This town is recorded as one of the oldest in all Anaka. Most of the old-town area, once on a bluff with waterfall, is now basic waterfront, as due to extensive terraforming of the region, sea levels rose. What's left is the old residential district, along the side of the river, along with a formerly rural area along the top of a hill. Now that conditions are more generous, agriculture has shifted into the large central valley, protected from strong sea-side storms by the hills and basically nice 'n bucolic. Most of the people from the old lower town moved to the northern town of Ceto. Currently growing as new transport links begin to relink the area and modern industry arrives.

(Said as Sahna-ay)

      This southern city is the pride of modern development. Planned extensively by the central government, this town is both a sparkling of centerpiece of development and amazingly sterile. Rapidly growing, this would be the closest thing Anaka has to a Shenzhen-esque city. Placed on both sides of a wide river, it's current landmark is a stunning double bridge.

(Said as Keena)

   In the mountainous uplands is this town. While still retaining it's small villages, Kina has become a unified city. It's most famous for it's huge number of mines. Most of the most valuable minerals of Anaka, especially jewels, can be found in this rich plateau formed by volcanoes. Kina is admittedly hard to get to, but the stunning vistas and peaceful air are hard to not enjoy. Growing industry, however, threatens this town's beauty.

Which of these might people like to see first?
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All comments are welcome! (Hopefully someday I can re-splice 'em together, but we'll see)


Side notes: I'm planning to take this a bit more interactive, so if any of you are city-RPers or would like to see some specific things, make a suggestion, and if it's not -too- crazy for the background I have set up, ie. let's not have random proletarian revolutions, I'll try to implement it.

In addition, I've been looking for the embankment set made for el-rail. I can't find it, so if anyone sees it and can tell me, many thanks in advance.
Visit my MD Respublikii Anaksii , or the reboot CJ "Kara`i Shores" since the region wiped, at !
All comments are welcome! (Hopefully someday I can re-splice 'em together, but we'll see)


Kohatsa Development Report

One of the first major projects for downtown has been completed. The island-and-bluff nature of downtown had caused the need for bridges with rather steep approaches. As better funding collects due to the Special Administrative District designation, we can begin to improve our roads. Currently, one bridge can not be amended. However, with specialized earthmoving techniques, the slope of the Eastside Artery Bridge (to the right, obviously) was lowered to create a smoother passage into downtown. For Central Avenue, it was decided that in order to keep ferry viability, the bridge could not be lowered. Therefore, that necessitated the elevating of the road into a new viaduct, unfortunately reducing access to the lower sector. As new traffic patterns establish themselves, we will continue to review the downtown's current grid setup and make changes after six month's trial.

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All comments are welcome! (Hopefully someday I can re-splice 'em together, but we'll see)


I noticed this pic in the critics thread too, but I hope you don't mind if I make all my comments here. This is a nice development from the previous pic of the area. I like how the slopes have smoothed out for the most part, but I still think the bridge on the left can be improved. I see two methods that you might consider: first, modify the terrain a bit so that there is an extra flat tile on either side of the avenue coming from the bridge and build a tunnel underneath. The other would be to sever the road going around the outside, smooth out the avenue coming from the bridge and reroute traffic that would have used to lower road to an intersection with the avenue further to the right.

I like what you did with the bridge approach at the bottom of the pic. the NAM pieces are a great idea. Despite the relatively hilly area, I still recommend a slope mod. If you're going for realism, it's a great thing to have. I also recommend turning off the UDI icons for the pics (unless there is a reason to keep them in).

I'll be keeping an eye out for new developments. Good start with the MD and I'll look forward to more.


No problem with making all the comments here. But yeah, I might be able to manage if I hybridized your suggestions and tunneled with a new parallel road. As for the slope mod though, much of this town, as you can probably guess from the other pictures near the top, would be practically unbuildable with a slopemod, for example, the other side of that bridge on the left happens to be a quite high bluff.  I've pretty much given up strict realism as regards to that with road, and just decided to accept the "Need slope mod" comment, since all of them are too radical to avoid having to deeply terrace the city, something I personally find ugly. In any case, though, thanks for the comments and I hope to see more!
Visit my MD Respublikii Anaksii , or the reboot CJ "Kara`i Shores" since the region wiped, at !
All comments are welcome! (Hopefully someday I can re-splice 'em together, but we'll see)


As the Kara`i region continues to develop, small towns are developing rapidly. One such is Aran. Still too small to be incorporated, it bears the title of "myatkir", roughly equivalent to the US definition of township. It only has a population of 215, but is impressive considering it was only founded four years ago. These small settlements cause their own problems, specifically one of logistics. With the infrastructure somewhat spotty, journeys may take much longer than they need to. Exacerbating this is the fact that many of these small towns were founded on the plateau, where the ground is both moderately fertile and ripe for mining. These towns will need to get their products out of the region if they will survive and grow. Currently, the Kara`i district government is considering how to best access these areas, including construction of a transit corridor along the ridgelines from Eki-su to avoid heavy grades.

Visit my MD Respublikii Anaksii , or the reboot CJ "Kara`i Shores" since the region wiped, at !
All comments are welcome! (Hopefully someday I can re-splice 'em together, but we'll see)


Great city planning Zakuten &apls I love the transportation layout.
May I suggest that you smooth the terrain before you build.
Can't wait to see development grow in those empty zone tiles.

Alex :thumbsup:
Visit my Warsaw, Poland MD.


To raw for me bo it isn't bad! Parks are missing and places where sims can relax :)