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Haljackey's SimCity 4 Archives

Started by Haljackey, May 04, 2008, 06:58:07 PM

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I have mistakenly dug up some old photos when cleaning up some documents on my hard drive!

I present to you my SC4 archive!  Some of the photos you see here since been included into the latest NAM, others haven't.  Have a look:

All credit goes to the creator(s) of the pictures! 

An old ground highway Y interchange.  This would be awesome to have in SC4!
-But the ave Y interchange can be used in its place with little problems.  However, you do lose a lane per ramp :P

A tight ground highway-OWR ramp.  I have seen countless requests for this and similar one-tile ramps, but so far none have been released. 

Old GLR Tracks...

A trumpet interchange that was in the works:


Turn lanes for the road/avenue intersection:

A medianless 4-lane road.  However, it still takes up 2 tiles :P

A road/ave interchange.  This is in the NAM, but still doesn't look right...

Some crazy interchange still in GMAX:

One lane OWRs:

A OWR/ground highway interchange.  Note how the OWR ends here.  Many people have requested this over the years, as well as one that does not have a 1 tile gap...

An old 4 lane RHW.  At the time, this was a pipe dream, but the RHW Team has made marvelous advances when it comes to the RHW network!

A 2 lane exit from a 3 lane RHW.  Something similar does exist in the current version of the RHW, and I am sure something similar will be made when the RHW gets wider...

Double-height raised/elevated networks.  Some of these are now included in the latest NAM.

An angled trumpet interchange:

And an old promo for Rush Hour.  Ever seen this actually in-game?

I'll leave it there for now.  I hope you enjoyed it! 
-If you are looking for more, I did post a few more oldies in the Compendium of Interchanges thread in this section of the site.  Others have also posted their work there as well.



OMG WOW Hal those are some most wonderful stuff there!!!  Im glad you saved them and have preserved them for all to see!! I to have seen that promo for SC4 Rush Hour but never ever have I seen that AVE!!! I wish I knew where it was!!! I also have never seen the foam spray like that either, also if look closly by the one fire engine the ambulance has actualy crashed into the truck lol....

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Thanks Pat!  Ya, that pic is crazy, eh?

"Update" 2.  (or whatever you want to call it).

I have some very old photos of my SC4 play to show you from my archive.  Many of them are of lower quality (something you are not used to from me).  Most of these take place when I first installed some mods, including the NAM.  This happened sometime back in 2005.

Firstly, lets begin with this.  Still to this day, is my favorite photo taken in SC4 EVER!   

As you can see here, I had a little too much fun installing the NAM for the first time than others:

This was a typical view of my cityscape way back when.  The Stack interchange was brand new!

I have always hated the road/ave NAM interchange.  However, it actually looks good in this particular environment.  Note the steepness of the road though:

Fun with traffic control:

One of my first intra-highway transfers:

My first custom airport.  I still haven't gotten the hang of custom airports...

I don't even know what I was doing here:

Going overboard with the NAM again...

My first wide road:

An old coastline of mine.  Note the total lack of erosion protection:

One of my first RHWs.  This stretch would eventually expand to my first Multi-RHW.  I learned the entire Multi-RHW concept right here!

One of my old lane shifts:

An insane interchange I built back in the day that was considered top grade.. Now I hate it!

Fun with traffic generators!

An interesting use of the RHW.

One of my first roundabouts.  It took me forever to figure out how to get this to work!  (Should have read the readme!)

A useful highway transfer.  Also a dangerous weaving area.  I have totally demolished this area since.

Here is my first large highway junction.  It was also incomplete, and I have since demolished nearly 100% of the area for redevelopment (including the airport)

Anyways, that does it for now.  I hope you had some fun looking into the past through my archives!



Wow!! This is very good...  &apls
What NAM did you get the avenue-road interchange??


LoL Hal remember to always read the readme that is why its called a readme lol.... Looking good here!!!

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un1: Nice to see you over here!
-The road/ave interchange is in the avenue puzzle pieces tab, along with the ave Y-interchange and the ave roundabout.

Pat: Ya, I was a newbie back then.  I learned my lesson :P

"Update" 3: Interchanges and junctions.

I have a number of interchanges in my archive.  Some of them are posted in the first reply, but I do have a few more laying around in my hard drive.  Allow me to share them with you:

(I know that this sort of goes hand-and-hand with the Compendium of Interchanges, but allow me to post them here for the time being.)

Trumpet Interchange attempt:

Another 3-way interchange attempt:

Partial y-interchange.  Honestly, I do not understand why lanes are taken away here.  There is space for them, so just leave them in place! 
-Seems a lot easier, doesn't it?

Stack Interchange models:

Work with various NAM and RHW components.

Further work on the same area.  Now, which is better?

Making a basic multi-highway:

That's it for now, I hope you enjoyed it!



I decided to come by kind of tellings of this website at SimTropolis...
Anyways, I like you're interchanges but would you happen to know if you are ever going to release them??
Now that I'm here, where do you get the dark texter for the RHW??


@un1: You can get them on the LEX. Search in the NAM section

@haljackey: Wow! Great (amount of) work there! Too bad, some of these things are not released. I admire your work, so keep on going!

Lurk mode: ACTIVE


un1:  Well most of these models are not mine... just images I have saved on my hard drive.

mrtnrln:  Ya, some of this stuff would certainly be useful! 

"Update" 4:  RHW.
(part 1)

I have already posted a ton of pics with the RHW, but I have a ton more!  So welcome to my RHW archives update!

Here we see one of the first ever trumpet interchanges made with the first RHW network.  Note how one-ways have to be used to make it.

Very early RHW-2 to RHW-4 transitions:

A very creative RHW-4 to RHW-10 transition.

Yep, thats a RHW there!  (The centre road)

The RHW in its alpha phases, as a medianless ground highway.

RHWs with a different texture:

One of the first loop ramp attempts.  Note the squares shown in the image, showing the amount of tiles needed to plop this sucker in.  With the 16x16 limit, it would be very tough to cramp a full parclo interchange in there.

A first look at the elevated RHW and the MIS (before the said name was made).  These pictures were posted by Tarkus when he was a newbie @ ST.

A modeled look at the sunken RHW/avenue interchange.

The first ever picture of the Multi-RHW.  I made this one, and was quite a feat to accomplish!

This was from one of my earlier updates, but this was the same area prior to the Multi-RHW.

Early interchange ideas:

RHW toll plaza.

Anyways, that does it for now.  I still have some more RHW pictures, but I cannot find them at this date and time.  If I find them, I will surely post them in a sequel to this update!

Anyways I hope you enjoyed it!



Another fairly well done update!!!  &apls :thumbsup:
This is definetly some cool stuff you have here!!!


Not bad!  Keep posting old pics dude, they are interesting.
My days here are numbered. It's been great and I've had a lot of fun, but I've moved on to bigger and better things.
Glory be unto the modder and unto the fun and unto the city game!


Great stuff, Haljackey!

I've used that texture and got it imported as overlays into SC4 (and, i've ported it to RHD) . I'm currently creating Tollbooths to go with them.
All credits for the original texture go to Dexter, as Tarkus pointed out  ;)

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This most recent little update here was quite the trip down Memory Lane. :)  I remember a lot of those old RHW pics, especially my old ones.  A few notes about a few pics.  (I normally wouldn't quote them, but I think in this case it's necessary.)

Quote from: Haljackey on May 24, 2008, 07:16:29 PM
Yep, thats a RHW there!  (The centre road)

Actually, those are just plain roads there.  That was Teirusu's Dashed-Line Road mod, and I believe he was playing around with some sort of T21 setup to make them look like Avenues there. 

Quote from: Haljackey on May 24, 2008, 07:16:29 PM

I remember when you posted that little diagram back in the old RHW thread, to request Parclos.  The idea of breaking the Parclo up into smaller pieces to avoid the 16x16 limit is largely responsible for my decision to jettison the idea of having traditional "plop interchanges" for the RHW, in favor of the MIS. 

Quote from: Haljackey on May 24, 2008, 07:16:29 PM

One of my favorite old RHW Development pics.  That interchange was in my first MD/CJ as well, in an expanded state, which you may remember: 

All those RHW and MIS puzzle pieces (there had to have been about 40 or so of them) fell by the wayside when I (unexpectedly) ended up having to take over the whole RHW project last Spring.

It's very coincidental timing that you bring out that pic, as I just so happened to find those pieces sitting around on my HD in an old NAM folder.  I'm actually in the process of refurbishing them, and you'll be pleased to know they will make their way into an RHW release in the near future.

And those RHW Toll textures were done by Dexter originally, if I'm not mistaken.  I believe he did an actual RHD version as well--it may be buried on my HD somewhere. 

-Alex (Tarkus)


Wow! I likem those old RHW-pics. :P It's a big difference how the RHW looked back then and nowadays.
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Whoa! nice update!  i can see someone still remember my crappy work on RHW-in-early-days!!  :P


Keep an eye on the Lair!


some good stuff in here, will be keeping an eye for updates :)

Copperminds and Cuddleswarms

Patricius Maximus

A very nice archive, Haljackey  :thumbsup:


That RHW underpass kind of resembles the new one I have, especially with the yellow drums, and the cement texture, except I don't have ramps attached because I put a shoulder in between the cement wall instead. I don't like the lane touching the wall. And when you say
Quote from: HaljackeyEver seen this actually in-game?

I can say for the train wreck, yes. Apparently thats radiation or something according to the saftey advisor, which is why the firetrucks have to be dispatched. I derailed the freight train in UDI at a switch, and then had to drive a firetruck to put the radiation out.

Ryan B.

Nice archive!  I definitely recongize some of the early RHW texture attempts there as my own.   ;)


Thanks for the comments everyone!

caspervg:  Wow, that's some nice work with the tollbooth!  Glad my texture helped you!

Tarkus, yes it is like a memory lane.  All this stuff, finished and unfinished, have really contributed to the NAM and SC4 overall.

And yes there is some work from ya burgsabre87, that's for sure!

"Update" 5.

This update will be smaller but will contain a few more NAM things... Part 2 of the RHW update will be next!

Early el-rail over road:

An early 1 tile, 4 lane road transition.  I think it looks quite nice!

First attempts at highway curves:

Rail wires.  Again something heavily requested that has not yet been finished.  For now you have to use props at the side of rails.

The first look at 6 and 8 way intersections.  Up to this point, 4 ways were the max in SC4.

Work with a 2 tile, 5 lane one way road:

The first NAM overpass:

A discovery!  Raised NAM pieces can cross water!

A 3 tile, mega-avenue.  3 lanes each way with a central lane.  I think the NWM has sense taken over this concept.

Anyways that does it for now.  I told you it would be short this time!