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March 26, 2023, 02:12:57 PM

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Thorrius Federation [18.05.08 : pict of Thor capital !]

Started by swissmanrider, May 14, 2008, 03:43:02 PM

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Hi everyone !

Welcome ! I want to show you my country, Thorrius !

Thorrius is a scandinavian country located between Finland and Sweden, on the north coast of the baltic sea.

This country is composed of two regions the " mainland " and the " Westland ". The mainland is the first region of Thorrius where large cities are located like Thor the federal capital.
The mainland is "finished" with 2'525'012 people, the westland is at the beginning of urbanization.

In the fist time I will show you a part of the mainland and then I build the westland which is linked by a new highway.

but now, this is the most important information of the region :

Thorrius official website : (in french)

thorrius website here

1 The localisation

The mainland on winter :

The country ( Mainland and westland) :

2 Data

Official languages :

Finnish 45%, French 55%

Federal capital :


Most biggest cities :

1. Thor
2. St-Olaf
3. Mjöllnir
4. Löki
5. Týr

Government :

Direct democracy
Federal parliamentary republic

Area (Mainland) :
-- Total 91 285 sq km
-- Water (%) 7.7%

Population :

Mainland : 2'525'012
Westland : 160

Country : 2'525'172

Independence :

Foundation date : 1 November 2006 (National Day)
Recognized : the 1st December 2006

Currency : The thor (1Th = 1 € = 1.6 U.S. $ 0.6 £ = = = 1.5CHF $ 1.5 CA)
Timezone : UTC +2
Internet TLD : . TH
Calling code : + 04

Data from Thor capital :


January : 10:58 am / 1:44 pm
April : 6:31 am / 8:13 pm
July : -  /  -
october : 6:28 am / 5:44 pm

The country is snowy for 180 days per year (from November to April)

record :

The most frigid temperature :- 43.6 ° C.
The hottest temperature : +30.6 ° C.

The midnight sun is from 6.6 to 7.7.

The aurora borealis (revontulet) is a luminous phenomenon visible in autumn and winter in the Thorrian sky.

The average temperature maximum and minimum ° C.

January -9.9 -20.0
February -8.6 -18.4
March -2.7 -14.2
April - 3.3 -6.7
May 10.7 0.4
June 17.5 6.9
July 19.7 9.4
August 16.7 7.3
September 10.6 2.9
October 3.3 -2.4
November -3.3 -10.2
December -7.7 -17.3


Religon state: Mythology of Thor, non-practicing religion (68%)
no-religion : (13%)
Catholisism : (8%)
Other : (5%)


3. States organisation

Thorrius is like the USA or switzerland divised in "independent" states.

in the mainland we know :

1. The state of Thor   -  Capital of the state : Thor
2. The state of Týr   -  Capital of the state : Týr
3. The state of Olaf   -  Capital of the state : St-Olaf
4. The state of Ivaldi   -  Capital of the state : Loflarasa
5. The state of Jörd   -  Capital of the state : Saeglopur (x)

This is the first informations about Thorrius ! I'll show you soon major cities / villages etc...

see you soon


Wow great presentation and what a massive region to explore !

Nice job

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Michael, wow!  That was some second post- I went back and read the first one where you introduced yourself in the "Introduce yourself..." thread [linkie].  So now comes Thorrius, a region you've apparently been working on for quite a while.  The backstory info is really well thought through and gives us a sense right at the start of what we're dealing with.  I'm definitely going to spend some time at the Thorrius website to take a look at what you've got there.

My guess- this'll be an MD to watch.  Good luck!


EDIT:  Heh, I hadn't seen Stephane's (wouanagaine) post before posting mine.  If you got The Legend [linkie] to say wow, you don't need much beyond that. -DE
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Welcome to the MD section, my friend! The Thorrius Federation looks absolutely wonderful so far--you're off to a great start! I can't wait to follow along!



Welcome Swiss !
I am sure you will have as much success on Devotion as TSC !
Long life to Thorrius  :thumbsup:


Quote from: Quesh on May 15, 2008, 03:04:40 AM
Welcome Swiss !
I am sure you will have as much success on Devotion as TSC !
Long life to Thorrius  :thumbsup:
Hi Swiss !
I can't tell better as him


Hello swiss' (suis davidl de TSC)
I really love your region who is so realistic and a...a... big  $%Grinno$%
So continue  ;)
My new city is now here
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Teaser of Lopsas[+ How did I do it?]:Lopsas


Wow, super start, great stats, awesome pics and very cool looking map. 
It looks like you have a lot of land cover with great looking cities, I can't wait to get a closer look at this one. 
Robin  :thumbsup:
Call me Robin, please.


Hi my blond neighbour,
How are you ? xD
I really love your region and I think you are a champion :P  $%Grinno$%
And sorry for my bad english  ()sad() xD



thank you everyone for your comments and encouragement !! :thumbsup:

I don't know how to present the mainland  ;D but I'll begin by showing the 5 capital cities states > aerial view then, zoom and typical villages if it's ok for you  ;)

for today : the 5 capital cities of the 5 states of thorrius (aerial view)

And bonnus : Mjöllnir the city near Thor capital !


Wow !! Wonderful ! I love !

Nice job  &apls

Your favourite manager  $%Grinno$%  xD


cool swissmanrider!!! :thumbsup:
(It's me FDSC4)
It's so beautiful like everyday(in TSC!), I love your job!! &apls &hlp
To become good people...with Devotion!!


Wonderful start there for this MD! And fantastic pictures of that great looking region!

Looking forward to more...


I've already seen  $%Grinno$%

No it's a joke it's beautiful  ::)


Ooohh! A new exhilarating MD! :thumbsup:
The region shots are unbelievable and so are the capital cities pics. The snow and lookalike icy water really stand out. Can't wait to start digging into this! :D

Visit my Warsaw, Poland MD.

Earth quake

Wow, just a Excellent Work, I love. :thumbsup:
Great overview of the region. &apls

(content de te voir sur Devotion)


It's always a pure happiness to see the Thorrius region! Bravo  &apls


Hello the friend, I am glad to see you here and that you A make a choice for presented your incredible area .

The sights General are splendid and the sights imposing area !

I waits with impatient, your next update  ;)
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@ Dylan_CH Hi my little blond manager ! thank you and nice to see you here !
@ lucas Hi ! thank you FDSC 4 ^^ !
@ bat thank you !!!
@ n3w-y0rk-city lol thank you ! the next updates are Exclusive
@ warszawa Thank you alex !! for the moment : no snow ^^ ( it's like the real season in thorrius  ;D ) but i will show you old pict with snow from the last winter !
@ Earth quake Thank you !! nice to see you here too  :thumbsup:
@ QueshHi my friend ! thank you for your comment ! nice to see you here !
@ warconstruct hI nice to see you here ! thank you !

For next updates : Thor city ( federal capital of Thorrius )

These are two exclusive updates  about Thor the larges city of thorrius ( 20 images each ) ! have fun !

First update :


Hi my friend  :)

Oh my god !  :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

It's  just wonderful ! &apls I'm fan ! ^^

In French :
Putain sa déchire xD  :D $%Grinno$%