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Maarten's Regions (Imaginia and Schellingen Stadt)

Started by MandelSoft, May 18, 2008, 11:14:15 AM

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Introduction of Imaginia

Imaginia is a imagoinary nation I created completely from scratch. It took hours to terraform the land (without any tools. I hadn't discovered any SimCity site yet), and even more hours to build the city's upon. Today the population of the nation is 2.3 million sims on a surface with the size less than a thousand square kilometers.

The History

Imaginia lies at the Green Sea, at the ends of the rivers Kareel and Schelling. In the South and the East, there are vast plains and forrests. In the north, the Yutan mountains are reaching for the skies.  The first inhabitants of the land were the Ngaska-Indians, who settled down there about 5.000 years ago. The soft climate and the wealthy grounds where the main reasons why they moved to there. Agriculture started at the same time, and the crops where year after year amazingly good. This lead to the development of an civilazation, which had a large impact in the further history of Imaginia.

In the 17th Century, the Dutch arrived at West-Imaginia. They found a lot of resources in the area, like silver and coal. In the year 1629 West-Imaginia became a colony of the Netherlands. East-Imaginia remains the property of the Indians. They didn't like that a part of the land was in the hands of the newcomers. On the other side, the colonists wanted to colonize the East of Imaginia, but their supperior didn't share this thought. Unlike the other colonists, he thinks that a buisness relation with the Indians was the best solution. The Indians should delivere coal and silver in return for technology and products from the West. The Indians agreed with this solution, and so the two parties became friends.

But as time goes by, the colonists feel that their land is to much controlled by the Netherlands, which is thousands of miles away from Imaginia. Besides, with the help of co-operation with the Indians, Imaginia declared independence in 1702. The new country's full name is the Republic of Great-Imaginia, but most people call the country Imaginia.

The country became wealthy, and the two cultures get mixed. But Imaginia suffers one problem: the country is defenceless. Fortunatly, the neighbour country (Bundesrepublik Schellingen), which is a lot bigger, has a friendly relation with Imaginia for a very obvious reason: Imaginia is their biggest trading partner. So Schellingen, Imaginia, and several other small countries in the area signed the Schellinger Treaty in 1873. This official document says that Schellingen will protect the other countries, and the borders between those countries are open for trading routes. As result, the Treaty boosted the economy of all the countries that have signed it.

Imaginia suffers no harm in both World Wars, but during the crisis of the thirties, the Imaginian economy collapsed too. Hundreds of thousands lost their jobs. Fortunatly, the economy is restored today.

In 1987, the Gouvernment decides that the ligua franca (the most important language in the country) is English. This is to remove the language barrier between the regions. Before the decision, the main laguages were Dutch, German and Ngaska. Today, every kid in Imaginia studies English. It will take a few decades before everyone in Imaginia will speak English fluently.

So what will the future bring? Prosper, crisis or something else? Who knows. Only time will give the answer.

Facts & Statistics:

Population: 2,300,000 on 05/05/2009
Capital: Konrad
Provinces: Brinasken, Jonkerland, Nähe-Andaluh, Nieuwland and Yutan
Surface area: about 800 km2
Political system: democratic republic
Currency: Nikkel ($0,72)
Average income per resident: Nk. 30,000 (±€ 23.000)


The whole country of Imaginia

The map of Imaginia

Forrest in Nieuwlanderveen

Dowtown of Nieuwlanderveen

Downtown Kapish

Downtown Konrad

The large forrests of Maxtor

Eastern Maxtor office area

A interchange in Graanvelde

These pictures are a bit outdated. Newer pictures coming soon
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mrtnrln hey you have a great start here on your MD and danng its looking sweet even though outdated pics.... I love the old pics and the new pics alike!!!

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Very promising start, the region looks impresive and the map is very informative!

The downtown looks serious too, I'm very curious of it's development.
What are these highway lights, are they a part of your Light Replacement Project?
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Wonderful start there! And the map looks great! The region is also looking fantastic!
Very good pictures of the city!

Looking forward to more... ;)



Pat: Thanks for stopping by!

Ennedi: The lights are overhanging props and they are not included in the LRP.

Bat: Thanks

The city where it all started

Kapish was the first city I created in Imaginia. It's based on a unmodded city layout, but after the NAM, some things have changed. Some parts are slope-modded, but some where to steep. The city has now 125,000 inhabitants and about 70,000 jobs.

The History

Kapish was founded 2,500 years ago by the Zyghbob-Indians. It was a small village for hunters. Around the year 1640, the village became a trading market. The Dutch traded products like milk and cheese for silver and wood, which was necessary for the dutch colony.

In the 19th Century, the village grew to a city and in 1900 the city had around 30,000 inhabitants. After World War II Kapish became the capital of East-Imaginia, a communistic state. These days did no good for Kapish, and building where getting distressed. Fortunately, the countries unite and Kapish is getting better, but still, there are signs of the communistic past...


Map and Region View of Kapish

Downtown of Kapish

The area around the Central Station

Kapish International Airport and some commerce

A hilly area up North

The industrial area in Kapish

And last but not least: some suburbs.

Hope you enjoy it!

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Are those custom Traffic lights i see? , anyway great update man!!


A great new update there! Nice pictures of Kapish!


Hey, great start here.  I like the overview maps - very good.

And the pictures you have shown us so far are very interesting.  Great use of the vanderaap houses.

I look forward to seeing more of your MD.



Thank you all for the replies. I was busy last time, but finally here it is:

The capital of Imaginia

Konrad is the capital of Imaginia. It's a bit small for a capital (368,600 residents) and it has more jobs than inhabitants (over 400,000 jobs), though it's the largest city of Imaginia. Konrad is the economic center of Imaginia and the city has 2 large airports, 5 railstations and 3 main highways. In the center there is a vast one-way road network, so it's hard to navigate around the town. In the Hoogerhey area there's more structure in the road network. Hirises are dominating the sky, and for small houses you should look by the water and the west side of Konrad.

The History

Konrad was founded by the dutchman Konrad van Duyn in 1633. He wanted a trading post in Imaginia. By 1639, the town of Fort Konrad was a fact. Van Duyn got more than he ever wanted. Instead of a trading post, it became the economic center of Imaginia! The city grew and grew, and by the year 1900, the city has 75.000 residents. During the economic crisis of the 1930's, Konrad's economy collapsed, and jobs dissappeared. The ecomy was fully recovered in 1950, after World War II. By then, West-Imaginia was capitalistic, and Konrad was the capital of Imaginia. Hirises where soon dominating the skies. In 1990, Konrad became the capital of the whole nation.


Map and Region View of Kapish (Map is a bit edited, so you can see the RHW ;))

Downtown of Konrad

A beautiful tower by the BLaM Team

The Central Station of Konrad (RL: Amsterdam Centraal Station)

More images coming soon!

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A nice update there.  Providing the region map with route numbers is a good idea, I like it.  The road layout looks very "griddy" which I guess is very efficient, although the length of the streets in Hillendaal may mean that sims have to travel a long way round - maybe some more junctions there are needed.

Also, The airport in Konrad appears to be right in the city centre.  I just wonder how realistic that is.

I like your skyscraper district there - looking good  :thumbsup:

I do like your use of the Centraal Stration, especially with those great Amsterdam double decker yellow trains - I have not seen them before and could have used those myself  ;).

I look forward to watching your region grow - now where is Imaginia's national football stadium??  I'd love to see it :)



sweet last 2 updates here and I see that one certain tower there that i like  ;)

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Paroch: The airport in the city center is an old one. It's still used by small planes. The new Airport is further outside the city. And there is a football stadium in Konrad, which I will show you in this post

Pat: Thanks for your comment!

More pictures from Konrad

A small mountain town in the north

Hoogerhey Area

The main railway

A close-up of my rail catenaries

Rail and High-Speed Rail

Two Pictures from the same interchange.

The A7 going to the north (You see also the interchange from the last two pictures and the mountain town)

Konrad International Airport and the Parlaiment Building (where the gouvernment of Imaginia is).

The National Football Stadium

--- At this point, ImageShack.us failed, so I couldn't upload any picture ---

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Nice opening updates. I especially like the RHW Interchange you got there. Keep it up.  ;D


Hello! I love your transportation network - its very neatly planned out. Both Konrad and Kapish are both wonderful metropolises with a lovely selection of characteristic BATs.

One thing that bugs me is the shot of the suburbs :

The roads look very steep to me, maybe downloading the slopeMOD from SimTropolis will help.

Nevertheless, Keep up the the amazing work and I shall look forwards to seeing more soon m friend.
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They are slope-modded, Alex
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what slope mod?

maybe you should take a look at the NHP slope mod (by Ennedi) on the LEX

looking good in here, and thanks to your MD I just had an Idea...

Copperminds and Cuddleswarms


now the NHB slope mod from Ennedi is quite radical. I've had trouble building roads on slopes that seemed perfectly okay for cars to travel on.


Nah, the Ennendi Slope Mod rocks; I've been using "Smooth" (the hardest setting) from when it was released; and it owns  ;D

Mooi burgemeestersdagboek (heh, dat klinkt echt niet goed) dat je hier hebt, Maarten. Ik ben onder de indruk :thumbsup:
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Hi Mrtnrln,

Sorry it's taken me so long to comment on your last update.

You have a real nice feel about this MD, I like it  :thumbsup:

That first picture has generated quite a few comments - personally I like the town, the rolling hills are good.  I admit that the junction loks somewhat odd and also very dangerous - one slip and that's a nasty fall!

I really like the railway shots.  Those yellow Dutch trains look really good here.

And the evening time shot of the A7 heading over the mountain is VERY nice indeed.

And it's good to see Imaginia's national football stadium.  West End didn't get to play Imaginia in Devo 08, so if ever your nation wants a match let me know and I'll organise a flight into Konrad International :)

All the best,