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Nova Vesfalo

Started by nova vesfalo, February 19, 2007, 09:32:26 AM

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Another great update my friend. I always like your maps.


Really, Really nice update.  :)


Stunning! Your maps are of unbeliavble quality. And the rest of the pictures are also excellent. &apls &apls &apls

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That is indeed a very nice University complex.
And i like the 3d map youve added.
That's a very nice touch.



Great update my friend. The use of the 3D-map is very innovative.. I love it! And of course the pictures are of very high quality again: a feast to look at  :thumbsup:
Check my MD:               

nova vesfalo

kwakelaar : thank you ! Well for the monastery's pieces, I was wondering how I could made something like the Stanford Quad, so the Monastery's pieces was a good way to do that, and it's works quite well for an architectural production of the mid XIXth, with all the revival style .

thundercrack83: :) thanks, for the 3D map it's not a big job, get a screen of your city with the map of transit or water, and do it on Sketchup :) but yes , it's a good way to show an global view of a district, to show how thinks connect with others in space.

Yoman: thank you ! Well know I'm working on adding biggest less dense suburb to Nova Vesfalo and complete the sea-port

bat : thanks, without the wonderful works of all the baters, we could not that much diverse's cities !

Air6: thanks :) , I love doing those maps, it's very funny to see the volumetry from an another angle !

pipishere: thank you ! Happy you like it

emilin: thank you :) Glad you enjoy it, you're MD is sooo great !

Strechnitz: thanks ! I will show the rest of the university complex later, it's a more 60s to 80s part :) Happy you like the map :)

sebes: thanks for the compliment !!!


The graphical quality of this CJ is incredible.
On top of that, you cities are fantastic, and you make great custom lots.
I think i'm jealous :P


It is really beautiful, Nova Vesfalo  :thumbsup:

You know that I adore your city  ;)

Bravo my friend  &apls

nova vesfalo

thanks you all very much !

Well today, we will not have a look to next part of Katerina Universitata, but to the third city of Viktoria Regxino : Grand-Valo, located at the starts of the Noranzo range, the "moutain"-like parts of Nova Vesfalo. ( the biggest cities of Viktoria Regxiono are Rutisco then Cavendish-Viktoria).

The city is located at the crossing of the Road15 (from Piotro to Rustico) and Road23 (from Viktoria to Noranzo lando).

The train station of Grand-Valo and the Noranzo lando ones have been built at the same time, when the railway has been developed in the region. The architect made a building type, so all the train stations are the same.

The city hall has been erected in 1840, it replaced the wooden one from the early XIXth

Saint Susan's Church has been built en 1820 in a Gothic revival style
Dirham Gesthouse is the oldest hostel of the city, the building dated from the mid XIXth

The V15-exit of Grand-Valo and the newly built allotment to host newcommers.

next to the V15 north exit : the fire station of grand-valo

In the 50s, the city decided to built a new allotment and get a Baseball field, with the attraction of the region with the opening of the Highway Piotro to Nova vesfalo.

Braunschweig's factory has been one of the biggest factory of the Viktoria regions.
Found in 1798, the today building has been built by Giorgo Braunschweig in 1812.

And finaly a global view of Grand Valo and Highway 1.



very nice. I particularly like the overview shot you have at the end....so the city is powered by a small wind farm?...how environmentally friendly  :satisfied:
I really like the way you've planned your city...and I particulaly like the univerisity and map from your previous update. All of the flags and crests that you've made for this MD is really fantastic, great work!


Wonderful update! Great work, nova vesfalo! :thumbsup:


Quote from: Yoder7652 on May 28, 2007, 04:47:57 AM
All of the flags and crests that you've made for this MD is really fantastic, great work!
It takes one to know one, and yes they are a great addition to this MD.
Very much like the images from Grand-valo with the Esperanto comments. This is a charming small town in a soft rolling landscape.
The Mercato placo is a nicely planned square with the most important structures of the town, it looks quite romantic.


Actually Braunschweig is much larger ;) I should know, it's only 30km distance from Wolfsburg City. Or is Braunschweig also a name? I can't understand from the context... However, your cities are quiet pretty, I like the detailed work, very lovely!
Visit Vorsfelde.


I love it, the night shots were particularly good! I'm just going to suggest 2 things, Noob's or Peg's rail mods to make the base texture grass or a continuous dirt to get rid of those saw tooth effects you have, and the Euro road mod, because I'm pretty sure your developing a damn nice European City here. Stop time at the SCJU any time again if you want :)


Your update are always impressive, nova! I love the pitures of the city, but its the graphics that you add to them that make them even better! Keep up the fantastic work, my friend! I'll be back for more, as always!


A beautiful town indeed. Amazing work.  ;)


That does look very nice indeed. I like the fact the the factory looks so good on a steep slope a whole lot, too. :thumbsup:

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&apls &apls wonderful udpate Nova looking forward to seeing more - pat

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nova vesfalo

JJ: thanks :) like to see you've like it :)
Yoder7652: thanks :) , the city was designed to be globalview friendly. For wind farm, it's not the Junky city, it's due to the National Park just at the south of the city, one of the three national park of the country. Thanks :),as I've said, Maps are a great way to see the spacial organazation of  a part of a city or a complex. Happy to see you appreciates the crests and flags :) , It's very funny to make, playing with symbols, puting them together :)
bat thanks !!
kwakelaarmerci beaucoup :) nice to see you like Esperanto comments, it's an opportunity for me to pratice more my esperanto and leanr new words. Merkata placo is the heart of the city at the crossing of the V23 and the V15, as usal I'm happy to see you've liked this part of the town, it isn't as planned as many more talented and patient people would have done.
FromTheAshes thanks very much. What a coiencidence , you're living next to Braunschweig !! Well in this context, Braunschweig is the name of a vesfalian famillyn the owner and foundator of the factory of grand valo ( I've choose Braunschweig, because I wanted a german name, and Nova Vesfalo is supposed to be in the golf of Saint Lawrence, next to the New Brunchwik, and Brunchwik was the saxon name of Braunschweig)
Yoman thanks :) I'm forget to download them the first time someone told me it could be good, I wille do it :) For the euro texture, I don't want to use it, the standart one make traveling through north american, as an european guy, euo-texture is my everyday life :)
thundercrack83 merci :) Glad you like the pictures and the extras :)
pipishere thanks :)
emilin merci, I've downloaded this factory month ago, and I'd never found the right place before starting grand valo.
patfirefghtrmerci !

well it's just a cover,I've made a whole article on this subject, but it's full-french... but needed to update to close this "special interest" month, I was very suprized and happy to be selected