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December 01, 2021, 12:54:36 PM

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Author Topic: Travis' simplified custom icon tutorial  (Read 2252 times)

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Travis' simplified custom icon tutorial
« on: June 11, 2008, 02:55:41 PM »
Custom Icons- The Easy Way

I've decided to write a new tutorial on creating custom icons, in a simplified manner better suited to beginners. ;)

Needed are...
The Gimp

Let's get started. :)

First, we'll need a 44x44 image to work off of.
I've got a picture here, and I'll crop out a section to form the basis for our custom icon.

Now, we shouldn't just select a tiny 44x pixel area, it would be too small to tell what it is. Instead, we'll select the whole part we want visible in the icon:
*Note: you should try to crop a portion that is or is close to square as possible.

We crop the image, and as a result, we have a 101x101 pixel image. But it still must be re-sized, so hit CTRL-R to bring up the "re-size image" window.

Now, in that highlighted box, we'll type 44. This should also change the height to 44p automatically as well.

That's it for Step 1. Now time to save. I prefer to make a separate folder in the SC4 directory for my custom icons:
*Note: remember to save as a PNG.

Now we need to open the GIMP:

Now go find and open your 44x44 base:

Awful small, isn't it? For this kind of work, we should zoom in:

Next, we need to increase the size of the canvas. You'll see why in a minute:

You need to increase the width to 176p, like seen here:
*Note: make sure the aspect ratio button (immediately to the right of the size boxes) is unchecked.

Hit okay, and we'll have this:

We need to fill the rest of that image with four copies of the original. Right-click, and do the following:

Now, it won't have appeared to have changed anything, But hold down your right arrow key, and you'll see the duplicate emerge. This is critical that you align the duplicate perfectly with the original, or else the icon won't look right in-game.

Repeat until the image is filled:

Next, toggle the mask on, by hitting the "m" key, and then click on the original copy. Toggle the mask off, and you now have the original image selected:

Now, you right-click, and desaturate the original:

The whole image should now look like this:

This is the end of Step Two. Next, we head in to- believe it or not- MS Paint. :P

Locate and load your image:

Once again, we need to zoom in here:

Now, select the line tool, thinnest, and a color of your choice. I'll choose black. Make sure it's just inside the second copy. This is critical. Draw it up one side:

Do this on all four sides:

Now, select second-skinniest, and a color of your choice. I'll use orange. Do the same as the first one, to the 3rd copy:

Same on all sides:

And then do the same to the final copy. That's it for this one, save and exit. Just one more step...

That completes Step Three. One more to go! :)
It's time to mod it in.

Start up LEProp, which is a handy, but oft-overlooked modding tool:

Locate the .dat or lot file of the lot you're making the icon for:

Hit the "import icon" button:

Find and select your icon:

...And there it is. Hit apply, then save DAT, and you're done. :thumbsup:

Now go test your custom icon in-game!

If you have any questions about this tutorial, please PM me. :)