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[The region of Kaikoura], Come back

Started by Simpson, September 02, 2008, 09:19:51 AM

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looking very beautiful, can i ask where the god mode ploppable flowers are from?(purple and yellow?)  :)

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That newest picture is looking really fantastic! Beautiful nature...


I LOVE london, especially for shopping at oxford street :satisfied:
I made the same shots some months ago :D

And the pictures you have posted some days ago are awesome!!!

probably the best tropical forests Pat Riot
the jungle and the seaside resorts are looking spectacular kwakelaar
such stunning and natural tropical sceneries iamgoingtoeatyou
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Urban: Thanks a lot my friend!! Hope to see you here again  ;)

So this is the Update 6:









9.  I will present this picture for: SC4 Picture Competition

10. And a general picture

I really hope you like it  ::). Maybe you will have another update (update 7) tuesday (beaucause it's the winter holidays). But after wednesday, I will go to Deauville in Normandy
Also my MD has been read by more than 8000 persons  :)

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Wonderful pictures, David!

I'm glad you enjoyed your trip to London, my friend!



Hello David,

I hope you enjoyed your trip to London.  I work in the West End of London, so I recognised all of your pictures.  It's a shame it was raining for your visit - but rain is a big feature of London  :D  The views from the London Eye are great, but even better on a clear day!!

If I may comment on some of your pictures:
1-Green Park (so called because an English King ordered all of the flowers to be removed)
4-Household Cavalry on The Mall.  Us Brits know how to do traditional ceremonial stuff!
10-St.James Park.  This picture shows that there are still tranquil green spots in the middle of the city.
15-Traditional Portland Stone buildings (of which there are many in London).
21-Big Ben and more Portland Stone.
25-A typical River Thames scene.  You can actually see a church spire, which shows that apart from a few small pockets, London is not really a city dominated by high rise buildings.

And your rural update is fantastic:
3-I love this shot - great use of content and colour.
6-Great use of Chris Adams items - really nice picture.
8-Nice effects really make this picture very good.
9-This picture should reach the HoF when you enter it!
10-Great overview, what a lovely area.

All the best



That's a great new update there, Simpson! And your pictures are looking really nice! Nice nature! The overview looks great, too! :thumbsup:


Great update David, theses rural pictures are fantastic.  &apls &apls
Also, your London's photos are great my friend. :thumbsup:

just a thing (in french)

en général on met un "halo" pour faire un effet reflet sur une matière métallique, transparente... ou même de l'eau, là ou tu les as mit c'est sur de l'herbe ou des arbres et sa rend pas top  ;)

in general there is a "halo" to a reflection on a metallic substance, transparent ... or even water, where you have put it on grass or trees is not really great...  ;)

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Hi everybody
Thank you all  ;).
This is a little new update of Poster:

EDIT: Update 7:





Also a general picture of Poster:



Merry Christmas and Happy new year  ;)

Hope you like it

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Wow great London Pictures  :-\ , i really like the agriculture in your last update  &hlp &apls :thumbsup:

Have a Wonderful Christmas David & a Happy New Year


Great new update of Poster there! Your newest pictures are fantastic! Wonderful work! :thumbsup:


splendid upadte my friend , very good job ! la campagne est superbe !

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A very nice rural area. I like the way you have minimised the use of "standard" rural lots and created your own fenced fields. They may be large, but fit the scene beautifully. TPW and ploppable fauna use adds to the overall effect.

David, a couple of great updates  :thumbsup: You work with the rural areas very well, hope to see more.




I'm glad you enjoyed London :) I will be visiting Paris using the eurostar this year :)
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That last update really is very good.  I just love that tranquil pool you've created using the TPW - and the city-wide shot is also very nicely done.


Thank you all
I began the capital of Kaikoura: Lopsas
I find how to don't see the grid in (some) places (I have a mac).

The update will be in 1 or 2 weeks
Bye, David
EDIT/ also my MD has been read by more than 9200 persons

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Schulmanator: Thank you my friend, hope to see you here again

Great new for the city, this is really grow fast, so the update will be in 1 or 2 weeks.

Teaser of Lopsas:

Take care,

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Going back a few pictures, your rural area is AMAZING and you know I love a good a rural area. I might have to send some areas over to you and have you take a go at them to improve them ;) Looking forward to the next update.
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