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March 21, 2023, 10:03:24 AM

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Started by Fatsuhono, September 28, 2008, 09:17:47 PM

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Welcome to the Republic of Coulla (sunweng toshim kaeng wappon in native Coullan language). An island nation located on the Pacific ocean in Southeast Asia, but with lots of Japanese and Chinese influence. The nation is a tropical climate with beautiful beaches, mostly occupied by snowy mountains and a few of valleys home to the big cities. This will be my first MD here at SC4Devotion, I hope you enjoy it!

History of Coulla

Coulla has been inhabited by man since the paleolithic period (10 000 years ago). It is known that rice farms and other forms of cultivation took place later on, and that people were already living in straw houses by 4000 BC. It is believed that Coullan people originally descended from the Indo-China region of Asia.

The earliest known major kingdom of Coulla was the Senzen Dynasty, which took up most of the Senzen Period (266 to 714). The Kingdom of Senzen took up most of the southern area of Honabei, the main island of Coulla. During this time, the Senzen region's primary resources were rice cultivation of rice.

After the fall of the Senzen Kingdom, the dynasty known as Rittam Gyol took over and held power over most of the island of Honabei from 714 to 1067. During this time, the kingdom was under influence by explorers from China, Japan and Siam (Thailand), and Coulla developed its own form of Buddhism, Zai Buddhism, after being converted under influence from mainland Southeast Asia. In 1061, Chinese emperor Tang Xi Lang came across the islands, and eventually took over parts of Rittam Gyol, and began the Xi Lang Dynasty, which lasted only 5 years (1067 to 1072).

The army that defeated the Xi Lang kingdom became known as the Manta Kingdom, and took over most of the islands of Coulla. The Manta dynasty brought in a lot of influence from other nations. When Siamese explorers settled in parts of Coulla, the striving nation underwent major influence from Southeast Asia.

A painting of the Emperor's palace pictured of a hot-air ballon by Paul Gauguin after landing in Tahiti.

After the fall of the Manta kingdom, the Chuime dynasty took over 4 of the main islands of Coulla (Honabei, Kitotsu, Hitotsu, and Jiraiga) from 1072. The kingdom was ruled by Emperor Anshi Nakama, who ruled over the kingdom as a powerful warlord. The Chuime Kingdom was later renamed to Chura, and took over all of Coulla. It remained the power over Coulla until 1953, when Coulla was changed to a republic after a bloodless revolution.

Today, Coulla is a wealthy and well-developed Pacific nation, a leading producer of High-tech equipment, rice, and industrial manufactured goods.

Anto, the main city ward of Nawako, the capital city of Coulla:

I hope you enjoyed that history, I spend forever making the grammar right. :-[ Next update, the imperial grounds of Nawako!


Looks pretty good, I like the setting. The painting looks great as well.
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Wow very nice start of MD
Your city is looking super my friend, great work
My new city is now here
The région of Kaikoura

Teaser of Lopsas[+ How did I do it?]:Lopsas

south park

very good start there !! :thumbsup:
your city is great and i have hâte to see the next !! :)
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good start my friend  &apls really good picture  :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
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Welcome to the MD-section of sc4d, Fatsuhono!
And that's a really nice start of your MD Coulla! Wonderful work on that picture and your city!

Looking forward to more...


 &apls &aplsGreat start that you have done and nice mosaic too.As for your grammar , is excellent don`t worry  ;D Looking forward


Very nice start.  I'd love to see more.  ;)

Robin  :thumbsup:
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