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Rainbow Falls - OSITM part 26-27

Started by Lilojame, October 31, 2008, 11:34:26 PM

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I would like to thank you for this honor!!!  This park shall be built in my capital city as a tribute to those who lost their lives in the Days of Rain.

Best Regards...and keep up the amazing work!


Congratulations to the Trivia winners, sincitybaby and Pat. Wish I'd been able to play, but I've had to budget time toward different areas these past few days. Looking forward to seeing the park in game, and hoping to spend more time in the forums soon.




This is looking incredible my friend, superb work  &apls &apls
My new city is now here
The région of Kaikoura

Teaser of Lopsas[+ How did I do it?]:Lopsas


This is not an update nor a teaser.

The people of Rainbow Falls decided to honor Dustin (thundercrack83) on his Birthday:

Hope lovely surprises are coming your way
To make your Birthday a Wonderful day

Smiles and laughter, joy and cheer
New happiness that stays throughout the year
Hope your birthday brings all these and more
Filling life with surprise and joys galore!

So on this very special day
I would like to say to you
I hope you'll always find happiness
In whatever you may do.

Another candle on your cake
Well there's no need to pout
Be glad that you have strength enough
To blow them all out!


Update cooming soon....

Visit my MD Rainbow Falls or check Rainbow Falls Out of the Box or maybe check on my bats&lots visiting Lilojame´s Corner or if you wish go to Lilojame´s Candidacies.

"Be thou the rainbow in the storms of life. The evening beam that smiles the clouds away, and tints tomorrow with prophetic ray."  (Byron, 1788-1824)


Wonderful work on these two updates there!
And nice work on your city, too! Nice pictures of it!
Looking forward to more... :)


Finaly has come time to do an update... and after and update some "personal responses" are due to come:

In todays update we shall travel to Lakeshore City for the first time and yet, we shall not yet see the city itself (due to the fact that it is still more of a "giant construction yard" than a city). So presentation of Lakeshore City is broken up into two parts.

So let me invite you to the first part:

As you all know, there was a Trivia Game in Rainbow Falls, so lets check the resoults.

Congratulation Sincitybaby and dont forget to replay on the PM if you desire to get the package (btw. the "golf pack" is not included). Oh, and if you decide that you dont want to have this pack let me know also (it would save me from packing and testing etc.)

Lets check the park now:

There is also a Golf course that is connected and is also pa park itself:

And we also have a second part of Trivia reward...

Congrats to you also Pat!

Lets have a glance at the plaza now:

Before we end the first visit in Lakeshore City we shall have a look at area in vicinity of the city:

With this we came to the end of todays update. In next update you will be invited to walk the streets of Lakeshore City and maybe, just maybe you will also find some special buisniess deals that you might take... So stay tuned!

thundercrack83 : Hi Dustin! I am glad that you liked the rebuilded Trinity Falls and the Trivia that was put together. Dont worry, my friend, there shall be trivia (and other ways to get a rewards) here in Rainbow Falls again. Congratulations on getting your MD Commonwealth of Marathon to the Best Sellers section and for nomination  in " Best of Recently Published ":thumbsup: Hope you shall stop by again!

Pat : Hello Patrick! Thank you very much for all your nice comments! And congrats on getting your MD Waterfalls nominated in " Best Rural MD"!  :thumbsup: Hope to see you here again!

Earth quake : Hi there! Thank you very much for your comment on update 4. I hope you shall visit RF again!

NASCAR_Guy : Hello there! I am glad to catch your attention. More Trivia is yet to come in future (and a harder one). ;) Thanks for explaining the word "hillbillies". Hm, well, there is a strange mixure of people in RF, so I am not sure if you are completly right on that statement. I hope that your attention shall be caught again in future.

kimcar : Hi there! I am glad that you werent dissapointed and I hope that that stays the same in future. ;) Hope that you will find your way here again!

Badsim : Hi! Let me first say that I am glad that you found your way here and that I am grateful for your opinion of this MD. I already pm-ed you about things concerning Naryanna. She told me to say "hi" to you. Anyhow, I sincerly wish that you will visit RF again!

About Naryanna: I already pm-ed David (dedgren) about her and explain things so this matter is closed as far I am consirned. But regardless that I do feel that this wonderful community deserves an explenation, so here it is:
Naryanna is my sister who beside being very creative has some disordes. I shall not go into details about that since it is a family matter and I feel that with explaining about her inner-problems would violate her privacy. But since she did some things that I didnt know about until this day, I also need to point them out, sadly. So to make the long story short: I did provide her with pictures of my work, the editing, writting and posting was her work tho. I did know that she was making a diary but I didnt know that she made two here also. In any case, the LoreenyLiens and Ethernia are not my work (same goes for any CJ that she did on Simtropolis). The problem here (at least I personaly see it as one) is that she, as she told me hersef this week, used and explain to other people about my life, my kids, my situation and even my real name. This is serious and we are dealing with that as we speak. But on other hand, her life is limited and I believe that she didnt do this out of malice or anything similar but from a simple wish that she wouldnt have the life she has with the problems she has and even if my life is a mess it still apealed her more than hers. I hope, that her state of mind improvess in future and that she will be able to return on this and any other sites but this time as her real her for I know, that she loved time spend here and on other sites. Regardless of what she did and in what position she puted me, she is still my sister wich I at least try to understand and wich I love. If any of the people that she was privetly or on any other way comunicated with has any questions or meerly wish me to say something to her, please, do not hesitate to PM me about it but I would be very grateful, if we dont speak about this here since after all, this is a private matter.
Thank you very much for understanding.

sincitybaby : Hi! Congrats again on winning the Trivia! Dont forget to replay on the pm. ;) And thank you! I hope you shall visit RF again!

Jmouse : Hi Joan! I hope that you will be able to participate in next Trivias. ;) Hope to see you here again!

Simpson : Hello! Thank you very much, my friend! I hope you shall walk the paths of RF again!

bat : Hi! Thank you for your nice comment! I am glad you liked those updates! I hope to see you here again!

Thank you all for visiting Rainbow Falls and for leaving your comments!

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Lilojame far as I can see the matter is well as you said a personal matter... I understand Naryanna is your sister and OK no problem on my hands here, far as I know I don't see a problem at all...  Anyway's thats a family matter like you said so to move on...

Your talents are very grand here with the update and with sincitybaby's park and my plaza!!! Thank you sooo very much!!!!!  I cant wait to see more!!!!

Your friend,


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The park is just gorgeous, Lilojame. Your PS photos have a sort of storybook quality about them that's both appealing and unique. And Patrick's Plaza is a beauty spot as well.

The farms - oh my yes, the farms - are stunning. They are some the finest I've seen anywhere, and one more tribute to your exemplary skills.

As always, I enjoyed this visit to Rainbow Falls and hope there will be many more!


Excellent presentation of your skills both with the game and in using PS. &apls &apls

I shall definitely be back for more :thumbsup:

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Thank you the Park looks amazing, also I love Patricks Plaza as well.

But the farms are just...........breathtaking

Looking forward to the next update  :)


Wow, Lilojame!

I don't know what today, my friend--thank you so much for the great birthday honors! That was so nice of you to do! I appreciate it very much, I really do. Thank you!

And this latest update makes my night even better! Your farms are absolutely stunning!

Excellent work here in Rainbow Falls!

Thanks again, my friend!



That park looks really beautiful! And nice added PS-effects there!!
Also the rural area is looking fantastic! All in all a fantastic update...
Looking forward to more...


Lilojame-san, wow, I love how you stretch the photos off to one side, making it look very realistic. Quite a great job here, I interpret it as real photos! :thumbsup: :)


Please excuse me , but I just found this wonderful MD ....Great shots,lots of green space, beautiful! Sorry not to have been here before!



Wow havent been here in awhile and i gotta say really nice photos1  &apls Love ur photoshopping~
Also happy in a few days I bet you will back it into the best sellers! :D


I must say, I have no idea how i stumbled upon your diary but i must say I love it :)

This image here is breath taking.  How did you do that, did you tilt the picture?

[img width="200"]http://shrani.si/f/2o/We/2t9sL0JH/cityday.jpg[/img]



Patrick (Pat) : Hi my friend! Thank you very much for understanding. And thank you very much for your nice words! Hope you shall stop in here again!

Joan (Jmouse ) : Hi there! I am always glad to see you here. I am glad that you liked the update and I promise there shall definetly be more of them. Hope that you will decide to walk the rainbows upon Rainbow Falls again!

TheTeaCat : Hello there! Thank you very much for your comment! I certanly hope to see you again in here. And thank you again for the info  about that prop.

sincitybaby : Hi! I am very glad that you liked the park and the plaza. I also want to inform you that if all goes right tonight and I dont run out of coffie, the park pack shall be finish in the morning. Hope you will travel in RF again!

Dustin (thundercrack83) : Hi! You are welcome, my friend!  :) Thank you very much for you kind words! I apreciate it very much! Hope to see you here again!

bat : Hello there! Thank you very much for a lovely comment! Hope to see you again!

Fatsuhono : Hello Fatsuhono-san! I am very glad that you found your way here and thank you very much for your kind words! I hope you shall visit RF again!

Jayson (sithlrd98) : Hi! You are excused.  ;) I am definetly glad that you found Rainbow Falls. Thank you very much for a lovely comment, it is much apreciated! I hope you shall stop by again!

bluesinjid : Welcome back!  ;) Thank you very much for your nice words! I am glad you like my photoshoping. I am actualy surprised with the speed that this is happening and well, I can say, that when Rainbow Falls moves, I will do a little treat-update. Hope that you will stop by again!

flyinbird93 :Hi there! I am very glad that you liked what I posted thus far and that you stumbled across my MD and I hope you will visit again! It is quite easy to do that.

So here is a quick pic-by-pic "tutorial" on changing the perspective:

First you put the picture on the second layer (simply use rectangle tool and copy&past it)

After that you go to "Edit -> Transform -> Perspective" as seen on picture and click it.

Now the "transforming dots" appear as you can see on picture.

Now click&hold on one of those dots and drag it outwards or inwards from the frame (in picture I draged left dot outwards):

You see that the "help-frame" changes and so does the perspective. Now the only thing that you need to do still is click on "Commit transform" button that is marked on picture:

And "voila" you have succesfully transformed the picture:

I hope that this helps.  ;)

Today I dont have a teaser for you, I am sorry, but I am polishing the park pack for Sincitybaby. Just made custom icons for it, in case you wish to see them, you may find them in my corner-workshop (link in my signature). Update coming soon tho!

Thank you all for visiting and supporting Rainbow Falls! Every comment is much apreciated!

Oh, and by the way, if you didnt know, Rainbow Falls was nominated in a very nice event of The First Annual SC4Devotion MAYORS' DIARY AWARDS.

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Hey Karin my friend there is no need to hope that I will be back, you shall know I will always be back here in Rainbow Falls!!!   :)  I see that you are using Adobe Photoshop right? Impressive indeed what you have to do to the pics to get it at the angle you like!! WoW!!!

Now I see that you have links to voting and inpraticular a Best in the Newcomers lol is that a hint lol hehehe congrats on being nomited for that!!!  Yes I did vote allready!!!  ;)  ;)  ;)

till the next update,


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Jill Jacobs

Hey, let me say that I am blown away by your work!   The pictures are very nicely organized, and the photoshopping on them is teriffic.  It adds just the right amount of artistic feel to them without making them feel overdone.  Keep up the great work


Super work here. 
I just went over the entire MD again and enjoyed every minute of it.
Thanks for the quick tip on changing perspective, I think I'll try that tonight.  You have any more tips?  ::)

Robin  :thumbsup:
Call me Robin, please.