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Rainbow Falls - OSITM part 26-27

Started by Lilojame, October 31, 2008, 11:34:26 PM

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That is great that the animals are using the highway system. I was curious where they would be going so I clicked on them. Looks like the moose is headed back to the Indian Village while the bear is going to see the Queen

Speaking of Indian Village, I have never seen anyone create one before on SC4 and you pulled it off excellent. One of my favorite set of pictures yet. Keep up the great work and enjoy your day.
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Great job with the settlement! Those tipi's are great! I would be interested in them if you would release them. Love the animals on the highway , never tried that before! I just love the effect on the teaser for east rainbow falls...awesome ! You are making me want to mess with Photoshop more!



Wonderful work on the newest update! And fantastic pictures of your region!
Also the Indian settlement  is beautiful! Wonderful pictures of it!
And superb slide show!!!! :thumbsup:

Also Congrats on winning the award for best newcomer, you deserved it!!! :thumbsup: &apls




Congrats, Karin!

Rainbow Falls has been growing at such a rapid pace, it's hard to believe it hasn't been open that long!

But with great stuff like you have going on here, it doesn't come as a surprise!

Enjoy, my friend!



Congratz Lilojame,you really deserveit for this excellent cj! &apls :thumbsup:


&apls &apls   Congrats Karin &apls &apls
That an excellent choice for this award. Great work it`s well deserved


 ??? -> :o ->  &dance
I was not prepared for this, but I in this short period I tryed my best....

Before we actually start with this Special-Special update click HERE for short approx 2 min of Sideshow (forgive my bad English ( :-[) and the low quality of sound (was taken with my N95 ???).

So again, thank you all for visiting and commenting in Rainbow Falls and an extra thank you for voting!
Let me also congratulate to Dustin, JBSimio, Haljacky, squidi, emilin, ejc and Tarkus for winning in other branches!

Since, I wasn't ready for this update today, it shall be of slightly different nature.

The Queen, so much honored by the title that was given to Rainbow Falls, declared a national-wide 7-day holiday!

But that is not all! The "common people" of Rainbow Falls already started feasting:

She decided, that the time has come to invite you all to a celebration that shall be keep at hers Winter Castle:

The tables have already been set:

After dinner there shall also be:

And you should know, that the Indians of Rainbow Falls are celebrating also (and are invited to the castle):

And for the end of this Special-Special update I give you a snowy picture of the castle to which you are invited (klick on it for larger picture):

Oh... it just started to snow, but worry not, for the castle has many fireplaces lit up:

Thank you all!

Hi Pat! Thank you very much! I shall let you know where to download when I upload, thanks for offering! I'm sorry that Waterfalls didn't get the award also. &mmm

Paul (paroch)! Welcome to Rainbow Falls! Thank you for your kind words and I hope to see you here again!

Simpson! Thank you very much, friend! Hope to see you in here again!

flyinbird93! Thanks! Hm, it isn't so big actually, I think that it is approx 20x20 or maybe 25x25 tiles of clearing (settlement) there. And hey, I don't expect anything back. ;) Hope to see you here again!

metarvo! Haha, thank you! Well, at that time there was no cars but now they are. There is a mayor speed limit there tho and people are actually obeying it. :) Hope to see you here again!

TheTeaCat! Thank you very much, the tea was great! If you got an idea while visiting then I am very happy that you did. :) Hope to see you here again!

Arthur! Thank you very much! I hope that you will visit RF again!

projectadam!  :D Now I know where they were heading, thanks to you!!! :thumbsup: I am glad that you liked the Indian Settlement! Hope to see you here again!

Jayson! Thank you very much! I am glad that you liked it and for the teepes, I promise that they shall be released. Hope to see you here again!

bat! Thank you very much!!! Hope that you shall stop by again!

threeswept! Thank you!!! Hope to hear from you again!

Dustin! Thank you very very much! And congrats for your winning also! You most definitely deserved it! &apls

bluesinjid! Thank you very much!

kimcar! Thank you very much!

Thank you all!!!

Visit my MD Rainbow Falls or check Rainbow Falls Out of the Box or maybe check on my bats&lots visiting Lilojame´s Corner or if you wish go to Lilojame´s Candidacies.

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congrats on your award karin  &apls

and this snow castle is damn good!


Congratulations on your award! It is well-deserved!  &apls

I love your rain & snow pics.....well, ALL of your pics!

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Hooray! Congrats for an awesome MD! I look forward to more wonderful work from you.  &apls
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Congratulations, Karin!   &apls  &apls  &apls

As I said last time, I've already run out of ways to say what I think of your wonderful MD... so I'll just say that I'm looking forward to seeing much more of it while I try to expand my vocabulary!  :D


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Karin I loved hearing your voice and what you choosed to run with for your slide show, it gave it that rustic old time radio broadcast feel!!! Sorta the old gaah I cant think but wow I am speachless you did a wonderful job and how it turned out was wonderful and the whole update with the celebrations too wow!!!! 

Hey I had some pretty heavy compitition in the Rural Section but hey it went to Jon and I am proud to support him as all the winners and runner ups!!! I was just honored to have been nominated....  Till the next update my friend I will see you later


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Very nice update, Karin. Congratulations on receiving the well-deserved honor of Best Newcomer at Sc4D. Your work is lovely, inspiring and a joy to see. I hope we will continue to enjoy your charming company for a long time to come.




Fantastic picture of that castle there! And the snow-animation looks wonderful, too! Also beautiful special update there! :thumbsup:

Looking forward to more...


The snow animation is beautiful. 
I thought that I would wake up this morning to a lot of snow as promised by the weather networks, but instead it rained.
Love this MD, see you soon,
Robin  :thumbsup:
Call me Robin, please.


haha i meant does your images cover say 2 large tiles or do you just work with 1 tile cities?  Congradulations, very well earned reward!  I am on my cell phone atm so i will have to click your link later @ a pc :)  Great update, I really love that final pic, the castle, really shows again how wonderfull rainbow falls really is... and save me a spot by the fireplace there!  Ill be at all the celebrations!


Hello Karin,

Thank you very much for so long and nice reply!  :)
Yes, our game gives us a really unique opportunity to contact with other people. When we create Sc4 worlds, we can show much more than most people could expect. Our internal landscape is as great as the whole world. It has many undiscovered, deeply hidden and mysterious places, and it is often easier to show them in the SC4 way  ;) It's a great adventure (and the therapy if needed) both for ourselves and for our friends.

I like the way you compose various things - SC4 and RL pictures, the story  :thumbsup:, slideshows and your replies to viewers. It was also very nice to hear your voice  :) You show show clearly that the best way to make our creations alive is not to make them perfectly harmonized, but to free the fantasy, emotions and creative energy; results will be maybe unexpected  :D but they will be always great and full of meaning at least for some people.

I like the Indian settlement very much - I love old photos too!
Great work with the Burg Eltz, this excellent BAT moved an imagination of some people yet and now you are a member of Burg Eltz lovers club together with Badsim, TheTeaCat and me...  ;) (sorry if I forgot about somebody).

Congratulation for The Best Newcomer Award - please don't finish the party, I have a strange feeling that it's not the end of nice events in Rainbow Falls... ;)


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The first show of the snow...... Karin, superb update  :thumbsup: The slide show is as always great  &apls
And welcome to the OSITM my friend  :thumbsup:
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