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Author Topic: Critique this Picture....  (Read 135461 times)

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Re: Critique this Picture....
« Reply #180 on: July 17, 2011, 09:43:23 AM »
ok I'll give it a shot, from first page on :-P

Page one:

rooker1: Like the busy look of that stretch of harbor, nice use of ploppables. Very industrial feeling, looks authentic. don't like the water texture tho. 8/10

Diggis: love the small river, nice match to the surrounding landscape. Also the bridge adds some flair, nice use of SAM. The car really adds to a cozy athmosphere. The grass or wahtever it is under the bridge gives a little minus unfortunately. 9.5/10

Lilojame (1st pic): Too blurry, other than that very well executed change in perspective. One barely notice that this isn't the way  it's supposed to look (in terms of SC4 viepoints). Also the bus stops don't fit in their grassy surroundings. What would have been of benefit were identical wealth levels all over the neighborhood.7/10

Sheep49: Looks good. Like how the high voltage lines are crossing the river. Nice photoshopping aswell. That one tree that probably came with the streetside mod is irritating. I would give it a 7 for it barely shows anything other than the river puzzle pieces, but the few it shows looks so scenic I have to stick to an 8/10

Travis: Nice picture. I like how dark the night looks and has this little brownish streak to it. Picture quality isn't too good, same for the photoshopped lighting changes. 7/10

Lilojame (2nd pic): Awesome scenery. Here the blurr doesn't hurt as much as in your first picture, but still too much imho. Love the eye for detail. 9.5/10

Page 2:

rooker1 (1st pic): I like how much calmness this picture has. it also looks very well matched in terms of buildings. Drawback is the edge of that highrise. The yellow lines don't match up to the rest of road lines unfortunately. Also the picture quality isn't too good. 6.5/10

sheep49: Nice colors. Boring and repetetive houses. I'd place that one somewhere in New Jersey or on Long Island (what would add loads of charm to the repetetiveness as this would mean it's some sort of US suburbia), if it wasn't for the european road textures and the streetside mod. If the roadwork was more american-looking, I'd given it a higher rating, but since it not I have to stick with 6/10

Metropolpitan (1st pic): Nice photoshopping, adds some live, although I must say the smoke looks unnatural. colors of the picture are well done, same accounts for the layout. The changes in the sidewalk screw it up a little. 8/10

art128: hm... too cluttered. Nice choice if buildings tho and nice use of the sunken ped mall. The cathedral is a nice touch to the area. it's also too mixed in terms of building styles. 6/10

Earth quake: I really like that one. Nice row houses, good use of the sunken highway walls. The red and blue highrises add a modern flair to the otherwise more oldschool looking area. The parked cars add some live to it. 8/10

Lilojame (1st pic): Way.Too.Blurry. Other than that nice area yet again. With a big minus for the blur a solid 7/10

Metropolpitan (2nd pic): This picture as some winterly chill to it. Like the pshopped snowflakes. You should have put more effort into the snowcovered roofs and also should have added snow to the ground. It also doesn't look blizzard to me, sorry. I like that it's a mosaic. Thinking of it as the first snow falling ahead of a blizzard and considering the lack of snow on the ground, I give it 6.5/10

Heblem: there's so much work in making this ingame and not photoshop skills. Nice layout, good lotting, good plopping. Minus for the heartless presentation. 8.5/10

rooker1 (2nd pic): same as before. don't like the frame and the change of saturation. sorry. Picture quality seems better, so it stands even with the first version. 6.5/10

Lilojame (2nd pic): doesn't even look SC4 at first glance. Just the right amount of blur (finally). Again great eye for detailing the landscape. Don't like the frame that much, therefore 8.5/10

CasperVg: It looks to sterile and not at all like an organized camping site. Also the terrain texture leaps through the ground texture between the lots and the canal. With a raise for the texturing/lotting work a 6/10

Page 3:

Earth quake: Nice colors, too blurry. A school next to the mall? Everyone must be skipping classes, right? 7/10

squidi: Nice busy part of a downtown area. Custom lots are very well executed, flawless one might say. But a few details make it hard to place that one. german police car, a us yellow cab, london underground, asian advertising on one building... better rating for a clear location, otherwide 7/10

rooker1 (1st pic): the blue frame so doesn't work for me. Also brace for some serious accidents as the ave and the road under the elevated rail are both on green light. 6/10

Lilojame (1st pic): The water is annoying. Sorry. but nice reflections on it. Also vey good eye for landscaping details. Love the castle. BIG minus for the water as it just takes too much attention at first sight. 6.5/10

PAT (1st pic): Nice idea with the copit view. Bank angle of the plane doesn't match the view, might check up on those instruments after landing ;-) Other than that, nice eye for detail, very scenic landscape. A virtual cockpit (as in from a game) would have matched better. Also, after all the photoshopping with the cockpit, I would have welcomed a little effort at where the rapids meat the open water so it looks more realistic. 8/10

rooker1: Industrial, dirty, bad satuartion adding to the scenery. 8.5/10

PAT (2nd pic): again a nice scenery. Good eye for detail, but a little bare here and there. hm... 7.5/10

j-dub: quite a small picture. The photoshopping is irritating although it's a nice try on the road. 5/10

Lilojame (2nd pic): Nice cold winter picture, well places snow. the work on the colors give it an overall oldish feeling and you did very well keeping the blurr at right values (if any, not quite sure). 9.5/10

bluesinjid: good vivid colors, nice sun reflection (even plausible looking at the given shadows) and a nice modern stretch of buildings. 7.5/10

rooker1 (2nd pic): eeew reminds me of some late 80's B movie scene, might be the headline adding to that. well designed urban housing projects. The small house in the lower right doesn't quite add to the scene. 7.5/10

Simpson (1st pic): very well done composition. Great detailing on the landscape, just the right amount of stuff. Also a nice stretch of suburban housing. The frame isn't to flashy which really adds. Too bad it shows the menu button. Cropping that out or retouching it might have given you a 10, so it's "only" 9.5/10

The_Hutt: I like the animation of pouring rain. But here comes the trouble in. No precision approach lighting, no navigational equipment for approaches (ILS, PAPI, Glideslope), also the exit-section of the taxiway doesn't match the RMIP taxiways, also lacks correct markings. Further, in such weather conditions the airport lights would be set to a brighter level to make up for worse visibility. Too bad the landing a/c is static although the rain is animated. Now there's a lot of geekery in here which I can't count fully towards the score, overall composition is well done and authentic (with some flaws in the details), 7/10

Simpson (2nd pic): Again nice scenary with great eye for detailing the rural area. I like to see Falling water in such a perfect setting for it. Don't like the frame this time, the first one was better, and same critics concerning the menu button. 8.5/10

PLT: Nice use of retaining walls. Must be a hell of a solid ground to support those towers so close to the water. The Water is boring and unrealistically shallow. Like 8-15 meters all over the place. Other than that a nice collection of towers and well arranged, too bad the entire scene screams WIP. For it is still in the works and shows good potential, let's stick with a 6/10

rooker1 (3rd pic): The frame really get's a lot of attention at first sight. Further, the windmill looks totally random there, absolutely out of place imho. Well executed connection of the parking lot at the train station, same for the sunken railroad. Great mix of houses although some look too american for the road texture to feel in the right place, the yellow cabs underlinging it. 8/10

Page 4:

PAT (1st pic): Good scene, really an eye-catcher with the lake. The snowtop of the mountain adds some spring-like flair to the scene, the trees aren't that authentic tho, decidious don't fit into an area of almost conifer-only, which seem to be quite elevated for the snowtop to show (also the trees right there feel out of place). overall 7.5/10

vershner: I like that one. Nice industrial setting. Speaking of it, I wonder which building that is with the 7 tanks on the slope? Never seen that. Anyways,  Nice touch with the canals and water reservoirs all over the place. Also great idea to use the highway walls here. Same for the pipeline. 8.5/10

PAT (2nd pic): Nice landscaping, also nice to see a bigger stretch of the area with the rapids. Don't quite like what happened where the rapids hit the sea. That and the sea itself look weird. Nice detailing along the river. The frame don't quite fit into the scene. 7/10

bob56: Nice farmland setting. I like the river cutting through it. Don't like the rural villages and that biiig rail running through the scene. Landscape looks too bare aswell, could have used some more work to look good. Also the farms are too close to the steep river bank. 5.5/10

Nardo69: well composed scene. I like the railway. And I like the farmland, although I must say the tractor looks out of place there. The other side of the canal is well done aswell. Not quite sure where in the world to place this, could be france, northern italy, some lower area of the alps but also further towards the east... but in either location it would look authentic (mentally deleting the yellow cab from the scene). Drawbacks are the menu button and the palms and maaaybe the translucent car aswell. sorry. 7.5/10

io_bg: looks more like a network showcase than an actual scene. hm. I like the use of network here, I also like the farmland. I don't like the bareness of the landscape, the ground around the trees looks too empty. Nice touch with that pond. Jagged edges sadly reduce the score. 6/10

rooker1 (1st pic): Since you posted that picture before, I stick with the score. 8/10

straha: the animation is an eyecatcher, well done. Don't like the empty landscape behind the trees around the river. Minus for the menu button. Nice placement of trees tho, feels authentic. 7/10

rooker1 (2nd pic): urban housing. I like the color management here. Nice use of RTMT. The school fits in right. Some photoshopping to give the parking lots a usable look would have been great. 8/10

Page 5:

art128: artistic image. I love the foggy scene. Nice placement of lots here. The menu button floating there is a no-go, but the frame is well executed. 8/10

io_bg: nice use of both curved puzzle pieces and the respective sidewalks. Too hard a transition to the neighboring lots. Also the playground that close to 2 busy avenues feels wrong, especially since the scool or whatever isn't fenced. 7/10

rooker 1 (1st pic): A large railyard between some downtown area and some New York-ish residential area. nice touch with the canals. The strech of highrishes is an interesting alignment. Maybe you should increase the business of the area. Almost no cars, no trains at all (except the few on the one railyard lot). Overall 8/10

dellyking2: hm... the blur is really on the edge. The ferry dock feels out of place and not at all connected to the "world" (ie streets). Also that small bump along the road on the right is totally off. everything else is level, you could have even that one aswell. Other that it's a nice HT industrial area, I like the embankment. The park in the upper left corner looks random. Modern, but random. And I don't like how random some trees pop out through concrete here and there. Worst of all, grid is on. 5/10

canyonjumper: Nice intersection. I like the parks around it and the building style of small shops and all. And the frame is nice. Too bad the traffic lights are on the wrong side of the road. 7.5/10

Cyclone1001: Fine rural setting. I like the small ped bridge in the middle of nowhere. Nicely connected with major mode paths. I don't like the difference in markins of the bridge and the road tho, but nice detailing along the small river. 7.5/10

rooker1 (2nd pic): The frame is too heavy. But the scene is awesome. I like how the focus is on the parked car but the water tower pops into it. And I really like the colors, just a streak of color. 8/10

emgmod: rural scene. Uhm... to bare around the pond, also the rail could use some detailing. I'm not that much into trains, but isn't this an electricity powered train? if so, the scene lacks power lines. I really really like the house, all alone there like a retreat for stressed sims... or some guido man-hater living far of everything human ^^ 7/10

sc4: Well, no. A lot of things feel random. Too much mixture in buildings, a small single family here, a highrise there. Also too many changes in wealth. The 2 underground highways seem not just overpowered, but also technically questionable. Too random plopping of park-ish lots. And the empty area is too... empty. Not to mention the tooltip and the visible grid. And it's not fully developped either. Sorry, no more than 4/10

ihatetacos: Why that? I love them. Anyways, nice shot. The boatsman must be a hell of a navigator to get thrugh that narrow passage. I kike the detailing around the canal, looks authentic, altho repetetive. an occasional bush or rock wouldn't have hurt here. 7.5/10

Page 6:

Cyclone1001: 2 single rail bridges sandwiching a road bridge. Nice layout. Quite a wide river to span. I don't see a point in the canal on the upper edge tho. Landscaping could use some more heart. 7/10

rooker1 (1st pic): Too many translucent cars. Nice use of single rail. the w2w houses look devastated and way too dirty compared to the others. Nice frame. 8/10

cubby420: Ncie scene. I don't like the changes in sidewalks textures tho. The Starbucks looks out of place aswell, a more modern building would look better. Nice use of RTMT. Translucent cars and the menu button pull the score, same for that weird camper attachement for pickup trucks floating pointlessly along the road. 6.5/10

io_bg: Great sunset scene. I don't like how some buildings have nightlight and others don't, especially that tall structure closest to the water really jumps out without any lights. Also don't like the ships having no lighting at all and the water riffle effect around the bridge looks out of place aswell. Darn menu button (that's really a pet peeve of mine). 6.5/10

Terring7: booooooring. Sorry. Since it leaves some room for interpretation, 2/10

rooker1 (2nd pic): don't like the frame. Too heavy. It also feels like the train station is wrongly aligned. The smoke on the lower left hurts the scene. I also doubt someone wants to sit in the backyard of that restaurant. A good eye might even spot that the grid is on... 8/10

art128: Nice fog. And a nice frame. I really like how the tops of the buildings leap out of the fog. Could use some more life to it (as in cars and peds) 7/10

cubby420: Nice pond, I like the use of landscaping details like flowers, bushes, trees, rocks. Look authentic. The water tower is an eye catcher. Nice industrial touch with that warehouse or whatever it is. Maybe a bit too much buses in the scene. 8/10

Terring7: Although it's a nice addition, I absolutely don't like the elevated road. Adding to this, the different markings make it worse. Nice touch with the SAM, but the rail station feels out of place aswell. The eagle is totally off. I doubt one would see an eagle in such a location. Also, a lot of trees mess with the elevated road and speaking of trees, the palms feel out of place. 4.5/10

Lowkee33: Terrible. Starts off with the Menu showing. absolute no-go. The houses look totally random, I don't see no downtown at all, only thing hinting here is the avenue going all around it. Way too many roads in the scene. The market feels out of place, same counts for the hospital and the college. Then I spot some industry on the right edge, totally random placement imho. I have a hard time finding any other concept than a downtown-ish area surrounded by an avenue. Really lacks a lot of heart. 3.5/10

Page 7:

wes.janson: overall very well composed scene of a small town CBD. Really like the road textures. Same for the assortment of houses and shops. That tower adds some medieval heritage to the area. I like the allyways and the fences. nice detail how the road crossings are conncted to the sidewalk. What it misses is some paved access from the lots to the road. Speaking of road, it lacks traffic. And the cluster of peds feels totally wrong. bottom line, it all looks like a hell of a lot of lot-editor work. 9/10

marsh: Nice looking mediterranean town. That russian cathedral looks out of place, same for that modern shopping center thingy. Both screw up the oldschool flair. And the sun reflection is too present. 8/10

Exodia the forbidden one: no. no. no. The flowers lie too heavy. all the menu things (pause frame, menu button, the UDI markers, grid!!!) make it even worse. The scool house looks totally random in that scene, the path leading to it looks more like a layer of rocks than an actual path. 3/10

rooker1 (1st pic): great frame, nice old look. hard to spot details tho, but just looking at it I can't see anything off. 9/10

976: no terrain conforming layout, no slope mod whatsoever. Too much mixing of buildings. Nice sunken highway tho it might need some more room between adjecent houses. In general, picture 2 has more to it than picture one, so I end up with averaging both entries to a 5/10

emgmod: Good looking terminal. I might have given it a just a little blur round the Air Canada jet so the edges don't look to hard compared to the blurred area. 6.5/10

cubby 420: very  well composed area. I like the NWM, I like the appartment buildings. The canal adds athmosphere. I wouldn't have placed the railshed there. And that darn menu button. eeew. 8/10

rooker1 (2nd pic): wow. awesome detailing, nice old rail bridge, love the waterfall. 9.5/10

kodlovag: nice overview shot. The airport looks good from that point of view, I like how scattered the small towns are. Well placed farmland with good eye for details like different shapes and windbreakers like trees. the river winds itself quite nicely. 7.5/10

samerton: the airstrip feels wrong. nice use of RHW/MIS although a little over the edge if you'd ask me. The ploppable water could use more work, also the houses feel random, same for the small stretch of NWM up left. 6/10


Terring 7: Probably your best so far, although all these modern Sim Mars houses are totally off. Also the skatepark, playground and tennis field look out of place. That grass area with the 12 trees lacks some heart. overall 6.5/10

canyonjumper: Great suburban setting. I like the rive, although I must say half the cajacs would have looked better. Nice eye for detailing the river banks, the houses look great. I wonder what the cops are doing in the lower left. I might have welcomed a different SAM here. 8/10

cubby420 (1st pic): Well composed, nice detailing, good photoshopping. 9/10

noahclem: picture quality does harm. Also, albeit nice looking, the roundabout makes no sense at all. Menu button and UDI zot screw it up. And I don't quite like all the small houses in between the highrises. 6/10

rooker1: Great landscape, nice sepia effect, horrible frame. I'm really sorry, but just for the frame's sake it's 6/10

cubby420 (2nd pic): except for the grass under the bridge I don't spot anything negative. I would get rid of that one single family home, in favor of another appartment complex. 8.5/10

Terring7: the streetside mod doesn't match the futuristic buildings. Same for the cars. The lot with the scarecrow is out of place aswell. 4/10

cubby420 (3rd pic): great landscaping details. I really like the setup of the sports area. 8.5/10

lowkee33: great improvement to your first picture. Well done landscaping, nice eye for details. Only thing is the menu button, better completely editing it out than just blackening it. 8/10

wallacet: this has some Miami to it. The water park behind the rollercoasters feels out of place tho. 7/10

io_bg: except for the menu button a nice waterfront /pier area. 7/10

Page 9:

wallacet: the ped crossings totally distort the view, amplified by the white car turning. The 2 small houses next to the avenue feel out of place. Nice waterfront. 7/10

marsh: simply wow. great details. if it wasn't for the ugly rock texture, this would be a perfect 10, but like this, it's 9.5/10

cubby420: nice photoshopping, the neighborhood has an authentic feel to it. Nice touch with the before/after comparison. 8.5/10

netmod: the plain grass area feel too artificial. I also don't like how the street intersects the road. Nice use of power poles and fences, also the farm looks cool. 7/10

Evillions8: this has some pacific flair. asian to be precise. I like how the plantation lies right behind some residential highrises. The menu button stands out too much next to the black frame. 7.5/10

cubby420: nice harbor. The tunnel entry looks weird with the transition from road to street. Same critics concerning the menu button as in Evillions8's pic. What's also a little off is the mirrored view. messes with the turning lanes and the writing on the harbor building. I'm a fan of mirrored views, but they have to be chosen carefully to look authentic. 7.5/10

tankmank: thats a lotta row houses. Nice use of streetside mod, too hard a transition from one style of row houses to the other. Also the trees cutting into the houses are bad. and my all-time pet peeve the menu button. 7/10

unit2981: too dark, too small, can't see anything. what I can see is that the industrial embankment doesn't fit the residential area above. The windmills are out of place. 5/10

io_bg: nice sepia. except for the modern cars it really looks 1917. But not New York. A Polizei-Porsche 911 in NYC in 1917? Also the road texture looks more european. 7.5/10

976 (2nd pic): This has a favela-ish look to it. I don't like how busy the roads and streets are, but the avenue is more or less empty. That tower next to the Ikea is quite an eyecatcher, but imho not authentic for such a favela-ish neighborhood. Same for the single family homes just above the Ikea. But overall a nice looking picture, flaws are in the details. 6.5/10

rstarks: could you please re-upload it?

netmod: nice night-scene. I like the fireworks, altho they look to artificial. Picture quality could be better. Menu button :-( ... 7/10

976 (2nd pic): again a nice favela-ish area. Looks more authentic than the first one. I like the small river winding through, altho the area round the avenue bridge could look better with some other approach. 7.5/10


wow that was quite some work ^^

after scrolling through 9 pages I must say I've seen great pictures. But I've also seen less good pictures with loads of potential.
But there's just too many pictures with minor technical flaws that are easily prevented. Grid lines, UDI icons, menu button, pause frame... all things that require a second to get rid of and really pull the score down imho. Especially the menu button has come to my attention as it is persistant throughout all pages. But since there's some folks who think of getting rid of it I had to consider it in evaluating the score, to the disadvatage of some good shots that lost a point or a half due to this small annoyance.

now I got a question, to the moderators or whoever knows the answer: why are some of the pictures not showing at all, but once accessing the source-code to extract the respective url and using it, I can see them?

... really, it is. I swear.

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Re: Critique this Picture....
« Reply #181 on: July 18, 2011, 11:15:49 AM »
so I'm gonna post one too:

a US-inspired smalltown :)

Offline rooker1

Re: Critique this Picture....
« Reply #182 on: July 18, 2011, 09:34:17 PM »
Thank you GMT for spending all that time it must have taken to critique everyone's pics.
Karma point for you!!

Robin  :thumbsup:
Call me Robin, please.

Offline selles

Re: Critique this Picture....
« Reply #183 on: July 23, 2011, 09:13:51 AM »
Cheers GMT for all those critiques! That's what I call dedication.

@Flatron, that's a very nice small town! I really like your choices of buildings. The W2W commercial and residentials really go well together. That combined with the type of housing and the brick schools, it makes for a really nice overall theme. I also quite like the red brick sidewalks you are using. However, there are a few things I think you should consider before taking a pic, and that's getting rid of the UDI bubble and dezone the undeveloped zones. Picture quality could be a little better too. 7.5/10

Here's my entry. I'm kind of new to using the mayor mode flora along the river banks. Lets see what you guys think...

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Re: Critique this Picture....
« Reply #184 on: July 23, 2011, 02:17:42 PM »
Excellent picutre. Well composed with the small creek with the pedestrian bridge. The golf course is one of the best i've ever seen (as with Shadow Assassin's one) and is very realistic. the use of Mayor Mod ploppable path instead of lotted one is a plus. Although, I would have used another set of trees instead of these! Anyway givin' you a 8/10 !
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Re: Critique this Picture....
« Reply #185 on: September 09, 2011, 08:27:26 PM »
I was wondering if this was a good picture, so I headed for this thread.  ;)

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Re: Critique this Picture....
« Reply #186 on: September 23, 2011, 03:12:25 AM »
how would this one get?

Offline banditp61

Re: Critique this Picture....
« Reply #187 on: September 24, 2011, 03:33:15 PM »
My Downtown Denver...

Offline Risu

Re: Critique this Picture....
« Reply #188 on: September 24, 2011, 08:38:17 PM »

Well, they're both very neat & professional-looking. As for the first one, I like how you included a couple of older style buildings among the modern skyscrapers. There's still plenty of green and open space, which adds to the pic's atmosphere. All I recommend is to avoid using the "no avenue sidewalk textures" mod. (It's more of a pet peeve, really. The avenues look rather.... naked without them.) 9/10.

Now than, onto the second picture. I like how all the buildings and the plazas share a ruddy colour scheme in common. But what about that parking garage in the lower left? That, to me, threw off the uniformity. Altho' I'm sure it still looks great ingame, so you might not need to do anything about it. 8/10.

Offline banditp61

Re: Critique this Picture....
« Reply #189 on: September 25, 2011, 02:31:37 AM »
Oh yes, I meant to ask someone about that mod. It's bugging me so much. I hate having no textures on my sidewalks... It's been like that for the last year I think. About the parking garage, well it's the only one I have that holds the amount of cars I need, even though it throws everything off.

Offline TmiguelT

Re: Critique this Picture....
« Reply #190 on: September 26, 2011, 08:32:11 PM »
Any criticism will be welcome ... This is a picture of a CBD that i'm working on.

Offline Swordmaster

Re: Critique this Picture....
« Reply #191 on: September 26, 2011, 08:43:25 PM »
Any criticism will be welcome ... This is a picture of a CBD that i'm working on.

Heh, I like that. Maybe a little too bright, and the trees a little too green. Nice turning lanes, too  :)

Offline TmiguelT

Re: Critique this Picture....
« Reply #192 on: September 26, 2011, 09:03:29 PM »
Thank you. Although i do not have any editing picture program like Photoshop, I'll try my best to get a more quality picture. I forgot to mention.. I like Tuleps as well :thumbsup: , it gives a city a whole different look.

Let's try this again...  ::)

« Last Edit: September 26, 2011, 10:39:09 PM by TmiguelT »

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Re: Critique this Picture....
« Reply #193 on: October 06, 2011, 12:02:48 PM »
Time for answers to G.M.T. :)


The picture with the space shuttle is symbolic, as you can see with the "Ad astra per aspera :)". Simcity 4, thanks to it's community, it's not all about cities anymore.

I absolutely don't like the elevated road.

I can't remember if F.L.U.P.s was available then. Level crossing? No way, too dangerous for the cars.

the rail station feels out of place aswell.

This city was one of the first cities with custom made stuff. Now I can build elevated railroad with elevated rail station and some nice decoration.

The eagle is totally off. I doubt one would see an eagle in such a location.

Sorry, I love birds and I would never kill an eagle just to take a picture...

Also, a lot of trees mess with the elevated road

Not my fault ;D ;D

the palms feel out of place

They are genetic engineered palms, that can live even in snow covered mountains ;D
Seriously, I replaced later the Maxis palms with another tree. Now I use them only in beaches.

Probably your best so far

Thank you :) , but you should check my new cities as well. I can't show them however, they are so extreme that the whole Simcity 4 community will ban me :D :D

although all these modern Sim Mars houses are totally off.

We are somewhere into the future, so what did you expect? Boring modern homes?

Also the skatepark, playground and tennis field look out of place.

Yeap, I'll agree, out of space

That grass area with the 12 trees lacks some heart.

Oh, this? It was a part of a 6x6 lot. I made some experiments with lot sizes for a future project. This lot was experimental, so I didn't made it as nice as I like it.

the streetside mod doesn't match the futuristic buildings.

It was the only street side mod that fit better in my cities. I'll download it later again.

Same for the cars.

I tried to make models for Simcity 4, both cars and buildings, but I gave up. Until I or somebody else makes futuristic cars like this...

..., I'll keep those cars. Don't blame me for that.

The lot with the scarecrow is out of place aswell.

The scarecrow is in place. Urban agriculture. Never hear it? &mmm

TmiguelT: Very nice picture :)&apls . I don't like however those huge power lines. Sure it's realistic, we have power lines next to highways here in Greece as well, but it's very ugly. A good idea is to use underground power lines, they don't disturbed the environment. Using trees as sound barriers is a very nice idea, but I think that the right side doesn't have enough trees.
Sorry, no rates from me anymore. Rating kills the creativity. Can't wait to see more of your pictures :thumbsup:

Brand new picture for me ;D

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Re: Critique this Picture....
« Reply #194 on: October 06, 2011, 12:36:32 PM »
I don't even use power. Cheats is what I use for power and water. However your city is nice and green. Thats a nice touch.I agre however that the powerlines are an ugly touch. Its distracting compaired to the rest of the picture and is the first thing your eyes notice. I think you could've done without them. Here in Colorado, the only way to get power the isolated areas is by tall power poles. I live near an alley with power lines running above it. Not attractive. &mmm
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Re: Critique this Picture....
« Reply #195 on: October 23, 2011, 09:49:03 PM »

Terring7 : 6/10 looks a little to close up and blurry, and the Asian Power poles don't fit in

TmiguelT : 8/10 Looks a little artificial for my taste, but is still amazing interpretation of a Suburban Area

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Re: Critique this Picture....
« Reply #196 on: October 23, 2011, 10:25:55 PM »
TmiguelT: I do something similar in a lot fo my cities, but they look like the Diagonal Intersection pylons, not the straight ones. They just look a little too heavy duty for a straight stretch.
Terring7: Me like. Kind of makes me think of Command and Conquer: Tiberium Sun.
Netmod: Very dark. I feel that the streetlights could have been a little brighter.

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Re: Critique this Picture....
« Reply #197 on: December 14, 2011, 04:05:48 PM »
netmod: Plenty of darkness that makes very interesting contrasts between night and light ;)

Here is mine, a colony on planet Mars with a huge arcology.

I don't like either the transition between low and medium-high density zones ;D
"The wisest men follow their own direction" Euripides
The Choice is Ours
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Re: Critique this Picture....
« Reply #198 on: December 17, 2011, 05:52:42 PM »
Hi Terring  :)
 I think it would be good to use the axis to form along one of its skyline. The first building in the series should be highly varied, always higher than the other and then back to the pyramid less high buildings.
In the second row behind the building will have only half as high as the first row. Then again, higher buildings in the third row. This results in a staircase, and in another view, the buildings, the pattern of a frequency wave.  $%#Ninj2

Important I think the building is to mix more. Several times the same building does not look good next to each other.  &Thk/(

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Re: Critique this Picture....
« Reply #199 on: December 17, 2011, 06:54:58 PM »
Where do you get those arco's at Terring?