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The Lower Countries

Started by I9113N, March 09, 2009, 05:04:41 PM

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Just a small update before Datsun.... Yes two replies!  :D I'm hoping for an OSITM award to get more people to notice it by the way.  ;)

The Final Map Has Arrived...

Here we see a small version of said map. Clickenzie here for the large one.
This map will be used for all future references. The red line is an international border, the blue line is a provincial border. Likewise, red text is the name of a country, blue text is the name of a province. Black and underlined text is a capital, black text is the capital of a province. Red dot = provincial capital, yellow dot = national capital. The rivers, and a small lake, are unfortunately not named (not really too much space) but all other water features are named. Anything within a black line is land, except for the small lake, which can be found on the southern  border of New Ammel. This map was traced from the sc4 mapper image, so it is completely accurate. A "terra" version with the terrain overlay can also be found here although the labels are quite hard to read.


I will not be able to update tomorrow though, as our school will be going on a long field trip.  ::) (like eight hours, six of which are spent going and coming back)

Table of Contents


Where on earth has this been hiding....wow, great overarching feel to your pictures, looks very tranquil, interested to see more.
NAM + CAM + RAM + SAM, that's how I roll....


io_bg: Thanks. I thought so myself!  :)

NASCAR_Guy:  :D I've been thinking the same thing.

mightygoose: Thank you. It's pretty tranquil except for the traffic, both cars and ships.

glad that bus ride was over, thank god for the Ipod!   ::)



Just a small note:
Whilst I was looking over some older posts, I thought "it really is a pain to go all the way to the top of page 1 to get to the update I want." So, as you will see, there are "Table of Contents" links on the bottom of every update (including the Daily Laty) that will take you to the table of contents.  :P

You are where?

There, silly!  ()stsfd()

Datsun Part 1, Marga


About the flag:
Datsun has a long standing relationship to the fleur, as seen in the center of the flag. The fleur represents the religion and royalty (not too much these days) associated with Datsun. The blue represents water, and the gold the vast riches of the nation. With a population of over 33,000, Datsun is the most populous country in the LU. (so far)

Datsun used to be a monarchy before it was absorbed into the Svierestal Islands in 1834. When the Svierestal Islands broke up, the country changed to a simple democracy with a prime minister. (currently Marx Abonja)

Datsun has a strong business and industry sector, with some farms mixed in there too. Most Datsun residents commute to the Morrten Isles, with over 10,000 jobs and only 3,000 people. The middle class has grown substantially from when Datsun was part of the Svierestal Islands. Many global companies, including the only airline to have flights to every airport in the LU, Trans-Latu Air (TLA) call Datsun home. Datsun is also one of the three left-hand drive countries in the LU. The other two are the Falkands and Kanne.

Datsun's state religion is Orthodox, making up 97% of the population. The other 3% is Protestant. The country has a famous church located near the sea, and visible from Svierestal.

(Yelle was expecting a larger crowd, unfortunately the Datish people prefer Rihanna to Yelle, and don't speak French)

(A freak snow storm hit) :P

There's a lot of pics because I'm trying to cram as much of Datsun in as possible before spring break. (I'll be going to China)  :)

Table of Contents


Due to apparent lack of interest  ()what() ()what() there will be no update today, and not till next (not this) monday, when I will be back from vacation. So please, comment!!!!!! I really hate to double post, especially when its in between updates...  ()sad()



Quote from: I9113N on April 04, 2009, 01:42:04 PMI really hate to double post...

Actually you triple posted ;D

Great CJ. It seems like I've seen this before... lol


I don't know either why only a few write.
I really like that Ferrenjeva Island, it looks pretty good  :thumbsup:
Maybe, to attract more writers you could lower the picture size a bit, to me 1mb is pretty big, since it takes a lot of time to load every picture..

Keep up the good work
Fabian  :)


Very nice city, but the cathedral near little houses, it's not very beautiful ()sad()

Guillaume :thumbsup:
L'atelier d'architecture
* * * * * Longwy * * * * *


Hello I9113N,

I don't think there is a lack of interest.  You need not measure yourself by the number of posts in your MD but by views as well.  You only started your MD just over a month ago.  At 965 views, at the time I write this post is a good sign of interest.  The works out to be @ 28 views per day. :thumbsup: Sometimes it takes a little while to build up a following of regular posters.  I would worry too much about it.  Your work is great, your pictures are enjoyable and I am positive more will come and post when they feel the need.

Keep up the great work,
Robin  :thumbsup:
Call me Robin, please.


Excellent city , I can't believe that not alot ppl comment on this, its simply astonishing!  :thumbsup:


Thats a very beautiful city!  &apls


Off-Topic Nonsense

Hello everyone, I am back from Shanghai, China! Boy was it fun!  ;D Although I am completely out of it today, as a 13 hour time difference takes its toll on me. Thanks for replying, hopefully I should have an update today! I must say that being in a city with around 12 million people and the second or third worst pollution really inspired me. As a footnote, I always thought the American interstate system was quite clean and smooth, but with China having over 1 billion people, they have enough work to put hedges and such in the median! Wow! Very clean and smooth, and black.  ::) Here are three of my favorite pictures that I took. Sorry for getting off-topic here, though.  ::)

Us on our way to see the financial center, or the toothbrush &Thk/( as my mom calls it.

The base of the Pearl Tower at night, very cool. Although unfortunately the picture doesn't show the fog, so we didn't see much when we were up there.  >:(

A large roundabout in the center of the city, were I almost got killed by a taxi, and you swear each time a bus turns out of the circle going about 50 MPH it will flip onto its side.  :D

Thanks for bearing with my off-topic nonsense, update soon.  :)

Table of Contents


ThatGuy: lol. I did triple post. And you saw this at SCC, although I have discontinued it there.  :)

Fabian93: Thanks.  :) Unfortunately I do no know how to lower the size of PNG pictures.  ()sad() But I will find out how...  &sly

Sciurus: Thank you.  :) Upon looking at the picture you mentioned again, I have to agree with you. Perhaps I should have put a smaller church. Although I was trying to emphasize that the country is very religious.  :D

rooker1: Thanks. Yes I have decided that as my CJ grows more people will be attracted to it, but right now it is just off to a slow start.  :) I wait for the day when there will be ten comments one hour after posting.  :D

Nexis4Jersey:  ()stsfd() Thanks.

danielcote: I would have to agree with you, danielcote.   :D



Another triple post, ThatGuy.  :P

You are where?

There, silly!  ()stsfd()

Datsun Part 1 (cont'd), The Rest of Ferrenjeva Island What else would I say?

The rest of Ferrenjeva Island, as so creatively stated in the title, consists of three large towns, and one industrial district. Kabellier, located on the southern end of the island, is home to the National Art Museum. The town itself is made up of only cobblestone streets, and is a great tourist spot. On the other end of the island (northern) sits the suburban-like town of Lurroni. The town used to consist of what was inside the ring road (a oneway oddly-shaped road that goes around the old town) but grew exponentially when Kokon Industries moved its headquarters here in the 70's. Benneaux is located in between the two towns, and isn't very special, if I must say so myself.

(I put the signs back because if I deleted them, I probably would have forgotten the names)  ::)

Table of Contents


The Daily Laty, April 13, 2009. A special article is included, showing the who's who of the LU.  :satisfied: In order from most important, left to right.  :)

There are some minor spelling and other errors, but I didn't get the time to fix them.  &mmm

Please remember to pronounce all J's as Y's.  :thumbsup:

Note: Lossje Otgaard never gets his picture taken in color... He is a strange man.  ()stsfd()

Table of Contents


It's a very beautiful city &apls
I particullary love the second image, where we can see it's the autumn, the trees are beautiful like this, in an orange-brown colour :o

Guillaume :thumbsup:
L'atelier d'architecture
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Quote from: I9113N on April 13, 2009, 03:21:35 PMAnd you saw this at SCC, although I have discontinued it there.  :)

Tis why I'm here!
Nice update. I love the photoshopping. Adds realism.


Nice to see that your updates always contain a great deal of volume. ;D

I very much like the organic feel to your towns and the distinctly European aura, though I think your newspaper could use some work. ::) The content is great but the design is a little lacking...I would suggest taking a look at the "Post Your Papers/Reports" thread on the SCJU forums for some good ideas. As you're using Photoshop (I think) then a neatly organized and realistic magazine isn't too difficult to attain. :satisfied:

Glad to hear you enjoyed Shanghai! :D
...this space to be filled soon...


Since You are complaining about few posters I put in a reply.  ;D

I found my way to Your MD just now and I think it is good, although it isn´t completely in my taste, but that doesn´t mean it isn´t good...
The number of views on this MD says something about the interest in it, so don´t be sad for not getting to many replies, a lot of people generally just lurk around.
As a general tip though I would suggest lowering the datasize of Your images, they take too long to load if they are big and that might scare people off.
My tip would be to save the images as JPG instead of PNG as Jpeg generally takes up less space and thereby less bandwith.

As for the newspaper I have to agree that the content is OK, but the design could do with some overhauling.
Since I have never made one myself I can´t really offer any feedback on the difficulty, but if there is a tutorial kind of thingy over at SCJU it might be worth a closer look.
I will hang around for the next update and try to find something to write then as well...  ;)


the newspaper looks great, although some of the faces seem quite familiar...
RIP Adrian (adroman), you were a great friend

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