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The Lower Countries

Started by I9113N, March 09, 2009, 05:04:41 PM

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Sciurus: Thank you. I did particularly like the second image, too.  :)

ThatGuy:  :D Yes, without Photoshop I would be nowhere.

Dark_Jedi06: Thanks. I never thought about them being "organic."  :satisfied: As you will see, there is an improved Daily Laty coming up. It's OK, in my opinion, but it could be a bit better.

Swesim:   I wouldn't exactly use the word complaining. I have changed the images in this post to JPEG, and they are smaller than the old ones. I'm just trying not to sacrifice quality for efficiency. And the newspaper has been overhauled.  :)

WC_EEND: Looking at your avatar, I would think so. I think he makes a great Communist Party leader!  :D



Datsun Part 2, The Morrten Isles

You are where?

There, silly!  ()stsfd()

Datsun currently claims land on four of the six Morrten Isles. The largest, Issum Isle, is a nice touristy town with a fancy, yet slightly out of place, hotel. The town hall is currently looking at land reclamation to expand the island, although they are running into some problems with the Sea Protection Treaty, which, as clearly stated in the title, protects the sea from projects like land reclamation and off-shore oil drilling. The two islands of Senaska Island and Westetton Island were the guinea pigs of the LU's Commercial Stimulation Plan, which had a huge affect on the islands. The two islands now have (combined) over 8,000 jobs.  :o The smallest, and most flood prone, island belonging to Datsun, Kittehsburg Island, is a great place to live during the summer, but not during the spring, when the Fevrie Ocean rises about 24 centimeters.

Table of Contents


The Daily Laty, Friday, April 19, 2009. Remember to pronounce all J's as Y's. And as a side note, the Kutinja chain of stores is to the LU what 7-11 is to the US.

Table of Contents


I certainly liked Your update I9113N!

About the only thing I can say apart from being amazed as usual by Your creativity and intrigue is that I find it a bit strange to see highrises on such small islands.
However one has to look at demand and availability factors as well and if space is premium one has to build upwards to keep up the number of inhabitants...  ;)
Nice job on the newspaper too, it is always interesting to see what You have brewed up in the LU for Your updates...



Swesim: Thanks! Well, the project did certainly stimulate demand for commercial buildings. Yes, I always like doing the newspaper. I find it fun putting imaginary sims through troubles.  :D



Dostrovek Part 1, Orkut (South Side) & Illutsk Int'l Airport

You are where?

There, silly!  ()stsfd()

Basic Overview:
     Some people prefer to compare Dostrovek to Manhattan and the Netherlands combined. Dostrovek's largest city and capital, Orkut, is at its highest point only 8 meteres above sea level. This low height forced the city to create a large dike to protect the city from floods. Today we will be looking at the city's South Side, home to Centrenov Park and Illutsk International Airport. The city of Orkut is not only the current largest city in the LU (350,000 people) it is also the home of several great artists and architects. Over 300 global corporations are based in Orkut alone, the largest being Svensko & Darmin Corp., similar to the U.S.'s Dow Jones. Svensko & Darmin occupies the entire Olloski Buidling, the tallest building on the Latusian Peninsula (LP).

     Dostrovek is located in the northwestern corner of the LP. Here we can see a map of southern Dostrovek. Red marks international borders, blue marks provincial borders, light blue marks county borders, and yellow marks dense areas. As you can see, most of Dostrovek is very dense. Dostrovek is the third densest country in the LU, after Korgia & Hunsinia densest country in the LU. All caps letters (black) mark cities, all caps letters (blue) mark provinces, all caps letters (red) mark countries.


About the Flag:
     Dostrovek, being one of the five countries to break away from Ruska seven years ago, still has traces of the old Communist Regime, mainly in the flag. The blue color represents water (as always) and the red represents freedom. ( ()what() how did they get that?)

     Dostrovek's main language, Dostro Ruskian, is a pidgin language made up of Ruskian and a bit of Szemette. The second most widely spoken language is English, followed by Ruskian. Dostrovek is also home to two ethnic languages, Vistuk and Loponksustovi.

      The economy of Dostrovek is heavily dependent upon oil from Ruska (this explains the recent economic crash) and the huge corporations it is home to. These large corporations include financial giants Hurfo Finance, Opta-Mari Inc., Swerton Insurance, and Qeisza International, which recently failed.  :o The Dostro economy is also closely intertwined with the rest of the LU's. There is saying that says "If you think there's going to be a recession soon, just look to Dostrovek, and your fears will be answered," meaning that anything happening to the economy first happened in Dostrovek, which is true of the current economic recession.

     Dostrovek, unlike other northwestern LP countries, has free religion. Most of the citizens (67%) are Orthodox, and 29% are Protestant.

     Dostrovek's government is a simple democracy, with a new Prime Minister elected every 3 years. The PM can be re-elected as many times as the public wishes.

Few that was a mouthful.  :D Onto the pictures:

(that one took at least 20 minutes to Photoshop)  ::)

Table of Contents

note: The reason there aren't many pictures of Centrenov Park is that I was going to do a mosaic of the park, but it didn't turn out to well. So just look at the overvew.  ;)


Wow that's an amazing update! Great pictures of the downtown and the airport!
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The usual Daily Laty soon!


Wow. You put a lot of effort in your picture. Lots of photoshopping, nice camera point and motive selection, lot of effort in your layout. And since you use JPEG instead of PNG there's a big chance that one page loads within an acceptable time!  ;)

I just sometimes miss the context - I mean you put in some nice maps but I don't know where we are on the maps ...

Take care

Bernhard  :thumbsup:


Dostrovek Part 1: a massive update, my friend.  I agree with Bernhard, though.  It would really be helpful to see all that tied up with a map, or even a couple of them.  Beautifully done, though- make no mistake about that.

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Wow, what a massive update!
I like the politics You have put in to this with Ruskia vs. Lu and the break-out states, I would like to take the opportunity to thank You for Your efforts to keep this story intense and interesting.
However it is sometimes difficult to quickly understand what is happening where compared to eachother, so a map update  wouldn´t hurt...
Also the design of the Daily laty leaves a little to more to wish for, but it is not a problem, the contents make up for it more than well.  ;)
I particularly liked the airport pics, it reminds me a bit of La Guardia and other City-center airports.



Please excuse the flight simmer in me, but that las pic of the airport scares me a little. A plane landing from the south is going to be grazing the trees and cutting pretty close to the other terminal. Again, that's just the flight simmer in me &opr

I'm lovin this MD. I hope you can work out that mosaic.


fantastic update, fantastic MD.

i realy like the variety of the buildings...
very nice...



I'm kicking myself now for not stopping by this MD any sooner.  &ops  I have missed several updates by look of it.
All great work!
Robin  :thumbsup:
Call me Robin, please.


Interesting newsupdate again, I´m curious to see how Mrs Sordenko is going to fix this...


Your isles are so cute, I just love those &apls &apls And the rest is.... beautiful, simply beautiful &apls &apls

Guillaume :thumbsup:
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Wow how do you do it absolutely breathtaking cities!  :thumbsup:


Wow ten replies! Just goes to show what a change of scenery can do.  :D

io_bg: Thanks. Looking back at the airport pictures, I think that I like them the best.  ;)

Nardo69z; Yes. It usually takes about ten minutes to take the pictures, then about half an hour (at least) to photoshop all of them.  :satisfied: And hopefully the map problem is solved now.   :)

dedgren: Thanks! It is a very large update indeed.   ()stsfd()

Swesim: Thank you. You should see some similar stories in today's Daily Laty.

ThatGuy: Being an amateur flight simmer myself, (let alone one who can lever land anything) I do agree that it would be very dangerous to land there. That's why the planes go in the other way.  :D I am working on a nice mosaic for this update too.  :)

pete3d: Thank you. I actually thought that some of the buildings were a bit redundant at times, but overall there was a nice variety.  ;)

rooker1:  :D Thanks. Well as you can see most updates occur every Saturday.  ;) The only day I have time to do them.

Swesim: (again) Yes. I have been formulating her next moves for the past couple days.  :)

Sciurus: Thank you.  :satisfied:

danielcote: I suppose it comes with about five years of playing this damn game.  :D Thanks.  ;)



Dostrovek Part 2, Orkut Island & Neura Paralotsk

You are where?

There, silly!  ()stsfd()

First thing's first: I am kind of skipping Dostrovek Part 1b because I'm having trouble getting one of Bixel's huge apartment buildings to grow.

Anyways, Orkut Island is an island in between Old Orkut to the north and Orkut's South Side to the south (duh). The island is home to the tallest building in the LU, not to mention the second and third tallest. The island alone has over 50,000 jobs in it. Fortunately, Orkut has a subway system, so traffic (although at times horrific) isn't all that bad.

Neura Paralotsk,  which translates into "New Parliament" is a brand new development of three large office buildings built entirely on reclaimed land. The offices house 80% of Dostrovek's government. Although the official parliament is still in Old Orkut, (along with the PM's house) this new parliament complex is due to replace the old one by 2010.

And my first (resized) mosaic, taking the place of the overview pic.