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The Lower Countries

Started by I9113N, March 09, 2009, 05:04:41 PM

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By the way, here is a population update. The LU now has over 640,000 inhabitants.  :)

lol sorry it took so long to make, had to bake a cake.  ::)


Nice Downtown, reminds me of Hong Kong  &apls


It's very beautiful, I particullary love the CBD!! &apls &apls

Guillaume :thumbsup:
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Oooo...shiny buildings. What sea walls are you using? I don't think I've seen them before.


Great metropolatains You should top that city off with a big port!

I hope to see some smaller cities and towns from you soon too
signed daniel.


Nice work on that update!
This is actually becoming one of my favourite MDs so keep up the good work!
Hydrogen is good for the envirionment right? Give them Ruskies what they deserve, no more oil!  ;D


Nexis4Jersey: Thank you. Most of the buildings are from China, in fact. ()stsfd()

Sciurus: CBD? Never heard that one. Thanks!  :)

ThatGuy: The Jeronij shore conforming seawalls found here.

danielcote: The port will be located further up the river, thanks!  :)

Swesim: Thank you. Hydrogen is quite abundant and cheap here.  :P



Dostrovek Part 3, Old Orkut & Lukaov Island

You are where?

There, silly!  ()stsfd()

     Old Orkut, home to the Muach Niatta (Gateway Needle), Ullatov Posa (Ullatov Street), and Pavel's Point, is a great place to spend a weekend.  :P The first settlers of Orkut built their homes here along the ancient canals that drain the Schusopav Basin (Northwest Dostrovek Lowlands) After many thousands of years and a few STEX downloads, the small village turned into the large bustling city that we see today. Only two years ago, the Dostro government approved a plan to create a reclaimed island off of the western shore of Old Orkut, titled Lukaov Island. Originally, Pavel's Point Tower was to be the "Gateway Tower" until the new island built it's Muach Niatta. Both buildings are still major tourist spots.
    Ullatov Posa is the main tourist attraction in Orkut, though. Along it lies the two inconspicuous row homes that house the Prime Minister of Dostrovek. If one didn't know that behind the cafe and book store lied the most important home in Dostrovek, they would never have guessed. The two row homes were voted the second "Weirdest Place to House a PM" last year.



I agree with Youcef, it's a wonderful city! &apls

L'atelier d'architecture
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Great update! I love those canals.


small map update here: Check the table of contents for updates often!  ;)

Regional Map:

     The LU is divided into four regions: the Northwest, the Eastboard, the Midlands, and the Southwest. These regions also determine where airlines can and cannot fly, although all airlines go to major cities. Each region has a specific airline, plus some privately owned companies. NW: United Ruska, EA: Eastboard Air, MD: Falkair, SW: Trans-Latu Air. In addition to the regional are the privately owned airlines Lutuja Air, Air Neva, Poklinj Airways, New Ruska Air, Svattonj Aeroflat, Kisza Aeroflat, and Lumanso Flutje.

Provincial Climatic Map: (averaged)
     Because of sizing, the text in the key is illegible. So, here is what it says, without the colors:

Color      Name           Spring*     Summer*     Autumn*     Winter*     Average Temperature
Light Blue           Marine Temperate             24-1934-2527-1819-1522
Dark BlueMarine Warm28-2739-3129-2627-2329
GreyContinental Cold17-1220-2420-1210-(-12)13
Dark GreenContinental Temperate27-2436-2727-2121-1425
Light GreenContinental Cool22-1828-1818-1616-(-2)17
RedMarine/Continental Temperate          27-2431-2627-2526-2226

*All temperatures are in degrees Celsius, ordered from highest to lowest, averaged.


The climate information is very realistic.  The W2W segments are also built quite well.  Good work!  :thumbsup:
Find my power line BAT thread here.
Check out the Noro Cooperative.  What are you waiting for?  It even has electricity.
Want more? Try here.  For even more electrical goodies, look here.
Here are some rural power lines.


I've been a long time lurker here, but I think it's time for me to come out of the shadows  :P
I absolutely love your MD, everything here is so realistic, and your maps are sooooo well done!  &apls &apls

Expect me to comment more often from now on  ;)



Great pictures and awesome looking city you have.  Your city is very pleasing to the eyes and I love how there seems to be a center to your downtown core with the tallest skyscrapers there.  Fantastic work, I will definately be back for more.

Side note, would you please incorporate your replies with your update as it is your post count that will put you into the next MD category.  Thank you.

Robin  :thumbsup:
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Wow, I went out for a while and came back to see two new updates!
Wonderful work as usual on this, keep it coming!


Unfortunately, I will not be able to update today. I have a very busy day today, which includes several parties ( &prt ) and some silly event. So, in the meantime, I shall content you all by giving you two more maps. Obviously I have not been playing SC4 as much as I should have been this week.

Population Density Map:

     The following map shows population densities throughout the LU. It also shows the names of major cities. Densities are as follows:

Color                High (per sq. km.)      Low (per sq. km.)      Average (per sq. km.)     
Dark Red500010003000
Dark Yellow600300450
Light Yellow300100150

      As one can clearly see, the densest area of the LU is the Northwest, followed by the Midlands, then the Eastboard, and lastly the Southwest. Even on a different world, the human instinct to settle near water can be seen here. The only major cities found inland are Wersberg, Vollinburg, and a small pocket of densely populated land in northwestern Dostrovek. Although, one can argue that the reason most inland areas are sparsely populated is because of the three mountain ranges in the LP, which explains the high densities followed by white in Neva, Kanne, and eastern Pol-Monterre. Of course the opposite side could argue that there are no mountain ranges in the Northwest, which is very true. This map is useful if you want to get an idea of what each country will be like when you click the update linkies.  ;)

Land/Water Feature Map:

     This map shows many land and water features of the LP. Useful when you want to know what river you're looking at, or what the name of that big lake over there is.  ()stsfd()

     On this map, we can see the three major mountain ranges, the Bellatone and Monsolle mountains, and the Saguv Foothills. The Bellatone form the border of Ementrosia and Pol-Monterre, and the Monsolle form the border between Pol-Monterre and Neva, and also engulf most of Kanne. South of the Monsolle mountains is the Ammjet Peninsula, famous for the booming city of Sedjorski. Unfortunately there is a spelling error in the Bay of Sedjorsk. Heading north again and a bit to the west, we see the great Salles Reservoir, with the large river leading out of it, the Addenostoph. Slightly west of the Addenostoph is the Asken river, which spans the height of the LP. West of the Asken lies the River Malay, which originates from a spring in the Bellatone mountains.
     West of the Malay lies the Polish plains, known for the massiv Katujev Forest. Along the coast of the Polish plains is Wersten Bay, Cape Velle, and part of Ammes Bay. Going north through the Bellatone we come to the Ott Akmaarn, which translates into "Great Kettles." These interesting hills and valleys were formed by currents in the Sea of Linin, which were powerful enough to shape the ever-moist landscape before the sea drained away. What is left is a great place to go camping and take a train ride. East of the Ott Akmaarn lie the Sjedo Plains, forming the heart of the Midlands.
     Further east and across the Asken River sits Lake Osjedo, named for the great Ammelian explorer who helped settle New Ammel. Osjedo forms part of the border of three countries, and is not only a famous tourist spot, but now a great way to flee the Falkands if you're a Jewish refugee. Further north of Lake Osjedo are the Eastern Plains. West of the Eastern Plains are the Saguv Foothills. Just north of the Saguv foothills is the Montosia Floodplain, also known as Lisvak Ka Anstualo or "The Fertile Farmlands," as the Montosian soil is very rich. Northeast of the flat Montosia Floodplain are the Vestuack Foothills, which form the northern edge of the LP. Northwest of them are the Chergy Lowlands, home to the cross between the Netherlands and Manhatten.


You may think you're not updating, but these map are update enough for me, my friend  :P It's really great to see what you do with each time!
But here's to the next "update" then  ;)




Youcefk69: Thank you!  :)

Sciurus: Thank you too!  :D

BarbarossaS: Thanks! The maps are very fun to make, although quite time consuming.  :satisfied:

rooker1: Thanks.  :) The only reason I kept the replies as a separate post was to keep things apart kind of, not just so I could get to be a best seller. (partly  :-[ )

Swesim:  :D You couldn't have been gone too long, it's just once a week except for maps. Thanks.  ;)

BarbarossaS: Well that's a good thing, seeing how small this update is!  &mmm Thanks lol  :D

Dostrovek Part 4, Old Industrial & New Reclaimed Districts

     In this VERY small update, we will be taking a look at the old industrial district of Orkut along with a large section of newly reclaimed land. Of course, who would put a dirty industrial district in the middle of such a nice city? Well, I wouldn't... As a result of steady tourism declines, the city decided to turn the district into a new, dense residential / commercial center, although there are a couple of blocks of industry remaining. The main feature of the district is the Kobolov Crescent, five individual buildings placed in a crescent shape. The district also has a brand new train station.
     While this may all seem pretty and dandy, unfortunately, the district still has a large oil-powered power plant, which was due to be replaced two years ago, but an accident (cough) occurred during the construction of its successor, a large nuclear power plant located upstream, closer to the Korgian border.  :D
     The newly reclaimed district is set close by the airport, and is only separated by a canal. The district has a few large residential projects as well as many office buildings.

And a nice little postcard from rural Pol-Monterre... (only because I wanted to use the RHW and curved roads, and curved rails, and I was sick of urban anyways...)

it also gives you a nice look at what mail is over here in the LU. And yes, I did watch From Russia With Love today.  :D BTW don't be thinking Pol-Monterre is next, I only have three out of eight tiles done.


Hehe, small update you say  :P I've seen enough in these pics to capture my attention for a long time, so it's big enough for me!  ;D
I see you're using Mas71's canals in your city, and I must say it fits in nicely!  :thumbsup: