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The Lower Countries

Started by I9113N, March 09, 2009, 05:04:41 PM

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Congrats for OSITM  &apls

About your previous updates - in real Poland, beautiful highways are a marvelous dream :D (Alright we have few :P)
But those screen are looking quite polish  ;)
Thank you for visiting Kolbrów, and for being for last ten years!


Fantastic rular pics, and realistic highways. I really like it ;) Congrats on your award too ;)
I have one question - have you ever been in Poland?  :D

Earth quake

Excellent update, I really love your Highway. :thumbsup:

Ps:Congrulations for your OSITM.  &apls


Great update, it was nice to see the reworking of the highway intersection.
Also I would like to congratulate You on the OSIM award, YOu certainly deserve it!
I will hang around ´til Your school is out and then enjoy YOur update to the fullest, keep up Your good work until then!


Congrats on your move to the OSITM.  I look froward to spending this month following your MD.

Robin  :thumbsup:
Call me Robin, please.



thundercrack83: Thank you for consider my MD to be of special interest this month! :)

bat: Thanks! :)

Battlecat: Thank you! It should be worth the wait...  ;)

io_bg: Thank you! ;D

Nardo69: Thanks! Yes, indeed after the red print!  :D

Neofita: Thank you.

kbieniu7: Thanks. The same goes for the US. :D

_maciex_: Thank you too! No, I have never been to Poland. The closest I have come is Paris.  ;)

Earth quake: Thank you!  :)

Swesim: Thanks! It is turning out that summer is a bit busier than expected, but at least I can stay up later!  :D

rooker1: Thank you too!  :)

The replies and following post were not combined in order to put TLC at the top of the list, so to speak. Besides, it's already a Best Seller!



Pol-Monterre Part 2, Sherishameaux and Ascona-Çeteaux

First of all, I have just recently realized that I put Ascona-Çeteaux, Lé Sciona, and Knightingsand as all in Poland. Actually, they are all in the state of North Monrault. Sorry for that confusion. The only city in Poland is Sherishameaux.

     Sherishameaux, one of a few walled cities in the LU, was the last stronghold of Poland during the Polish Wars in Looks for sheet... oh fudge I threw it away... the 1930's. Within the city's walls lie some (at the time) very important buildings, most of which have now been turned into shopping centers. Outside of the city is an old canal, behind which is a restored section of the Polish Border Wall. The town is a major commercial center.

    Ascona-Çeteaux is actually two cities. The first, Ascona, is smaller, more low-rise, and not quite as wealthy as Çeteaux. In-between Ascona and Çeteaux is a small island surrounded by two small canals. The island houses a theater and church. Beyond that is Çeteaux, home of the North Monrault Bidroskaz, or Sentinel.


looks extremely nice, where did you get those small stations? I could really use them in my suburbs.
RIP Adrian (adroman), you were a great friend

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This was a very nice looking update, the images are so rich with detail. Especially liked the picture of Evrana Station, Knightingsand. The house with the blind wall in the background is a nice touch.
Don't know exactly what kind of climate you are going for here, but seems the palms are looking a bit out of place in some of your shots.


Great detail in these pics. They're lush and green, and they're quite inviting. I would love to live in The Lower Countries.

Where City and Country Flow Together



WC_EEND: Thanks! Those small stations can be found here:)

kwakelaar: Thank you. :) Heh, well, there aren't really supposed to be any palm trees. Pretend it's fake...  :-[

calibanX: Thank you. I too would love to live in the Lower Countries.  ;D Hence the new banner...  ;)

Pol-Monterre Part 3, Central Senna

     Senna is the capital of Pol-Monterre. I might have forgotten to mention this, but Pol-Monterre is a constitutional monarchy. The current king and queen live in the Palai Centrale. Here is a recent photo of Pol-Monterre's current queen, Queen Klassia II. (the king died in a car accident, apparently he wasn't wearing his seatbelt)  :D

Yes, I know who that is. She is no longer queen of Belgium, she is now queen of Pol-Monterre.

     Anyway, the city has many canals, and a large Parliament complex, locally known as Praleux Sectique, or Parliament District. It is also home to the famous Émbassieures Building, home of over twenty different embassies. The building, sadly, was also the victim of a bombing in 1974, just three years after opening. The building has since been refurbished, and is now guarded quite efficiently. The large letters on the top floor of the building can be seen from over five kilometers away at night, even if they have been somewhat distorted by years of constant winds.
     The city also has a small historic district, with some lovely cafés overlooking a canal.



teaser time...   :P


Coming up: A small segment about the capital of the Latusian Union, Durrio... And the LU gets a new font... (shown here)

Edit: If you haven't yet seen it, go take a look at the front page.  ;)


I haven´t been able to access the site for some time due to technical reasons, but now that I´m back I fully enjoy Your updates.
It is interesting to see what one can do with Nordic styled buildings such as the Norwegian Royal Castle and Prepo´s townhouses, it looks good here though!
Keep the story going, it is always interesting to see what´s happening in the LU...


Great work on these pictures! It is looking wonderful! :thumbsup:


nice update, can I just add as a Belgian person, that she was never the queen of Belgium :D She looks more like the queen of England to me.
RIP Adrian (adroman), you were a great friend

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Swesim: Yes, they all fit in quite nicely. Of course, being as Prepo's townhouses are not ploppable, it does require the use of some cheats.  :P

bat: Thanks! I have to say they are getting less and less Photoshopped as time goes by, but still look just as good.  :)

WC_EEND:  :D She came up when I googled "queen of Belgium" under images, so I figured she was the ex or current queen of Belgium.  ::)

I think it is now obvious that I have way to much time on my hands to be making three updates a week...

Anyway, this is not an official update, so it will be placed under the "other" category.

     Durrio is the official capital of the Latusian Union. The mid-sized city is located in a hot and somewhat dry area of southern Neva. Each of the LU's boards (groups that represent a sector of the LU, i.e., Board of Education) has an office in this city. Some of the more important ones have entire buildings.
     But, the largest and most distinctive building in the city is the Latusian Union Building. This building and its next door neighbor, the Hanse Building (named after Richard Hanse, the first president of the LU), basically run the Union. It forms the umbrella over all of the other boards, and makes final decisions. There seems to always be a news reporter at the front door.

     In this picture are two buildings, the Board of Law, Defense, and Security Building is the large square one, also known as the Hanse Building. The building to the right is a large office building similar in function to the Latusian Union building, although it holds more conferences and meetings.


     Here are the rest of the Board buildings:

     And a couple pictures of Durrio:

The next update will be of Pol-Monterre.


And here I am missing 3 great updates to this diary!  The last few updates look superb!  Keep up the great work!


Nice citie the layout and colorful mediteranian buildings remind me of Lyon.


Excellent new update there! Great work with the tramways in your city!!


This is looking great. I like your new intro, it is always nice to get an overview, and I also just enjoy to see how everyone is making these kind of maps.
For the palms there is a mod to remove them, maybe here on the LEX but most probably on the STEX it is from Swamper.