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The Lower Countries

Started by I9113N, March 09, 2009, 05:04:41 PM

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As always: beautiful updates.

Quote from: I9113NI think it is now obvious that I have way to much time on my hands to be making three updates a week...

Either that or you're getting really good at time management :D


Hey everyone, sorry for lack of updates, I have been working on an LU texture mod!  ;D

Here are three teaser pieces:

You may be wondering what the red is for:

The LU has a distinct road color scheme. The narrow side lane, referred in the LU as the "lap," has one of three colors: None, which means the speed limit is 30km. This is used on streets. Red, which means the speed limit is 50km. This is used on one-way and two-way roads. Blue, which means 70km. This is used on avenues. Also on one-way roads, small arrows in the red "lap" tell the driver which direction he/she should be driving in.

Tomas Neto

Congratulations for the excellent MD, with beautiful images!


Hey, update soon. Just wanted to say, I should've finished all of the road pieces before putting them in game, but I couldn't help it to see what they look like.  &Thk/(

Anyway, just try to ignore the transitions for now.  :)




Wondering what the texture mod will look like.


Reserved means please don't post anything more.  ;)

Working on the pictures now...

Edit: I don't really see a point in posting an update with half-finished roads, so until I'm done with the LU texture mod, there will be no update.  :)


The best MDs, in my opinion, are the ones that portrays the city/country as a real one, complete with details such as economy, politics, etc.

You bring that to life in the best of ways. Amazing MD.


that is looking really awesome :thumbsup:
Im back baby! Everybody do the Bendah!


Well, with Summer becoming really really busy, and putting the textures into the game becoming really hard, I have a lot less time to update. Today, however, I had a few hours of free time, so I decided to do something that I haven't done for several months:

update my wiki

I felt the old page needed a complete overhaul, so it got one. Here is the main page: Link

Be sure to check out Auchtenaliastov, the only country page I have done. Also, if you scroll towards the bottom, be sure to look at the Latu, Southwestern Enega, and Ementrosian Dollar currencies.

And now, finally, to replies.  ::)

Battlecat: Thanks. Apparently the first week of summer was pretty laid back...

danielcote: Thank you.  :)

bat: Thank you. It is hard to avoid crashing to desktop when placing them.  ::)

kwakelaar: Thanks, I will look into it, although I don't think it's too big of a problem.  ;)

ThatGuy:  :D I don't think it's time management.

Tomas Neto: Thank you!

danielcote: LU stands for Latusian Union. Check the "General Info" on the first page for more about it.

Glowbal: So far it looks okay besides the corner piece. Still trying to get them in game right, though.

nedalezz: Thank you very much.  ;D

pagenotfound: Thanks!  :)



Pol-Monterre Part 4, Château de Pariset

Le Château de Pariset, commonly known as Pariset, (pronounced pair-ih-say) is a small town located near the River Asken, which flows down the entire LP to the Strait of Korsh. South of Pariset is Pol-Monterre's capital, Senna. The town is famous for its multiple museums and landmarks, not to mention some of the pedestrian-only roads and multiple canals and ponds. The city employs a unique style of Agastasian architecture known as Le Verinau-de-Pars. The city also has a few famous manors located on some of the canals. These manors house wealthy and powerful families that can change a town's history.

Even though the name Château de Pariset hints at a castle or huge manor, there is none. The original Château de Pariset belonged to the Pariset family, who founded the town in the early 1400's. The castle managed to survive until the 1600's, when it was destroyed during a siege of the city by a neighboring kingdom. The Pariset family no longer exists, sadly.

In the 1940's, the town experienced a huge amount of growth, because of a new economic deal with the Falkands. To house the workers for the new companies created, long rows of row homes were erected. Some of them are tall, usually with a parkway in-between two roads. Some of them are low-class, housing many poor families in affordable housing.

If you are wondering, all but two of the lots shown here (not including canals) were lotted by me.  ()stsfd()


Great stuff  &apls
It looks a bit like Amsterdam
because of some houses


Very beautiful indeed! And realistic! That I like! :P

If you don't mind me asking, where'd you get the flower market? It is really beautiful!  ;D
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Very nice! An enjoyable low countries look to it. Well done  :satisfied:
See the all-new National Capital Region!:http://sc4devotion.com/forums/index.php?topic=15118.0



Presenting Two New Maps:

Auchtenaliastov and Pol-Monterre!!


The yellow circles you see here are the nation capitals!

The red circles are provincial capitals!

And the black dotted lines are railroads!

And the orange dotted lines are autoroutes!

And the red lines are international borders, and the blue are provincial borders!


Edit: To keep with the times, the LU now has a twitter page!  ;D


Pariset is looking very charming, and good job on the lotting. Changing the game textures is a lot of work, but hopefully you will get there in the end.

Tomas Neto

Wow, your cities are beautiful and very well detailed! Awesome!


Thats a great city it almost makes me want to pack up and live there.  :thumbsup:

Whaere did you get you're prop's? The ones on the ped malls spuares and fountain plazas and stuff?


Very very nice. But why french names for a city did by an american? I think that all americans are fascinated by France $%Grinno$%

Guillaume :thumbsup:
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Impressive. Very nice. Very.......French. My one question: Is the flower market yours? If so, it seems kind of sparce to me. A couple lamps and some more people could do it some good.