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The Lower Countries

Started by I9113N, March 09, 2009, 05:04:41 PM

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peter007: Thanks. I was inspired when I was planning the itinerary for a trip to Amsterdam in late August.  :)

M4346: Thank you! The flower market was custom lot-ted by me, but the building is Haarlemergold's.

Schulmanator: Thank you!  ;D

kwakelaar: Thank you. It is hard work, although i am putting it on hold for now.

Tomas Neto: Thank you!  :)

danielcote: Thanks! The banner on the updates does say "The Lower Countries, Where you've always wanted to live."  :D

Sciurus: Thank you. Perhaps that is true! I personally am not interested-nor inspired by American architecture and roads and what not.  &sly France is much more beautiful!

ThatGuy: Thanks. Yes, the flower market is mine. In the lot editor it had TONS of tulips, but I soon found out the tulips were seasonal. I didn't want to crowd the place, I wanted the flowers to show through the trees for once.  :)

I am only doing replies now because I will be leaving for Disney World today, and won't come back until next Tuesday!

So to finish, I present you with a lovely, yet slightly boring, map of the LP in A.D. 0 to 250.

And the link to the wiki page:


and my favorite flag made by me to date:

and a LINK


Quote from: I9113N on July 20, 2009, 10:43:37 AMM4346: Thank you! The flower market was custom lot-ted by me, but the building is Haarlemergold's.

Ah, thanks for clearing that up!  :thumbsup: I'll have a look for it then! Great job on the Lotting!  ;D

Also, very good job you've done there, as usual, on the maps and on the wiki page!  ()stsfd()

Looking forward to more!  &hlp
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Like two minutes before I leave, I shall post the greatest map I've ever made:

A historical timeline of the Latusian Peninsula from circa 250 A.D. to 1000 A.D.

looked better in the editor, however.

take your time and get a good look at all of the countries.

and with that, farewell.

Tomas Neto



The Confusing Language of Szemette

Wait, how do you pronounce that?  ()what()

The Official Szemettian pronunciation of Szemette is Shtehmeht

And how is that spelled in Szemettian?

It is spelled Śrėŋėr

But that looks like it's pronounced Srehner.

I know.  ;)

Today, we will look at the confusing language of Szemette.

Szemette is spoken by about 1 million people in the LU, and is the official language of Malia, Korgia, and Hunsinia. The Szemettian alphabet contains 42 letters. They are:

Å Aj Á B Č Ķ K D Ej Ė Ĝ Ϋ IJ G Ij 'l Ĭ L Ŋ N Oj Ő H Q Ŧ R Ř Uj Ŭ W Ŵ ł J Z ß Œ Æ Ŀ Ø ξ Ś Ġ


Szemette is a unique language in that it has one letter for each sound, plus about five "combination" letters; anything from common word endings or just a "sh" or "ch" sound.

The alphabet is pronounced as follows, but the first letter is pronounced like the a in "dad."

ah, ay (long), ahh, bah, chah, sah, kah, dah, ee, eh, fah, far, gah, hah, eye, ee, ih, lah, mah, nah, oh, oo, pah, qwah, rah, tah, etah, you, uh, vah, wah, exah, yah, zah, tyah, chia, shah, ege, owah, ehstrah, shtrah, and ahc.

The last word is extremely hard to pronounce unless you speak German or any other language that uses the sound. It makes a sort of hissing sound thing, it's best example is in the German word for I, Ich.

To give examples of Szemette in daily use, here are a few roadsigns found in Hunsinia.

This one says "Cities" at the top, pronounced shtowfah.

The first city is Weir, pronounced just so. After the city name is the exit one should take to get to said city, and then the distance to the city from this sign.

The following cities are pronounced Ohnburg, Ahsooee, and Vahtoosk, which is in Korgia, hence the green KO.

Below the white line is "Next Exit," pronounced nehts ooeehs. After that is the exit number and the distance from sign to exit.

Below that line are arrows pointing to the ramps and their direction, and what they lead to. The first arrow pointing left is for exit 421c to the E-4. It is pronounced fee-zei-oohn see zah ee fee. The reason the signs have the English letters c, a, and b is because Szemette does not allow people to use the normal alphabet letters as abbreviations or labels like "421b." Hence, they use English.

This sign shows the exit number and speed limit:

Pronounced ooheehs fee-zei-oohn ay. It should be 421b, though. The speed limit for this exit is 50 kph.

This sign is a general information sign that shows what motorway you are on, cities and their exits and distances, the two nearest countries and their exits, and the speed limit for three lanes of traffic. This particular motorway is the Ej 4 going south.

The cities are pronounced Olm, Eyexowchah, Ateek, and Ehfburg.

This sign shows that the motorway will end, and what exits are available:

The top text, which says Motorway Ej 6 Ends, is pronounced eesohnehstrah ee zet ahnyehdeh

The compass directions are below each exit text, "wer" pronounced veet, is west, and "ejr," pronounced eet, is east.

This sign tells drivers that they are now entering the Republic of Malia, and that they are still on the Ej 6 south, and that the speed limits are 120, 120, and 100.

A direct translation is:

You are entering

The Republic of


It is pronounced as voo antee shtahnen -- dee raypahn owf Muhleeah

And with that, you have learned some Szemette.


Whoops, looks like someone forgot to reply.

M4346: Thank you.  :)

Tomas Neto: Thanks!

Dostrovek Part 5, Konnestov and Lososburg

Today we skip back to Dostrovek, this time to a semi-rural area north of Orkut. It is west of Destovo on this map:

The area in the eastern county of Dovo is home to many small ponds and lakes. In fact, the small town of Konnestov is only 10 meters above the medium size lake it is next to. To fix this problem, underground pumps in some of the ponds regularly drain the ponds in case of a flood. If the flood comes, the water will fill the ponds and the town will hopefully be saved. Unfortunately, this has a success rate of only 60%. Most people living in Konnestov cannot afford to live inside of the "Oonsatte," a 20 meter tall dirt wall built to protect the agricultural and populated lands of Lososburg. For a long stretch of the Oonsatte, the E-8 is on top, creating a scenic view and gusty winds for drivers. On one side, sandy and grassy beaches followed by the dark lake water. On the other side, forested areas, farms, and Lososburg.

Please disregard the small sections of LU styled roadways, the area is in the process of re-paving roads to meet the new road design standards.  ;)


Nice job on the latest few updates, those ponds look amazing! 


If you're wondering, the languages are Jonkish (first because that's where the paper is based), English, Szemette, Monterrian, Falkish, Datish, and Nevian. Obviously, the Cyrillic font used by Dostrovek, Malia, and Auchtenaliastov would not work. Do tell me if you can't read the letters in the Szemette one, though.

edit: Be sure to check the LU twitter page daily for Election updates!


Jeez you people, what is with you and replying!  :D

Today's Polls:

and yes, you may post comments after this!


hey everyone-bad news  :thumbsdown:

while an anti-virus program was trying to remove an unremovable virus, Windows shut down and cannot start. I am currently running a demo version of Kubuntu. My external hard drive has all of my SC4 stuff and LU stuff, but I don't know if I can do much with it at this point. I have a feeling I will have to reinstall Windows. So, I won't be updating for a while. The Election will be put on hold.  ()sad()


nice city, I like the euro content.  :thumbsup: how do you get those smaller roundabouts? I can't find them anywhere.


Quote from: I9113N on August 03, 2009, 05:08:38 PM
hey everyone-bad news  :thumbsdown:

while an anti-virus program was trying to remove an unremovable virus, Windows shut down and cannot start. I am currently running a demo version of Kubuntu. My external hard drive has all of my SC4 stuff and LU stuff, but I don't know if I can do much with it at this point. I have a feeling I will have to reinstall Windows. So, I won't be updating for a while. The Election will be put on hold.  ()sad()

Well, it seems like I'm not the only one with computer troubles. My internet's been on the fritz for a week. Seems okay now... (knocks on wood)


Hellooo everyone!  $%Grinno$% Obviously, I have returned. Most unfortunately, that silly virus wiped my hard drive!  &cry2 But, I reinstalled windows and am now running Ubuntu as my default OS. I am slowly but surely going through the LEX and the STEX to get back all of the plugins I lost. Do not expect any real updates for quite a while. Probably the most you can expect is the Daily Laty and perhaps updates on the election. I do not have Photoshop for the time being, but I should have it soon.  :)


Still working on getting my old plugins folder back. Just now starting to make the regions again, this time correctly scaled.  &sly However, I still don't have Photoshop.  :)


Best of luck getting started again, such a pain with this kind of problems.


Hey everyone, almost got Photoshop. I might be able to update either this weekend or the next. With school, I will have to settle back into the regular Saturday update schedule. So just keep waiting for now, peoples.  :D

KoV Liberty

Thats good that you gotyour stuff back. Do you still have your regions and cities?

My new MD. Check it out if you wish.

Adrian, I miss you man.



Battlecat: Thanks.  :)

danielcote: Thank you. The smaller roundabouts come with the NAM and you can make them in-game by simply dragging a road or street in a circle using four squares.

kwakelaar: Thank you. It is great to be back.  ;D

Driftmaster07: Well, technically, I didn't get anything back, I had to start all over. So yes, I did lose the regions and cities.  ;)

Kanne Part 1, Gann

     Well, it is great to be finally updating again. I feel as though I have let you all down for a while. As you will notice, I had to make a new flag for Kanne, as the old one was lost. Plus, I like the new one better. Anyway, I created a region that is actually realistically sized, and is only the southern part of Kanne.


--About the flag:

     The Kannese flag majorly symbolizes the amount of religion in Kanne. The country is known as the center of religion, with a church of some sort in every city. The flag has two crosses, the one in the upper left hand corner represents the minority religions in Kanne such as Orthodox, Roman Catholic, Evangelical, and a bit of Islam. The large turned cross, also known as a Scandinavian cross, represents the major religion in Kanne, Protestantism.

Government: The Kannese government is a simple direct democracy. The country has a Kärnesto, the Kannese term for Governor. 

Language: Kanne speaks Kannese, essentially a mix between Monterrian and Low Falkish. The further south you go, towards Monterre, the more Monterrian things sound. Likewise, the further north you go, the more Falkish things sound. Also, a small pocket of population in the eastern areas will speak a Nevian dialect of Kannese, known locally as Langíse du Mitteland, essentially "Language of the Middle-lands." The name has "middle" in it for obvious reasons, as the dialect is made up entirely of three languages put together, and it is spoken in the middle of this conglomeration of languages.

     Unto the update. Gann is a small town of about 10,000 located in a vale in the far south-east of Kanne. The only reason the names are more Falkish here is because the Falkands are just across the river.

Sorry for the small one  ::)


Looking good!   You've crafted some very nice looking suburbs.


Fantastic update, I love coming here, I always get inspired. (Though I can't hope to do it this good  :P)