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Re: Waterfalls a New Journey... MD by Pat_Update # 219

Started by Pat, March 13, 2007, 01:18:14 PM

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OK Im going to update now again lol and Im going to put off replies at this time as well yea.... Anywho here we go without further ado is the new update..........................

so there will be anther update more then likely tomorrow and then I will catch up with the Replies, at this time Im sorry folks Im whipped out....  Remember Lurkers please say at least your looking and lemme know what you think...  thanks - pat

NB: Since this is a new page I figured I bring the TOC here as well....

Ohhhh Heck Update Number One gotta have a hotlink for it lol......

Update Number Two.....

Update Number Three......

Update Number Fourrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr......

Mini Update Number One... The first teaser the worst at the most of it....

Mini Update Number Two.... Gezzs I am mean lol

Update Number Five with Replies to wonderful Comments........

Mini Update Number ummm Yea Three........

UPdate NUMber what now i think im at SIX wow....


Skinny Mini UPDATE number FOUR

FLooding of an UPDATE Number Eight.... Yea i said FLooD

UPdate NUMBER Nine with addded bonus of comments to this update niiiiiice.............

UPdate number 10.... Chippewa Lake and Chippewa Creek's spillway

UPDate NUMBER 11.... Attempted Tuturial on a waterfall... lol yea me do one of those lol... Part ONE

Thanks to Emilin.... UPDATE 12 with a better waterfall.... Part TWO of tuturial

Mini UPDate Number 5

My Month in the SPOT LIGHT wow.... "pat, congrats!  Nature masters are made, not born... 05/07"

mini update number 6

UPDATE NUMBER 13.....  Lady Lake reborn.

update number 14.... page 8 niiiiiiice

Update 15... Filling in Lady Lake

Mini Annoucement with Replies

Update # 16 Building Of Lake Placid.... BAD PUN ALERT!!!!

Update # 17 Lake Placid Completed... Needing feedback on this!!!

Newspaper Edition Update # 18 with also teaser.....

A wierd Question about these thingies? ? ? ?? ?

Not The RIMP teaser Alert.... Update # 19

Not The RIMP Teaser # 2______Update # 20

Not The RIMP Teaser # 3______Update # 21

Not The RIMP Movie_______Update # 22

Waterfalls Resumes with Attempted Mosaic______Update # 23

Update # 24____Stats and Teaser......

Update # 25______Waterfalls and other Points of Intrest......

Waterfalls is going CAMified_____Update # 26

Thanking a Special Friend for the Bump to CLassic....

Part of Tribute To Ryan aka Filasimo........ Update # 27

Announcement about Waterfalls and CAM EEEEEEEK...........

Replies to concerns about Waterfalls.......................

Waterfalls Update with Teaser_______Update # 28

Update # 29______Waterfalls.... Making you guess what the next update is gonna be???

Waterfalls Winner Announced and Update Tribute to Dustin___________Update # 30

Part 2 of Tribute to Dustin______________Update # 31

Part 2_A of Dustins Tribute________________Update # 32

Waterfalls With 100% pure beef to chew on_________Update # 33

Waterfalls with a Special Thanks to All....................

Waterfalls introduces Thundercrack Falls____________Update # 34

Waterfalls Replies To Comments by the viewers for the viewers...........

Replies to comments and I became the 3rd Guru Of Devotions.......

Minor Update with Teaser attached lol__________Update # 35

Replies to comments and a RL pic of me and my truck...........

Region View Courtesy of SUM aka Start UP Manager_______UPdate # 36

Replied to your Comments................

Farmington Heights Twin Lakes featuring TPW_______________Update # 37

Farmington Creek part 1________Update # 38

Farmington Creek part 2___________Update # 39

Update Number 40 is on the books

Special TuT on how to get the right Creek_______Update # 41

A special update to the Vets__________Update # 42

UpDate # 43

UpDate # 44 Teaser

UpDate # 44 MIS and RHW

UpDate # 45

UpDate 46 Christmas Special UPDATE..........

UpDate # 47 special not special UpDate.......

UpDate # 48 special Lowes

Update # 49 RHW & MIS special

Update 49 River Devolpement...

Update 50 the Completed River!!!

Replies to update 50

Extra Replies and a Teaser

Update 51 the update that failed

Replies to your comments from update 51

Update 52 Special Tribute to you all part One!!!

Update 53 Special Tribute to you all part Two!!!

Update 54 Special Tribute to you all part Three!!!

Special Quick Note to all!!!!!

Update 55 Something Different from me!!!

Update 56 Still Something Different from me!!!

Update 57 Yet still again something Different from me lol!!!

Update 58 Something Screwwie Here Boss!!!

Update 59 Teaser here Boss!!!

Update 60 More Devolpement of the Area!!!!

Replies to your Comments and Update Later Tonight!!!!

Update 61 One heckofa drop weeeehoooo!!!!

OK that is the TOC to current Update # 61.... - pat

also I noticed that there are over 15 guest viewing here come on guys and say hiiiiiiii!!!!!

NB: hollllllllllly crap over 37 guest viewing now whaaaaaaaaaat and no one saying anything yet???

Hey HyperXK I see you there, stop on in and say hi!!!! I dont bite lol.....

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Another relaxing and refreshing pictures, thank you Pat for sharing them!  :thumbsup:

I see the continous evolution in your nature shots, and I like the way you go very much!
- The rock mod you use now looks very good and large boulders harmonize very well with it.
- Your lake- and riversides are more diversified now, you use more kinds of bushes (very nice use of the underwater flora in particular  :)) and merging them with boulders/stones give much more nature look than earlier. I think it's a question of practice, after many attempts one can use less thinking and planning and more intuition, and the final result gets better and better.

As always it's a big pleasure to visit Waterfalls  :thumbsup:

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Looks great Pat :thumbsup:  Ennedi pegged it right when he said your skills keep improving with each update.  Keep up the fantastic work :thumbsup:

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That looks very beautiful there, Pat! Like the rivers and waterfalls! :thumbsup:



Replies to your comments from the last 2 updates.... for now only the replies....

Posted by: Simpson -- Simpson its always great to have you here in waterfalls and I hope to see you back soon...

Posted by: Bat * 2 * -- Hi Bat its great to see you back and I'm glad you liked both updates here of Waterfalls....

Posted by: Becca -- Hi Becca I m glad you at least was able to check out waterfalls even though Imageshack was having issues, I do hope you got to see the last 2 updates since imageshack has been back...

Posted by: Diggis -- WoW Diggis I'm honoured to have you stopped in at waterfalls, I do hope you enjoyed your visit and see you soon again....

Posted by: Derry -- lol Derry I sure did enjoy that tea and as always thank you sir for such a wonderful treat to have you coming on down to waterfalls..

Posted by: Joan -- Yessum Ma'am  I'm back at it again lol... I do hope you got to see this past update as well and see you soon again....

Posted by: Troy * 2 * -- Hey Buddy I hope you are doing good slaving at PH and I do hope to see you back in Waterfalls soon....

Posted by: Adam -- Thank you and what you have said means alot to me sir!!! I truly am very appreciative of your praises here in waterfalls.... I do hope to get to have you come back soon....[/color]

Later say in about a few hours before midnight CST in the cheese land the next update will be posted!!!! So if someone would do me the honors and say you are waiting, Id like that much!!!   thanks - pat

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Of course we're waiting for the next update. Though I haven't had the time to comment here lately, The last two updates look good. Your skill with the TPW keeps getting better. Greystone falls looks pretty good and I'm sure what you have planned coming up will look just as good too.


Hey Matt thanks bud I appreciate that alot!!!  I do hope these next set of pics dont disappoint at all...  So without further ado here we go with the next instalment...

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Like the new update of these great two waterfalls there, Pat! :thumbsup:

Looking forward to the next...


I like the first pic best, Pat, but all are awesome. One of these days I'll try my hand at TPW, but the front burner is already pretty crowded right now. BTW, any math involved in this? :D

Until next time...


More sweeeeeetness from the waterfall meister himself.

Great pics Pat, you really have cornered the market here. &apls



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Again beautiful pictures Pat!  &apls

I like the first one, the fact it's partially blurred helps to focus on the charming scenery at the foot of the waterfall. All these stones together, and especially Sorchin's wildflowers composed with water plants look fantastic! You become the Guru of the ploppable nature stuff!  :thumbsup:
Other pics are very good too, the last one is very interesting because of it's perspective. I know you spent much time creating these landscapes, I played with similar things a bit, so I highly appreciate your effort!
I know there is a constant problem with waterfall edges, hidding them needs a tricky terraforming or use ploppable rocks - large boulders or Jeronij's big stones. I see you managed it very well  :)

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The detail you present is just overwhelming. You must have alot of patience, but your eye for detail is second to none. The last update showcased some amazing shots!


 &apls &apls Splendid my friend . You have a great LE skill and great view of terraforming . I like the flight in the valley pic  :thumbsup: .. ( i know i`m late on this one  $%Grinno$% ) Keep it up your great work.


Replies only for now!!! Sorry folks.............
Posted by: Bat -- Hey Bat thanks for stopping in and Im glad you are loving it here and more to come soon...

Posted by: Joan -- HIya's Joan its a pleasure to see you again!!! How you been doing?? I thank you for your vote of confidence on my pics and I know you will do wonders with TPW when you get to it....

Posted by: Paul -- me a meister naw Im just humble to learn from everyone who gives me wonderful advice, thank you though Paul and its always great to have you here!!!

Posted by: Simpson -- Simpson welcome back and yes more will come dont worry!!!!

Posted by: Adam -- Hi Adam welcome back!!! Im glad you was able to make here to waterfalls and seen what Ive been upto!!! Belive me it was very hard to get that area right or close to it before I could even take a single picture...  I didnt want to show some of the stuff I had to do as you wouldnt belive it to achive this area...

Posted by: Nedalezz -- Hey Nedalezz welcome back to waterfalls and its always great to see you here and in fursian!!! Thank you, im glad you loved to see my pics and the detail yes it was a pain but it was a labour of love i guess you can say....

Posted by: Kimcar -- Kimcar its great that you gotten to come back here!!! Its better to be late then never at all and Im glad you loved the flight of the valley as soo did I....[/color]

Well that does it for now for replies and I do promiss here by Monday night there will be an update of waterfalls!!! so all sit tight and hold on and dont fear at all.... If you havent had the chance to tell me what you think of waterfalls now is your chance to voice your thoughts!!!

In other words please no more lurking thank you....  :) ()stsfd()

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Wow... I'm long overdue for a comment here.  My apologies, Pat!  The second and third pictures are especially great.  The angle in picture two shows off the waterfall beautifully.  The third picture stands out with all the underwater logs.  I have yet to see anyone who can do this stuff as well as you, my friend.   &apls


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Hey Jon its good to see you here again and I know you are very busy as of late so I will take you when I can get you to come on down to Waterfalls....

So Anyways a tad bit late but something I've figured out is this and well here we go with the 4th video update to waterfalls just click sit back and watch....


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nice video, the music reminds me to Engelbert Humperdinck, well not exactly  $%Grinno$%


You certainly have figured out movie making as well as landscaping with waterfalls, Pat. So my hat is off to you - I haven't figured out how to do either one! :D Very entertaining, and I like the music - always have appreciated the talent it takes to sing a cappella.

Until show time (again)...


Your movie is beatiful so good your lake is good
The environement is magnifical
So  &apls &apls
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