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Re: Waterfalls a New Journey... MD by Pat_Update # 219

Started by Pat, March 13, 2007, 01:18:14 PM

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good afternoon pat,

I have changed my name ;)

Copperminds and Cuddleswarms


Good to see you back here! And nice work on the Waterfalls Supporters List! Also nice that I'm the second highest commentator! - actually third ;)


Hey Pat,
It's good to see you back and I'll be one of those true friends of yours.  ;)
Can't wait to see what you have in store for us. 

Robin  :thumbsup:
Call me Robin, please.


Pat, welcome back. We all make mistakes and it's the mark of the man to step up and take responsibility for them.  It's good to see you back and I'm embarrased to see my name in the 1 comment section...  &ops  I'm not the biggest reader of MD's but I have followed yours and you do some great work.  I'll try pop in more.

Welcome back my friend.  :thumbsup:


Welcome back, Pat. Hope you'll pick up where you left off on Waterfalls and show us a lot more of your good work.




Always glad to see you in action - I look forward to more awesomeness soon.
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Hello Pat, I'm very glad you are back! :thumbsup:

I haven't too much time in last two months, so I made much less comments than earlier - but as you see I'm still here and I will visit Watrfalls with pleasure!

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Hi Pat,

I've missed my dose of relaxing, refreshing, rural waterfalls - so welcome back and show us some new pics  ;) :D ;) ::) ;)

btw the New Castia officials did a great job over in Balnavia and West End during Devo 08 - thanks :thumbsup:



Great to see your back on track. :thumbsup: Now go to work  :D Take care


Wow, I didn't realize I was a lowly 1 time commenter  :o I really have no excuse for my lurking. I have to say though, things are looking great here.

I'm looking forward to trying to incorporate some waterfalls in my MD using the modified wave 3 release you made a few weeks back.

Looking forward to more  :thumbsup:


OK finally gotten some stuff out of the way and now with summer winding down I can get back to business....  So to start off with I want to thank everyone for your support...

I wont be getting to the replies this time around as I'm still pretty busy ATM trying to get some stuff done and some Personal works done too, I apologize to you all....

But again thank you all that have commented here and good to see that everyone hasn't forgotten about Waterfalls... 

OK enough babbling from me and now without further ado and onto the show here we go with a teaser or 2 of stuff coming up.................

Now a special announcement....  New Castia a primary city that I work with is going to be having the Torch Relay pass threw on August 16th... the residents are so excited that there has been banners going up around town and here is a sample of the banner....

I know its not much and I don't usually get involved with stuff but I feel special as since I been a member of the ISC since the start and this is the first time ever done...  I know I am no great graphic designer and thats not my forte or however you say that word lol....

But hey its a one time deal from me and the residents of New Castia are very excited when I talked to the Mayor there about this... So stay tuned to more on what is coming up with some simlympic coverage and also more waterfalls...

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Hi Pat I'm happy to see new pic of your work in SC4
The pic is so superb and réalistic bravo my friend  &apls
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Hey Pat, Looking forward to seeing the relay come through.  The pond looks good, although I think I need to do some beaches and piers for you.  Thanks for your report.  :thumbsup:


Beautiful picture there of that nice area, Pat!
Great to see a new picture! ;)


Hey, Pat- you certainly whetted my appetite for more Waterfalls pics with your campground.  Hope all is well, my Rhinelanderian Friend- I'll be watching for that next update.

D. Edgren

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I'm still hopping from when one of my Torchbearers came too close &hlp
but its ok I poured some tea on it  :D :D :D

But it good to hear that New Castia shall be a  host  also in the relay :thumbsup:. Looking forward to seeing what you have in store.

nice graphics btw :thumbsup:

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quick note while I am at work, I am sorry I didn't get my torch relay posted yesterday I had a family emergency to deal with and today I am stuck at work all day thanks to nascar but I should hopefully be home around 7pm cst to get my Torch relay posted...   I am going to be a tad bit different from everyone else.. where as alot show going threw city streets and what not, I plan on going threw nature area's of course... I will have a few street shots but not to many...   sooooo stay tuned to New Castia coverage of the torch relay....

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the excitment of the torch coming threw New Castia caused this poor driver to wipe out, gezzs I swear that DOT needs to enforce safety here....

now leaving for the route

The arrival at the stadium to light the torch, before continuing on the route...

Stay tuned for the second part to come soon.........

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Hi Pat
Your update is looking superb. Your port is very good and very réalistic!! and also great stadium too my friend  :thumbsup:
My new city is now here
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Hi my friend

exellent update  :thumbsup: :thumbsup: i like the parcour of the olympic torch  &apls
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