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March 26, 2023, 01:44:57 PM

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Re: Waterfalls a New Journey... MD by Pat_Update # 219

Started by Pat, March 13, 2007, 01:18:14 PM

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OK getting back on the move here with reg updates here is the newest one from me!!!

OK so thats that lol.... I do want to say a personal thank you to everyone who has stopped back in here to welcome me back and for checking me out for the first time!!!

So to mrbisonm, canyonjumper, kimcar, ecoba, Jmouse, Tomas Neto, mightygoose, Battlecat, bob56, cubby420, penguin007

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Hi Pat, well it hasn't taken you long to get back into the swing of things, great to see mate  :thumbsup:

What is that brown building in the first pic. Looks like a carpark, I like it though.

And great work with the farms, especially the fields on the slopes. Nicely done indeed.

Waiting for more



That's a very dense urban core!  Nice selection of buildings there!


Looks like you're getting back into the swing of things, Pat, and I'm so glad to see that happen at last! :thumbsup:

I'm not used to seeing many cityscapes in Waterfalls, but yours looks pretty good. What part of the region is it in? Come to think of it, I don't recall ever seeing a region photo, although there's probably one in there somewhere. That little commercial area looks good, too, and it's more along the lines of my personal preferences! :)

Are you doing any LE work now?
If not, I hope you'll be able to start that up again eventually - you did some good work last year. I've taken a greater interest in it myself since I discovered what a pleasure it is to use the one included with PIMX.

As always, looking forward to the next update.

Later... :)


Looking good Pat! Doesn't seem like anything's gotten too rusty while you've been away. I like the urban core there. In fact, I think that's one of the few urban areas I've seen you do. It's dense, but not so dense as to be choked out. Nicely done. Sorry I missed the farms too. The soft rolling hills really add some visual diversity to the scene, and you did a good job working with the diagonals. Well done.

Dave, if you're referring to that little red building, it's more of an office building than a car park, however, the person who BATted that might want to consider desaturating it a bit and giving it another go. So what else is new, heh heh? It looks good there Pat.


 &apls Great update Pat Looking forward for your next


Some very pretty BATs there can't wait to see more




Welcome back Pat!

Glad you've been back here!

Take care!

Bernhard  :thumbsup:


I'm the one who jumped across the Grand Canyon... and lived.


OK so as the announcement says this is a road geek special update pre 3 yr celebration of Waterfalls... MD by Pat.  I figure it has been a bit since I did a road geek special I figured it was about time to do another one lol.... Don't worry everyone Water Works are coming back ;-) Im just trying to branch off a bit to show that I do have some skills lol... OK anywho as you all remember that SDOT had made a terrible mess by the Airport on the interchange well here it is all nice and fixed with trimmings!!!

OK so that is new interchange by the airport and with that here is the newest interchange for the highways that cross threw Spartenburg....

OK so that be it for this update and stay tuned to the next one as it will be the 3 yr anniversary of Waterfalls!!!

Don't forget the SC4D Podcast is back and live on Saturdays @ 12 noon CST!! -- The Podcast soon to Return Here Linkie

Tomas Neto

Very nice update my friend, and congrats on the 3 yr anniversary of Waterfalls!!!


Some great pictures!
Congratulations on three years of Waterfalls... MD by Pat! &apls


A really nice update, Pat.

I certainly do like the roadgeek updates, I've never seen one before from you. But, maybe that was just my not visiting before your latest revival. I really like the redone Airport Interchange, it looks very realistic to interchanges with frontage roads I've seen. As for the expressway/expressway interchange, I must say, while lovely, it doesn't provide full access.

Anyway, a very nice update, looking beautiful.



&apls &apls Happy Birthay Waterfalls  &apls &apls


See the all-new National Capital Region!:

NEW! Come check out the Official Schulmania Website! ... includes a blog as well!


Those are some pretty fancy interchanges, Pat, and well planned, too. I know from limited experience it isn't as easy as it looks to create a good-looking, functional network! 

I'm so pleased
to see you getting back to work on Waterfalls. A surprising number of MDs do well to make it past the three-month mark, much less three years, so congratulations on reaching a rare milestone. And doing it in grand style, too! :)



Congratulations on reaching three years of Waterfalls!   &apls Nice interchanges in this update! 


Love it! What a nice spacious interchange. Don't know if I'm the biggest fan of the amount of dense, tall trees though...kind of overkill and maybe doesn't quite fit. Maybe a wider shot for context would assuage my fears.