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Kormonude: Contents Under Development

Started by carkid1998, April 01, 2009, 10:09:11 AM

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Welcome to my MD Kormonude. The region is mainly unexplored, but that will come in the future....  $%Grinno$%



Page 1: Introduction-Updates 1-4.5
Page 2 Updates 5-10
Page 3: Updates 11-13.5
Page 4: Update 14 Part 1-14 Part 3
Page 5: Update 14 Part 4-?


First though,stats.

Official name: Republic of Kormonude
Country Code: RKM
Language: English
Location: Centre of the Atlantic Ocean
Capital: Currently Zargun


To the north is the the Flat coastal plains with some industrial development, and lining the border,mountains.

I will start with Iszenza(pronouncedI-svenza) a city built on and around a lake.

Sendona... Coming soon!


it is original, good start  :thumbsup:
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warconstruct: Thanks!! You're officially the first commenter.

By the way, the empty area around the development is for a planned coastal boardwalk/marina complex.

These are the sea walls surrounding most the Island.

A typical scene. A couple of hours earlier though..... There were april fools day riots.Unfourtenately the camera man for The News channel was attacked so.. no pics,sorry.

And A small pic of fenfad,an industrial city.
Sendona... Coming soon!


This is VERY original $%Grinno$%

Guillaume :thumbsup:
L'atelier d'architecture
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I'll agree with Dr. House Guillame.  You've got an interesting take on the quad you are working with.  I will note the usual "New MD" advice of turning off the mission (UDI) indicators and grid in your pics, but don't worry about it- I did the exact same thing, and folks let me go on for several posts before finally telling me.

You do have a lot of avenues that seem to duplicate the function of others- perhaps you might elaborate in you backstory a bit what function these serve, or perhaps tell us about the transportation chief who was getting kickbacks from highway contractors for approving "roads to nowhere."

All in all, it will be interesting to see where Komonude (an interesting name) takes us.

Good luck!

D. Edgren

Please call me David...

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Nice idea to develop a city on an island in a lake. It's looking good so far!  :thumbsup:
I also like the harbor, with that gigantic bridge near it.

Keep up the good work  &apls &apls


Hello again everyone!

Guilaume: Thanks. It's obviously vERy Original

BarbarossaS : Thankyou. You'll see some more of it soon..

David:  Thanks for the advice.How do you turn the grid lines of? As for the avenues you'll find out a bit more in this update....

I'll start with Fenfad.

This Is the main loading Area with a Container loading on the left and Goods processing and sorting on the right

An Overview of the port

The Council Goods And Import Control Offices (CGICO)

And back to Iszenza. The new Fruit and veg producer.

Now for the Back story.

Iszenza started out as a community of Upper-lower class green fingered people.

However before long there were canals and Avenues(Oh and Rich people).Their Planty passion carried on and at the same time as serious traffic  problems. So everyone ran to the Transport advisor. And he said "Simple, classy, high capacity, planty avenues."

And now their Planty passion has fired up again. The Evidence, this:

Sendona... Coming soon!


Oh goody, more harbor sweetness  :P I really like the contrast between that big building and those numerous dock cranes.
As for the rural area: it looks quite nice, but maybe you should try using the FAR over there, I think it might help to make that area looking even greater!
And my my, those wind turbines you have there are HUGE. Where on earth did you find those, I'd love to use them in my regions  ;D

Anyway, keep those updates coming, I'll be here, enjoying them  ;)


[tabular type=4][row][data]How do you turn the grid lines off?[/data][/row][/tabular]

Pressing the [ G ] key cycles through on-off.

Thanks for the info on the avenues, my friend.  Oh, and inquiring minds would like to know- is it Kormonude or Komonude.  You need to take a look at your title versus your opening posts and your sig.  I can change the title on the posts for you if it does turn out to be the former.

D. Edgren

Please call me David...

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Thankyou for your comments,BarbarossaS I believe they are http://www.simtropolis.com/stex/index.cfm?p=files&keyword=neder&view=all here

And the Name.. It was intended to be Kormonude but Komonude does sound good. What do you think??

Sendona... Coming soon!



Sorry that it's taken so long for me to the return the favor for your wonderful support of Marathon, my friend! I do apologize for the delay!

Komonude--or Kormonude, they both sound great--is off to a fantastic start! I can only echo what others have said about the originality of your work. Your farms look splendid, and I love those wind turbines that you've used, as well.

I will definitely be back around to see what you have in store for next!

Take care!



Hi every one!!

It seems that the most popular name was (drum roll) Kormonude !

I declare this MD to be called Kormonude!!

EDITAnd there you go.  I've edited the titles of all the posts to reflect the MD's proper name.  Good luck! -DE
Sendona... Coming soon!


Interesting MD You have here carkid!
One thing I noted though was the narrow "canal" where the ships load/unload their cargo, I guess the harbourmaster have a tough job coordinating the ships´ schedules so that they arrive and depart in the right order...  ;D


Hello everyone!
I intended to do an update a couple of days ago but it all ground to a halt when one of my game crashed when I tried to load a city.
Unfourtunately, the problem persists  &cry2, and I'm trying to solve it.

BarbarossaS: Why thankyou!

David: Thanks again for the advice, the piccy's are now gridless!! And thanks for changing the post titles.

thundercrack83 : Hello and welcome to Kormonude! No worries about that delay!!

Swesim : Thanks. The harbourmaster does have a tough job. In fact, 10 people have taken the job and quitted because of stress...

The new airport in Zargun, a recently established city

One entrance to the underground carpark.

The taxiway, ramps,and apron. Part of the terminal and runway can also be seen

A view of the basic terminal, before the  western walkway was added

Sendona... Coming soon!


Sorry to hear one of your city's is probably corrupt. Hope you have a back-up of that city.
As for your update: cool!  ;D :thumbsup: I like custom airports when they're done good, and I think I can say yours is :P
The transportation network around the airport is good too, though I'd like to see some parking space around there somewhere. Sims have to park their car around there, don't they  :P



Hi everone!

Unfoutunately, Iszenza's corrupt. So why not rebuild it??

BarbarossaS: Thankyou! That's actually my first airport building attempt, so I'm glad you like it.I suppose it could do with a bit more parking(more like a lot more!)

A small rural development.

More soon!
Sendona... Coming soon!


Interesting Rural development reminds me of a small Iowa town!  &apls


Heh!  Freeway in the back yard.  Made me think immediately of

Oh, but ain't that America for you and me
Ain't that America- something to see, baby
Ain't that America, home of the free
Little pink houses for you and me

Nice airport, too.  I've thought for quite a while that major terminals should be redesigned so that they are just accessible by a light rail link to the parking area, and baggage should also be processed at a satellite facility specifically set up for that purpose.

D. Edgren

Please call me David...

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Nexis4Jersey: Thanks!

David: Haha! Nice little song! And thanks for the airport compliments too.

So, here's a bit more of Iszenza.

A view of the central island of Iszenza lake. This area could be called the town centre.

Some houses under construction in the town centre

And some small houses in the rural area shown in the last update.
Sendona... Coming soon!


It looks like Iszenza is developing nicely. I like the waterfront, hope to see some more of it in a next update perhaps!  :thumbsup: