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March 21, 2023, 10:25:35 AM

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Nova Roma (New Rome)

Started by vein, April 11, 2009, 03:02:15 PM

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Nova Roma

Because ancient Rome stands as the bedrock of western civilization...

Because Roman Virtues mean more than Family Values...

Because the Gods of Rome are calling...

Update2: 04/12/09




History Foundation: Nova Roma is a global Roman revivalist movement and is dedicated to the restoration of classical Roman religion, culture and virtue and promotes shared Roman ideals. The Movement purchased this island on the tropical western end of the pacific to start out a sovereign independent Nation.

Adiminstration: Nova Roma goverment structure is based on the ancient Roman Empire with an Emperor, Senate and magistrates.

Religion: Nova Roma adopted the ancient Roman religion as its state cult, but also maintains the freedom of religion of its citizens.

Language: Nova Roma recognizes two official languages, English and Latin.

Location: Mediterranean Island Plateau

Climate: Cool Sub-tropical

Temperature: On sea level 23c average,  On plateau 14c average

Elevation: 38.ft - 1850.ft highest point - Accurate

Humidity: 64% on Plateau, 86% on Sea Level

Area: Unknown

Population: 40k+

Largest City: none

Second Largest City: none

Capital: Nova Roma (not yet constructed)

Total Regions: 16 big regions


This sounds interesting, looking forward to it  :)



looking forward to more as Nova Roma develops here!!!

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Looking good so far. Are you planning on making this modern or historical?

Might I suggest searching up the Region Census Tool (I know its on SimTropolis, not sure if its here). It allows you to get a picture of your entire region without needing to line up a bunch of screenshots and without any of the menus/buttons to get in the way.


My goal will be probably a combination of ancient rome and modern my target is to have at least 1million citizens, im still downloading some of the mods :)

UPDATE 14/04/09


Nova Roma's Naval Military Base in Dacia

Dacia Town Center

Nova Roma's Main Harbor in Ostia

A cenote in Dacia (All rivers run underground in Nova Roma when they exit the surface they make holes called cenote's)


Next Target County west of Dacia... i have no name yet for it.. im thinking of new roman places  ()what()


You have me intrigued. Are you going to use any of the Roman style buildings on the STEX as well? Good luck!
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Very nice start. 
It would be in your best interest if you resized all your pics to 1024x768 or even a little smaller so that everyone can see all of your picture.  Some of the first ones look reall good but half of it is missing.
I look forward to more.
Robin  :thumbsup:
Call me Robin, please.