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Principality of Auvergne

Started by Monegasque_Dude, May 17, 2009, 07:59:21 AM

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Principality of Auvergne, Is A Full Member of COFR.
Auvergne is Located in Metropolitan France, and has been independant for almost 150 Years.
The Country's odd Location, has been questioned by Many, The Country's Main Exports are Fashion and Food.
This Little Nation has fantastic cities and countryside to enjoy.
Lafayette (Capital) is currently Bidding for the July Simlympics.

The First Update:

Firstly im going to show you some place's in central Lafayette, close to the simlympic park.

Here is the Main COFR Embassies  in Lafayette, Next door is the the National Courts of Justice.

Here is the Main Boulevard through the area, Mode Rue. You can see the HQ of an Auvergntinan Company, Bank of Auvergne. You can also see Notre Dame in the Picture and the Royal Opera House.

Cathédrale de la Princesse de Auvergne, A Famous Cathedral in the Entire Country.

Tour Montparnasse and Dôme de notre Dieu.

Thats all of the First Update, But here's a teaser for my next Update :laugh:

Enjoy the Postcard and send it to your friends and family xD.
also check out my bid on simsports, http://simsports.darkbb.com/july-bids-f128/lafayette-bid-t988.htm


Nice little aria Id like to see more!  &apls


Its always exciting looking at new diaries. And you are starting good. It will fun seing more of this. I like your tight streets, its actually realistic. But a little empty for traffic and people.
Great work.