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Urland - a (mostly) rural Coastline

Started by Nardo69, March 24, 2007, 12:01:44 PM

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[April 28th: Update 29: Hauereichen]

Hello to All!

Some of you will know me, some of you may have already noticed me being a member here ...

and I am rather sure that those of you who know me do know my CJ over "at the other site". Since some good friends of mine don't go often to ST I thought it may be a good thing to simulatneous post here and there.

I try to post on weekly base but since last August RLS didn't let me follow this schedule ...

So here I am with the first update posted on SC4devotion. I will repost he previous two update here too, for the remaining (almost two years) you will have to go there: Urland

For those of you who prefer German: I will shortly start to post in German on simforum, too.
The German Version of this MD can be found here on www.Simforum.de

But now let's start with the update - a small tile almost entirely made out of water with a small almost triangular patch of coast:


As I said before – a small tile with a lot of water and a small triangular spot of land – just perfect for a small fishing village. The arcitecture may not be very German but a mix of British (Gascooker) and Dutch (Haarlemmergold) but I like it.

So this is the village - Strandersheim - a church, two pubs, a cemetary, some farms and a small fishing harbour.
Actually while building this time I had "Everyday feels like Sunday" from The Smiths in my ear ... all the time ...
It is said that in earlier times the inhabitants lighted fires on the beach (="Strand") to lead ships into shallow waters,  get on board, kill the sailors and steal the prey but maybe it is just a myth  - no beach here at all and the waters here aren't dangerous enough to run a lighthouse here .. .

Some closeups of the "downtown" with the small church and the too pubs. The "Fischerstube" (next to the church) is a place where the locals meet for a beer after their work is done. Its Heringssalat (herring salad) with fried potatoes is a delicious insider tip, though.
The other pub is the rather famous "Lachender Hering" - with a star in the Guide Michelin the main attraction of Strandersheim. The owner owns the only non-Rowhome in the "centervillage". Of course you won't see locals as guests there ...
(I must confess this special ingame R$$ is the main reason why I sometimes thought of instaling the NoMaxis - Mod ...)
Later on I blasted that BSC farm in the lower righ pic. That red thingy was just too ... red, somehow ...

The fishing harbour - right now eyecandy but I really think about learning to mod them into I-S or I-M. The original Lots from NOT have a transparent base which I didn't like here so I changed it to a concrete texture - fits more to the fishing harbours at the Marmara Sea I saw here ..

The community in Strandsheim isn't very rich so the cemetary has no own chapel. Rather pratical effect: most of the time noone has to fake tears as 4 out of 5 funeral take place on rainy sundays and people get completely soaked on the way from the church to the cemetary ....

I saw a similar cemetary years ago somewhere in Croatia. And I love how it came out!

The farms on the hill. I like how all these green and brown colors fit together. Unfortunately I couldn't get the kink out of the Sardinia Row ...

In general I turn off the day-and-night change in order to have a better overview over the project I do in the respective moment. Howver I am glad that I turned it on again here ...
I know that some people don't like to here this but ...
... IMHO here the Maxis farm just blends in better than the BSC farm before.

A rather busy night for such a small village  ...

That was it for today.

I hope you like my small Intermezzo. Next time I hope to be able to continue with Rodewitz.

Untill then

Have fun!

Bernhard  :thumbsup:


wow just when i was really contemplating a rural coastline type of MD, you go and shove your way in  :P no problem. i definitely will have a different take to it. i could learn from you, definitely. also, there are a few other rural coastline MDs here. you should have a look if you havent yet. so... let me be the first to usher in your beautifully started MD. welcome, Bernhard. would love to see how you develop this further. region shots would be nice. see you around.


Hi Bernhard and welcome to Urland here on SC4Devotion, and I am so glad you will start to make updates here as well.  ()stsfd() For the last months I sometimes took a peek in the CJ section over at ST, but did not see any updates from you and that was the only reason for me to be there. &sly

I love this fishing village you have made and the stories connected to it, maybe not very German like you already have said, but a great mix of buildings. The cemetary on the coast is a nice touch and I agree with you, it turned out nice.

By the way the BSC is busy improving their farms, so I think there are good times coming for Urland and the sloping farm fields. :thumbsup:


Welcome over here. I've seen your work with the rail tutorial at "the other site" and that is quite well done. This seems like it is already up to that standard. Good luck with it, and I should check out the rest of it sometime.


Bernhard, it is fabulous to see you over here with Urland.  It's always been a personal favorite over at ST, even though my trips there have pretty much always been limited to lurking.

The first post looks great.  I'll stop back by when I can take the time today (family stuff going on right now) to give things a look that will do Urland justice.

Good luck!

D. Edgren

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Hello Nardo, nice to see you here amigo,

I have to say that your pictures have something...really pleasant to view  :thumbsup:

I am sure you will enjoy your stay here  ;)
I am currently not active - Please, contact Tarkus for any site related matter. Thanks for enjoying SC4D :D

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I mate . I really like what i saw. Very original how you post your pics too. Keep going


Very picturesque rural town, the backstory of whom is quite entertaining.  I especially like the bit about funerals happening on rainy days and the residents not having to fake tears.

I believe I've seen this CJ over on the, er, other site, but I've never looked into it.

As I'm learning German at school, it would be nice if you posted the link to the German version - I might just do read that one to see what I can comprehend.



Hallo Nardo. Ich genoß, die Abbildungen zu betrachten

Hello Nardo. I enjoyed looking at your pictures. I like the cemetery. It is nestled among the very tall trees and that gives it an eerie spooky feeling.
Jim Myers  (5th member of SC4 Devotion)


I always used to read your stuff over at ST and I am really a big fan of yours. Good to see you over here too. :thumbsup:

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Interesting style and I do love the smaller village type development.
Work, the annoying period between bike trips.
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Bernhard - these are some wonderfull pitcures. I don't think I ever stumbled on Urland on ST, but be sure that I will follow it here  :thumbsup:
Check my MD:               


Hi Bernhard

Nice to see you here, still with your amazing Urland !

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Hey Bernhard,
Good one, I like that cemetary on the seaside, what better place for a fisherman to rest at the end of his life... nice touch!
The dirt trail leading to it is also well thought!
Also like that small church, very appropriate, and the ambiance is perfect!

Take care

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Hi Bernhardt.

It's great to see you and "Urland" here!
Nice to see you're back to rural styled updates for the moment.
I'm always inspired by your rural work.

Take care



What's a warm welcome if not this?   &blush  :thumbsup:
After the rather low response rate on "the other site" I felt I a bit ... forgotten but it seems to be that right now almost everyone went already HERE!
Ya know, I am just a SOD (Stubborn Oldfashioned Donkey) that needs its time for all kind of new things ....

@ zniehadajet: Thanks for the compliment! About the region shot: Your wish is my command - just have a look at the end of this post!
You should know that I am working on this region for quite exactly 2 years now, because I am a rather slow builder and as a  married working man my time is limited.  ;)

@ kwakelaar: Hello Gjermund! I really missed you - one of the reasons why I came to this place, too!  ;) About the new slope-conforming famrs: I really do look forward them!

@ threestooges Thanks for the compliment. About the Railroad tutorial: there are right now two chapters, and I hopefully will be able to post them here, too! :)

@ dedgren
Thanks for the warm welcome!
QuoteBernhard, it is fabulous to see you over here with Urland.  It's always been a personal favorite over at ST, even though my trips there have pretty much always been limited to lurking.
I think this is not the only thing we have in common ...  ;) I hope you will enjoy the region shots, too. There are not that fantastic as I am not a big terraformer - still using the same flamesrock - map since 2 years ....  ::)

@ jeronij
It has been some time ago that Whiteshark (Crystal City), Llewellan (Digby) and you (Sculpting Columbia River) where the greatest CJers for me who as radically as irreversible changed my style of playing SC4.  ()stsfd()
I am really glad you like them! And if my stay continues like it has began ... ;)
BTW: I really like the post editor!  :thumbsup: &apls

@ kimcar Thanks for the compliment! I will continue but as I said before I am not the fastest ...  :)

@ pickled_pig Thanks for the compliment! For not seeing me on "the other site", no problem with that... There seems to be an inflation of CJs these days, most of them disappear as fast as they began, so an old CJ like mine can disappear within the masses there ... and then, finally I am here!
The complete link to the German version is here: linkie - I will change the initial post, too!  ::)
The German version is not a 1:1 translation as there are obviously some differences between these languages (even though they are rather close). If you don't understand something feel free to PM me!  ;)

@ jmyers2043 Thanks for the compliment - especially since I do love your farms & small industrials / commercials!  ()stsfd()
The cemetary in Croatia I mentioned hasn't had such high trees but as a child of the Black Forrest in Germany I do love trees - yet It took me one year to install the Colmbus mod and another year to post my first screenshots with it ... - see I am just a SOD ...  ;)

@ emilin Thanks for the compliment! As I said before now I know where my posters went to ...  ;D

@ bat Danke für die Blumen! Thanks for the compliment!  :)

@ Colyn Wow! Another SC4 celebrity! Thanks for the compliment!  :-[

@ sebes Thanks for the compliment! As for "the other site": no problem - see my comment for pickled_pig  ;)

@ wouanagaine: Merci pour le compliment mon ami!  :)
Thanks for the compliment my friend!

@ Darmok Hello John! I thought that you would like the cemetary!   :D
I tried the versions with the transparent texture but they somehow didn't show up ...
About the ambiance: If I don't have the feeling it is okay the particular place means some work for my friend Dozer 07 ...  :P

@ pvarcoe Hello Phil! Yes, after the long time on Gleiwemünde's urban part I really enjoyed the rural setups. I have a second big town, even bigger than Gleiwemünde, but unfortunately the file seems to be corrupted ... I am going to reload it from the backup CDs now for the second time ...
As you see I posted first time woth the columbus mod. Regarding it I have to learn a lot from someone like you -  I really enjoyed Terraforming Teton!

And now - as promised - the region view of Urland.

Be aware that all of the older cities are without and the newer cities with the columbus mod!

The region view

The traffic view.
I have to find that other traffic view mod somewhere in my plugin folders.

That's it for today!

Have Fun!

Bernhard  :thumbsup:


Hey Bernhard,

Great to see your famous CJ here as a MD too.

Great looking village you've made. Maybe consider using a different busstop (I do hate the ingame one it is as big as a shop).



It is funny looking at your region view and I see the names of the towns and cities and can actually recall some of your updates. Have you also been making updates for two years from Urland?
I see you have quite a few cities to fill up still and I look forward to the next one with anticipation. :thumbsup:


fantastic region and great development! :thumbsup: