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July 07, 2022, 09:44:11 AM

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Lawrencia- A continent of nations Update 1 6/19/09

Started by debutterfly, June 14, 2009, 01:44:45 PM

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Hi, I'm Larry (debutterfly) and instead of sticking with one region as traditional MDs do, I have decided to try something new. Since I like to focus on certain regions at certain times for different things, it would be hard to keep up to date on just one region. This being the case, I will show you a variety of regions at different stages of development starting at different time periods. First, I'd like to show you the regions that I am working on. All my cities are not based on any outside city except for one region which is being rebuilt for the third time but this time using a grid to plot the streets. This region is Greater Indianapolis. The region is to scale where .7mm on the map is one tile in SC4. This region is unpopulated until I lay down all of the rewards structures such as churches and theatres. All my other regiuons are populated. One region I terraformed all by myself. Currently half the region is done with its first two game years. Anyway enough with chat and onto pictures of regions.

Greater New York
FayetteUpdate 1: 6/19/09
San Francisco
Portland, OR
Greater Indianapolis

First up is the newest of the regions that I am working on. Its called Farkirk.

The next region is one that I have been working on this week. It's called Greater New York.

The next region is one of my first regions. It's called San Francisco.

This next region was my first terraformed region. It's called Lawrence.

This region was the first custom region that I downloaded from online. It is called Cincinnati respective of its landscape.

This region was the second region that I downloaded from online. Its lanscape is based off of Portland, OR.

This next region was one I built off of the original regions of the game. It is called London.

This final region is the second reincarnation of the city of Indianapolis, IN. I cannot tell you how many hours I spent looking at an Indy city map with a ruler and a calculator to figure out the road layout. It was probably around 35 to 40 hours. I could easily spend a whole 8 hours laying out the roads to exact position.

That's all the regions that I am interested in working on in the next year. Hope you enjoy seeing my cities that I show you as I give you an overview of each region and the cities that are within that region.

-Larry (debutterfly)


Wow,huge project and with many pics,i like it!expecially the last one,i love reconstructions of rl places!nice job
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Time de tradição,raça,amor e paixão,
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Eu,sempre te amarei,
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Although they do look great, those pictures are awfully big. I'm almost certain that pictures on this site can be no wider than 1024 pixels. Those ones are way over the limit. Maybe you should resize them. Big pictures make for long loading times. People who have slow connections will have to wait longer to see your pictures, and some of them won't bother waiting. That means that less users will look at your MD and comment on it.
I think it would be a good idea to keep in mind what I've just said.
Good luck with your MD.

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I like the concept of multiple regions, however I agree that you should resize your pics.

I would love to see closer looks at the developed areas, it's hard to critique it when you can't really see much

Good luck!!
You can call me Grif

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Wow , wat an interesting collection of regions  :thumbsup:


Looks like you have alot to work on!! hehe!!! 


Pics are little big, but other than that, nice start. Looking forward to seeing those up close. Best of luck with the MD.


Let's take a look at the comments:
Luke09: I love reconstructions as well. But I say, they do take quite awhile and it's hard to find a map with a perfect scale. Thankfully I have just the map. 16m = .7mm.
darraghf: Got them down to 1024px. Thanks for the tip. :)
bob56: I just resized the pics and it's more like a PD (President Diary).  ;)
Nexis4Jersey: They are very intersting because each region is like an era of my creating as a SC4 player. Advancing in realism as I go along. From grid to neighborhoods and shopping malls.  :P
evertonforever1: I sure do.  ::)
Connor: Thanks. I shrunk the pictures to 1024px wide.  ;) Hope that helps.

Here we will take a look at Fayette.

It's population is approaching 120,000 persons. It holds a majority of Greater New York's jobs with 110,000 commercial jobs and 15,000 industrial jobs. Within Fayette, there are small towns that are on the outer reaches of the Fayette city limits. Fayette's transportation network is very advanced with 8 subway lines and two regional rail lines.
It also has a well mapped out road system and has a monorail line that is a connector to Hopetown, Fayette's eastern neighbor. 
Over 30,000 people travel between Fayette and hopetown every day using Interstate 40 and the Fayette-Hopetown Monorail. Used mostly in Hopetown, there is a bus system for Fayette whose main stop is at the Fayette Transport Hub where the U1 (subway), M1 (Monorail), R2 (Regional Train), and B1 (Bus line) all meet. 
The Fayette Airport is right next to the Fayette-Hopetown border where Fayette is commected to Hopetown by I-40. State Road 12 connects the east bank population to the airport. Its west terminous is with I-40 where it Y-juncts. Looking at the east bank of the river we find an industrial park called Clover Industrial Park.

South of Clover Industrial Park we see the town of Greenlance Park. Just East is the small town of Pinicle. Highway 65 borders Clover Industrial Park on the west. Highway 65 is a main north-south artery intersecting I-40, HW 140, SR 100, HW 365 and passing over I-44. HW 65 connects Fayette to the cities of Jasperville (south) and Hayworth (north). Going to the intersection of HW 64 and SR 100 we find the bustling residential area Upper Fayette.

This is the oldest part of Fayette and is very busy with people traveling north and south as well as east to west. People take the U2 which travels east-west and is parallel to SR 100. There is also Fayette Elementary School #1 on the southeast corner of the intersection. Traveling north, over the river, we reach the Y-junction of HW 65 and SR 365 (east terminus).

At this intersection we find the city of Riverbend (named appropriately). North of the intersection is Riverbend's apartment area. North of Riverbend is the Riverbend Country Club. Traveling farther north on HW 65 we pass Riverbend (Commercial) District and the small city of Vienna.

Going back to the intersection of HW 64 and HW 140, going east on HW 140 we reach the southern limits of the town Shoreline.

HW 140 divides the towns of South Shoreline and Shoreline. Farther north along the east bank there is SR 100 crossing the river connecting Shoreline Industrial Park and Upper Fayette. The SR 100 bridge is a heavily used bridge and needs to be upgraded but there is too much development along the road for expansion. The U2 runs underneath the river and provides another means of getting to Upper Fayette and Downtown.

The Shoreline Industrial Park is bordered by SR 100 on the north and the R2 on the East. Parks surround the industrial park to promote high-tech industry. On the west side of the industrial park is Shoreline's commercial area. This is the main reason for the congestion on the SR 100 bridge. People in high rises from Upper Fayette (around 10,000 residents) travel to Shoreline's busness district and industrial park. Hopefully the U2 will help ease this congestion. Farther north of Shoreline Industrial Park are Cottonfield (south) and Pinetree (north).

In this view, there is Fayette Memorial Elementary School #4 and I-51 Exit 9 in the east. In the west There is a main road connecting Pinetree and Cottonfield to the Riverbend (Commercial) District. Going back down south to the crossing of I-40 and HW 65 and traveling west on I-40 across the river, we reach East Grove.

East Grove is the south terminus for HW 30 and is located south of the Mall District and Fayette University. In this picture, there is a view of East Grove Elementary School #5. East Grove is one of the older towns of Fayette and is all residential area. All of the residents travel a small distance to the Mall District.

The Mall District (south) and the University District are a very busy area. This is where the U1 comes above ground and runs parallel to HW 40 as well as having the U5 run parallel underground. Around 14,000 commuters run along this transit artery every day. Traveling north on HW 30, we reach the junction of SR 100 E/W and HW 40. This area is called the Lower Fayette (Commercial) District.

This is west of Downtown and is one of the first independent commercial district. This is the location where the U1 travels back underground. In this picture, in the lower right, there is Fayette High School. This high school has an attendence of around 2000 students.

North of the Lower Fayette District is Middle Lake and the Middle Lake Parkway. Running through Lower Fayette is HW 223. HW 223 is the east terminus of the Middle Lake Parkway. Talks of expanding the Middle Lake Parkway have run into snags on the east terminuys with the location of a Mosque at the terminus and HW 223.
Talks of expanding the parkway north have also hit snags by the Bell South Tower in the Commercial District.

The Commercial District borders HW 30 in the south and HW 223 in the east. Traveling south of HW 30 and the Commercial District is River Shore.

South of River Shore is the commercial district called Derky. Moving on to the east of Lower Fayette is Downtown Fayette.

SR 100 runs through downtown split as one-way roads. The U2 also runs under downtown going from east to west. Going north of Downtown on HW 223 we pass Middle Lake on the west side of the highway.

In this view, there is Central Cove on the lower right, Yearly Hights on the upper right and Middle on the west side of HW 223. These small communities lie in the hustle and bustle of city life in Fayette. One of the towns not near much traffic is Cart Island. I-44 does cross Cart Island but due to limited space on the island, there is no exit.

East and west of the island, there are exits 2 and 3 (HW 223). The U8 does pass under Cart Island and is one of the newest lines. Going east along the U8 we encounter the small village of Windy Oak.

Windy Oak is in the farming region that surrounds Fayette and is one of the newer communities. The east terminus of the U8 is Pathera and was created by the reallignment of Banta Road.

This is one of the newest formed communities and is mainly a farm town with no commercialization. Going south on Banta Road there is the town of Stately Wind.

This town is also based off of farming. Also it is the east terminus of the U2. Heading to the far southwest area of Fayette there is Denshire.

Denshire is the newestly formed community in Fayette. It is located at the intersection of the R1 (east-west) and the R2 (north-south). Just if you were wondering how the zoning of Fayette looks here you go.

Some of the communities and areas that were not talked about and were not shown are: Monolock, Hover (Commercial) District, Ridgebrook, Finic, Outer (Commercial) District, and Jason.

Hope you enjoyed this update.

-Larry (debutterfly)


Please use JPEG pictures next time. It costs a hell of a lot of time to download all pictures. But as far as I can see now, it's a decent start.
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Looking good!

But that's the standart Maxis water, right? Perhaps you can download a water mod, and see how that looks. It adds more realisme into your waters, imo.