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Started by projectadam, July 11, 2009, 11:07:39 PM

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The question I asked myself was; "What if the Swedish Empire continued to explore and colonize North America?"

This MD will be a recount of historical fiction. A bloodline that can be traced back to Erik Magnusson, the second son of Magnus Ladulås and Queen consort Helvig of Holstein. Although the story is completely fictional, it will be based on historical accuracy. I hope you enjoy your time spent here.

Constitutional Monarchy of Ichigamin Flag:

Table of Contents: Coming Soon


(1)Hearne, Samuel. York Factory. 1797.
The Constitutional Monarchy of Ichigamin

Terraforming Update (8/25/09)



What do you do when you want to make a region on a coastline but your skills are somewhat sketchy when it comes to terraforming? You take a lesson from Dustin's Commonwealth of Marathon:

Picture From: Commonwealth of Marathon

Combine it with the planning skills of Don's Ashtabula:

Picture From: Ashtabula

And hopefully, if all goes according to planned, it will allow you to create the new region you want to work on.


Alright, I guess the people of the region have not immigrated here yet but we will get to that in time. Here is what the development of the region looks like so far.

You can start to see the major roads and side streets taking shape on the raised terraformed pieces.

You may be wondering how this is going to all play out so let me skip ahead a couple of steps (making sure I remember not to save on exit) and show you what the final product will somewhat look like.

What I have done is just lowered the entire city tile by one in the god mode. Once I have the entire city tile laid out I will add the transportation and finish smoothing the tile out so that I do not have those "pods" everywhere. Just in case something goes wrong at least I have Don's planning method as backup.

Hope you have enjoyed your visit so far even though we are just in the development phase, hope that a lot of excitement is yet to come. Please feel free to respond with your questions, concerns and words of praises. The best thing about an MD is the learning process both by the creator and the viewer.
The Constitutional Monarchy of Ichigamin

Terraforming Update (8/25/09)


Great terraforming!  &apls ... (wish I had the patience for that...)
I really can't get over your canal system!
Can't wait until you start building the area...

Awaiting more,
737s, Air Force, Australia... what next?


good terraforming. You can do that very well but I can't sometimes read the borders


I think that will be really nice to read this!If im right,you will first build up the streets and aves,and after,you will raise the terrain to build the houses,stores and etc ?
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Hello, projectadam!

Well, Ichigamin is off to an absolutely wonderful start! You have me hooked with how you're planning things thus far, and I can't wait to see where you are headed--I think I'll be picking up a few tricks!

Good luck!



Intriguing start!  I'm interested to see what this is going to look like as you move forward!

Tomas Neto

Great terraforming!!!  After I will back to continue see the development!!!


Interesting way to start, you've obviously put a lot of thought into city planning. I hope you'll make a map of the roads and streets in future updates :)


Wow, naming that many streets must have taken you a looooong time. Kudos to you my friend. I'm very curious to see what you have in mind here. As antimonycat mentioned above I would be curious to see this laid out in map form at some point.

Great start. I'll check in to see how you proceed.

Where City and Country Flow Together


Great start there! Can't wait to see those water ways :)

I think this MD is note worthy ;)



It's nice to see you back, my friend !!
Also the first pictures looks nice, incredible terraforming. I'm looking forward to the next update !!
Take care,

My new city is now here
The région of Kaikoura

Teaser of Lopsas[+ How did I do it?]:Lopsas


Out of interest, will you be creating lots of commercial by the canals, maybe like a type of mall?




Thanks to everyone that has taken the time to read my MD up to this point. I hope that I will capture your interest enough to have you keep coming back and wanting more.

adroman (Adrian): I am hoping that I have the patience for this too ;D Thanks for stopping by and hope to see you back (maybe even before building starts).

peter007: Sorry that the text did not come off so well in my picture, I will have plenty of close ups that the streets will be quite a bit easier to read.

Luke09: You have guessed correctly on how I am going to develop the region. I am still debating whether to raise everything up to the roads right now or to develop the region on the low parts (even though this would mean all of the initial raised terraforming was a waste of time). Once the tile is fully terraformed I am going to play around with the coastal/canal development and see which way looks better.

thundercrack83 (Dustin): Always a pleasure to have one of the great MDers stop by for some words of encouragement. I have learned so much from following CoM that hopefully I can return the favor.

Battlecat: Slowly but surely I am making progress, thanks for stopping by and hope to see you around.

Tomas Neto: I will not have too much development for a while so grab a good book or a couple and hope to see you back once everything really starts taking off.

antimonycat: I hope to have several different informational pamphlets created for the city in due time: transportation maps, maps, newspapers, breaking news stories, etc...

calibanX (Geoff): Everything of this project seems to be taking a VERY LONG time :D Oh well, I do not have that many hobbies so hopefully I can make steady progress in building this region.

Strategist101 (Richard): Thanks for the words of praise. The canals of this area I am visualizing more industry and utility. This will probably most likely be the edge of the downtown area so as I work a little ways up the water, the big commercial lots will come into play.

Simpson (David): Thanks for the welcome back and it is good to be back. Since I have been gone for a while, I thought that I should come back with a bang and here it is.

I have completed one of the corners of the city tile (for development of course) and thought that I would leave a little teaser of the transportation view.

The Constitutional Monarchy of Ichigamin

Terraforming Update (8/25/09)


Nice!!!Its big huh?On that big square in the center of the city,maybe a park there?Or a university?Good Luck with Ichigamin(it sounds like ichigo...lol)
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Ok, seeing as you're going to use them for industrial lots...I think commercial would also be nice to develop next to the water, and then you could maybe implement the new CAN-AM system for your residents? Make your city like a sort of water based transport?

Nice teaser there :)


The first week is in the bag, I almost have an entire tile completed, and when I say completed, I mean I have the terraforming and transportation laid out. Not a lot to say or that is really interesting (more just tedious work right now). Therefore, I will just update you on how the progress is coming along. Play a couple of hours and get to a stopping point.

Play a couple of more hours and get the west side completed.

Play a couple of more hours and call it a night but I have a good start on the east side.

Thanks for those that are hanging in there and sticking around. More in awhile but first...


Luke09: Some major transportation systems are going to be saved until the actual development and much of what you can see from the last update will be filled up by those. In this update, a spot for a university has been reserved. I am not familiar with Ichigo, is that a specific name or just a similar sound.

Strategist01: I promise if you stick around there will be plenty of that stunning waterside commercial that cities are known for. I actually started developing this before the new NAM with the CAN-AM came out. If I would have waited I would have probably have skipped this terraforming and just placed in the canals. In addition, I love the avatar.

The Constitutional Monarchy of Ichigamin

Terraforming Update (8/25/09)


Good to see it's coming along nicely! Oh and thnx for the compliment :) Why does everyone like my avatar....


Can I call you of Dam????(its more easy than projectadam, ::) ),well nice update and good job,because its a boring one(some times i make cities like you are doing now...)but keep it going,you're doing good so far  :thumbsup:
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Time de tradição,raça,amor e paixão,
Ó meu mengo...
Eu,sempre te amarei,
Onde estiver estarei
Ó meu mengo


Well, I was hoping to be finished with all of the terrain leveling by tonight but I did not quite get it all wrapped up. The last week I have been very busy creating and publishing my first website. I am very excited how it turned out and consider it a great accomplishment since I have only ever worked with HTML coding and I learned and added some PHP and JavaScript.

Anyways, let us check out some of the pictures of the city tile and WHOA, did anyone see that much water coming? Maybe you did  ;)

Here is a series of four pictures that follow the edge of the coast. You probably notice some spots opening up for ports and there is going to be some great recreational parks and some heavy utilities in the area.

Finally, a picture from the coast looking inland.

Thanks for stopping by and following along with some boring work but just around the corner we will start developing the region and the real fun will start to happen :thumbsup:


Strategist01: Social commentary and PIZZA equals gold in my book. Thanks for stopping by.

Luke09: I answer to a lot and I agree that projectadam does take awhile to write out all the time. As I said, the fun and exciting stuff are right around the corner.

The Constitutional Monarchy of Ichigamin

Terraforming Update (8/25/09)