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Started by Yoder7652, March 31, 2007, 12:01:33 PM

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Oh my, it would be a shame if he did not release that builiding :o

But fortunately you got permision to use it. For a moment I was worried that our threads would have to large similarities. I would not like to be accused of copying from you. But your political system is going to be rather different from mine. Very interesting though. I really like the twist you gave to the Knights Templar.

BTW juicy detail; The 4h crusade in 1204 where the Knights Templar participated never reached jerusalem, but ended up plundering Constantinople. So in effect The governments of Stropon an Osturland should have a cool diplomatic relation if any :D but nevertheless I like your Osturland Diary enormously! :thumbsup:



These are very amazing images Yoder; exceptional detailing go into the images and this is then matched by the story you've woven. It is great stuff. I particularly like the square you've made where the road simply merges before crossing the canal. Simple, but impressive!


A few Replies....

@Badsim - I'll await your PMs!  ;D Whenever I get the flag figured out, I'll send you a copy...maybe we will have to set up some diplomatic relations...I'm sure there is a spot for you in Sanford Palace!

@Snorrelli - I was just kidding with you...but I am glad you liked what you saw!

@Kimcar - Thanks for the compliments! The Citadel update will be along (hopefully) in a few days.

@M4346 - Thanks for the introduction to the 4th page! I always like it when people do it...I like to imagine trumpets being played when I read that someone has made a proper introduction  ;D.

@Kwakelaar - Tis true, tis true...The founding fathers were very progressive, but understandably so as they were fleeing for their lives when they founded the country. They witnessed firsthand what happens when power is placed in the hands of few! It is actually unlikely that the monarch title would pass on to others in the same family. Remember that 300 members from the Upper House are voting on a new monarch every time one dies (they tend to like the role get spread around the members of the house). Everyone in the Upper House has an equal opportunity to place themself forward as the new Grand Master. It has happened a few times in Osturland history, but usually whoever is the strongest among the members of the Upper House gets the job.

Glad to see you approve of the pairing, I thought they were a natural fit (with the same roof textures) as was DB's bat. I plan to do some more mosaics that are zoomed in a little closer so some of the details can be seen more clearly. Thanks again for your comments! It's always a pleasure :)

@Strechnitz - I popped over to read your MD and really enjoyed the history. In my opinion, overlap can be quite fun...We might have to discuss future diplomatic relations for future updates  ;)

@Mattb325 - Glad to see you stop by Matt! Thanks for the comments, I'm glad you like the square...I'm working on another version for a future military review parade.Thanks again!

Well everyone, I'm in the process of developing the next update and hopefully will have it all ready to go on Wednesday. Thursday I'm flying out to New York for a long weekend (for business I'm afraid, not pleasure &mmm) so I won't be checking in after I post until next week...which will also probably delay the update for the following week, but it'll come along eventually! Till then, cheers! :satisfied:


I'll be looking forward to the next update, Yoder!


Well I'm glad I could amuse you then. :P

That having been said, and your replies to our comments out of the way, with you being a busy little bee working hard on the next update, I will politely excuse me from this thread and let you carry on with your endeavours. :D

Good luck!  :thumbsup:

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yet another interesting chapter to an already budding md, if i may say so. very intriguing, too. got me to play Medieval 2 Total War again.  ()stsfd() looking forward to the next lessons!


I just love nation CJs and this is a good one! Your BATs are amazing (I use the Hungarian Parliament myself ;) ) and your use of them is splended.

Good work!

Emperor Stormont

Indeed this update was to my liking, in fact it was fabulous, love the changing of the guard, wonderful.

May I ask where you got the Montliard Palace? Did you create it youself?

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I believe the palace in question, belfastuniguy is a yet-to-be-released BAT by Debussyman.
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This is some really great stuff Yoder.    Very well done indeed.


They say that the memory is the second thing that goes....
...dang , I wish I could remember the first.
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Wow you have some tremendous work here! Your pictures are just so perfect and so detailed. Love the work that you put into it.. and it definately shows.

Looking forward to more!!

Come discover its mysteries...
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First a few replies....

@Thundercrack83 - Wait no longer...here it is!  ;D

@M4346 - You always amuse me M! Thanks for the comments...hope I don't disappoint  :P

@Heinz - I'm glad I've inspired YOU  :D Hope you enjoy the next installment

@Yoman - Thanks for dropping by, I'm glad you like the Bat...I'll introduce a few others I'll be releasing in this update.

@Belfastuniguy - Thanks for your comments. M addressed where the Bat comes from...Hope you enjoy this update.

@Gaston - Glad you like it...now on to the Citadel!

@Guurgkud - Glad to see you've stopped by. Thanks for the compliments...wait no more, here is another batch of pictures!

Well I'm a day late...but better late than never, yes? Whithout further hesitation.....

The Citadel is currently a government complex. Construction on the Citadel began in 1700 and saw a steady stream of development until the early 1900s. Only indoor remodeling has taken place since that time with the exception of the Modern Palace. Originally built as a military fortress for the city of Payens, the Citadel was transformed into the official residence of the monarch of Osturland in 1850. It has served as the monarch's chief residence since that time. Additionally, many of Osturland's ministries were originally housed within the Citadel walls, but most have left the Citadel as the country (and many of these ministries) has grown. Today, only the Ministry for Internal Affairs and the Ministry for Foreign Affairs have homes inside the Citadel.

This is the Royal Standard for the Monarch of Osturland. In keeping with
his or her title as the Grand Master of the Templars, the cross and shield
with agnus dei is centered in the middle of the standard. Agnus dei
represents the "lamb of god."

Below is a map of the principle buildings located within the Citadel complex. Each building serves a specific purpose for the nation and most can date their construction back to the military use of the fortress.

The first building we come to when we enter the Citadel is the Arsenal. This building is the oldest of the Citadel buildings. It was first used as housing for the guards stationed at the Citadel when it was used as a military fortress. The building was also used to repair and restore munitions damaged in battle, which is where its present day name comes from. Today the Arsenal houses the offices of the Ministry for Internal (or domestic) Affairs.

Administration Building
The next building on our tour is the Administration Building. This building was built in 1750 and was used as an educational facility for the officers and soldiers stationed at the Citadel. Filled mostly with classrooms, many a new recruit received instruction about modern-day warfare in this facility. When the Citadel was turned over to federal government use, a detail of soldiers remained in the Citadel and used this building as their residence and headquarters. After the military detail left the Citadel, the building was turned over to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which is the current occupant of the building.

Next is the Chancellory. This is one of two of the newer structures in the Citadel. Construction began on the building in 1850. It was designed to help house the various ministries of Osturland. Unfortunately, the building was built too small and its occupants had already outgrown it before it even opened its doors. For many years it was home to the Ministry of Finance. However, it was later converted into the official work place for the monarch. From this location the monarch oversees the operations of Osturland. The king or queen receives a weekly briefing from the combined cabinet of ministers and Prime Minister in the rotunda meeting room. The monarch also meets many heads-of-state visiting Osturland at the Chancellory, which is where its name is derived from.

Modern Palace
The Modern Palace is the newest building in the Citadel. Built in the 1960s, the Modern Palace was built as a perk for the monarch. The Palace is essentially a giant ballroom and theater. It serves the monarch for official state business, such as royal theatrical performances for the Annual Solidarity Benefit and the Annual Royal Osturland Ball for Osturland National Day.

Another building in the complex that can date its history back to the use of the Citadel for a military fortress is the Armoury. The Armoury building was used to store artillery and munitions for the Osturland Army. It also briefly housed the Ministries of Education and Information when the complex was turned to federal use. Today, it is a museum for the glory of Osturland. Many visitors each year visit the museum to see the Royal Art Collection as well as the Royal Jewels of Osturland. Needless to say security today is tight at the Armoury.

Grand Citadel Palace
The final state building in the Citadel is the Grand Citadel Palace. This is the home and official residence of the Osturland monarch. The Palace has over 150 rooms including a throne room and 30 bedrooms for visiting heads of state. The inside is very ornate and detailed rivaling many of the greatest palaces of Europe. Tours are given daily.

The last two buildings on our stop are both of religious nature. The first is St. Stephen's Holy Church. This is a private church reserved for the monarch and members of his or her family. Named in honor of the first Christian martyr, St. Stephen's is a relaxing and tranquil place of prayer and meditation. Father Thomas is the local rector of the facility, seeing daily to the spiritual needs of the royal family.

The second building is the Citadel Cathedral. While officially a church, the cathedral has never saw a normal service. In the grotto beneath the building lay the tombs of Osturland's Grand Master Templars since 1715. The only services held in the cathedral are memorial and funeral services for the departed monarchs.

Well, that concludes our tour of the Citadel. I hope you enjoyed seeing the buildings behind the red wall! I'll leave you with another short pic showing the entire complex and some of the Central Business District to the north of the fortress. Cheers!


Wow.......that looks awesome.  A great choice of buildings and the way you have them all placed together looks like they were meant to be like that .  Very realistic and perfectly laid out.  I can't wait to see more.

Robin   :thumbsup: &apls
Call me Robin, please.


once again yoder...you make my jaw drop. &apls



I have been staring at these images for at least 10 minutes now, and I still haven't been able to take in the immensity, complexity and sheer beauty of it all!

I am trying to refrain from profanity and blasphemy in this post, but good God it is just impossible! :P

That Citadel is beyond words, and those BATs, well, don't get me started on them...  :D I'm sure you'll be having eager SC4Devotees knocking down your door to inquire on its availability and possible release date, therefore I shall refrain from that - for the time being anyway. :P

My loooooooong-weekend just officially commenced (kicking off with Freedom Day tomorrow and ending with Workers' / May Day on Tuesday) so I'll have enough time to digest this magnificent update!  ;D

Right now it reminds me of the Kremlin and the Red Square in Moscow, not sure if that was what you were going for, but dammit I like it! Those buildings! *drool*

Okay, okay! Enough of that... let's get down to business, shall we? :P

Diplomatic Dispatch to the Government of Osturland

The phenomenal growth, significance and over-all importance of your esteemed nation on the international and European stage has come to the attention of the government of the Imperial Republic of Elytheria (Elytheria). Therefore we propose that formal diplomatic relations be established between our glorious nations, in a bid to further the cause of humanity and the principles by which we live.

We urge you, honourable representatives, to seriously consider our proposal and provide Elytheria with an answer when you have concluded your planned course of action.

- John Goldshaw
  Elytherian President and Head of Government

Now that that is out of the way...

Have a great weekend, and yet again, incredible work on the update!

As always looking forward to more! ;)


PS. If you do "aye" diplomatic relations, I can provide you with the Elytherian flag prop (BSC and NHP). ;D
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I agree with M--it is hard to put into words the magnitude of how amazing this last update was. Sheer brilliance, my friend! The Citadel is absolutely amazing. Great work!

Emperor Stormont

Well ... well...., what a simply fantastic update, the collection of buildings, the layout, the plaza space. If you BAT your own buildings then I am simply staggered by your talents and skill. The buildings look stunning and the kremlin walls set it off perfectly.

I love this MD, it's now one of my favourite here and I look forward to seeing further fabulous work from you. The Imperial Government is also considering diplomatic relations with Osturland. Once we have further details we will inform you.

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Quote from: Yoder7652 on April 23, 2007, 09:22:55 AM

@Badsim - I'll await your PMs!  ;D Whenever I get the flag figured out, I'll send you a copy...maybe we will have to set up some diplomatic relations...I'm sure there is a spot for you in Sanford Palace!

Only great news ... of course AntiGone and I are ready for diplomatic relations . Except I need to find a BAT reflecting Osturland's grandeur ! ::)
And what a grandeur !

Osturland's update ?... ()borg()... obviously as after a long analysis : WONDERFUL . :sunny:

;D Hehe , on the first page of my MD , there's AntiGone's banner and nobody noticed that the "A" is the Freemason symbol ...  $%#Ninj2 ( Yes, Yoder, who knows ? )
I've intended to write a storyboard but to express myself in english is really too complicated . Not so much , in fact , but it would take me too much of this precious time I prefer to spend on LE ...We now live all under pictures dictatorship ...
This banner is too complex with small details to become a flag  but ,for Osturland , I'll work on another one. ;) However , I will be not able to BAT/mod it .(that means you will have to ... ;D)
About streetlamps and other props , I've got already a few pictures but not enough to give you a large choice . I've already spent a lot of time browsing google's pictures ...entering "Streetlamps" "Urban furniture" "Urban lighting" "Public lighting"...(in french) but still haven't found all I'm searching for .

@ Marius , I've already an Elytherian embassy ( JFK Center by Yoder) , I'm surprised you told nothing about it , that doesn't look like you , so I think you missed it ... $%Grinno$% (page 17) . :P . (Sorry to post that here , but Yoder himself have quoted this Lot in Osturland's MD .)

To the next , Master Yoder / Maître Yoda . ;)

Edit on 29/04/07 , here the new & definitive AntiGone's flag . ;)

°   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °


I want to do it! :D

Welcome to page 5!

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 &apls &apls That`s what we call an Citadel . What a great job you have done. It`s feel like this is come from a real one. Very good  :thumbsup: