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Started by Yoder7652, March 31, 2007, 12:01:33 PM

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I hope that somebody can remember the site of the building of the minister because the
building is magnificant. Great work Yoder &apls


How about some replies....

@Bengt - I'm glad you like the political updates so far...1 more to go to show off the remaining ministries...I hope you find your jaw :D

@Emilin - Thanks for the compliment...you are right that the Prime Minister does act as a quasi-president. He is the most powerful person in the political structure, but has alot of oversight from parliament as well as the king. Thanks again for your kind words.

@Alarik - No the Ministry of Finance is not one of my buildings, but others have told you where you can find it...although, like Badsim, I think it is no longer available anywhere. There are many great bats that have disappeared over the course of time, it is such a shame. &mmm Thanks for your comments on the update.

@Strech - Thanks! I have enjoyed making the crests, but there are soo many ministries that coming up with 14 different designs has been kindof hard. I still have a couple to finish before I present the part 2 update, but I'll get to them here in the next few days. The people of Osturland love pomp and circumstance and the heraldry fits that nicely. Thanks for providing direction to Alarik, like I said above, I'm not sure if it is actually available anymore or not, but I don't think so. Thanks again Strech.

@Bat - Thanks Bat, I'm glad you liked it!

@Thundercrack83 - Great, I'm glad you liked the Ministry of Finance. It is one of my favorites out of all the ministry buildings. The lotting was particularly fun to do. Glad you liked the diagram, I find that diagrams can help me keep my story straight :D

@Badsim - Welcome back my friend! Yes, I knew that the lot for the quadrangle would be too empty for you, but the complex is not one lot, but rather 4 (one for each building) and so I found it hard to get the fillers to work quite right. At one point I had lightpoles and some people, but nothing seemed to line up right, so I thought I'd let it go....just another bland and boring government complex :D Now the Ministry of Finance I could do something about. I had alot of fun with this lot and like what I've acheived. In a latter mosaic, I'll zoom in a bit closer and take some pictures of it. Thanks for the direction for Rathaus, I think you are correct that the bat is no longer available, but I haven't looked in awhile. Glad to hear you liked the seals/crests...they have taken some time to get right, but they have been fun to make...just some little details. As always, thanks for your comments!

@Alarik 2nd comment - Alright! I'm glad you found it. I have the same problem...whenever I see something I like I download it and then place it in a misc folder and forget exactly what I have.

@Yoman - Nope, no ministry of pictures, but I do have a Ministry of Information that I'll showcase in the next update ;D They deal with pictures...., technically  :D Glad to hear that you like what I've presented Yoman!

@Sebes - Thanks Sebes, I'm glad you like the various government areas I've put together. The Ministry of Finance has to be top notch since it is in the prestigious 1st Ward district...nothing less would be found acceptable! Again, thanks for your kind words.

@Kwakelaar - Thanks for your compliments! As I've mentioned, the ministry seals have been fun, but there are so many that coming up with new designs is somewhat difficult, but I only have a couple left to finish before my next update so I'm almost done  :-[ As for the Prime Minister....you recognize him? Really? Yes, he is a quite famous actor here in the states...his name is Philip Seymour Hoffman (definately one of my most favorite actors). He won an oscar last year for his role in the movie Capote, but we'll forget about all of that and think only of him as the Prime Minister of Osturland, yes?  :D Thanks again for your kind words!

@Ajax_Amsterdam - Thanks for you comments. I'm glad you like what I've done so far!

Well all, I'm planning part 2 of the ministry segment for this weekend, so until then......cheers!


Wow, that's some amazing ministries... :)
Hey, what building is the Ministry Of Finance based off?


Uff, Yoder, yours government buildings and political structure is fantastic. Great idea and great realization  &apls &apls &apls


Quote from: Yoder7652 on May 16, 2007, 05:49:43 AM

@Badsim - Welcome back my friend! Yes, I knew that the lot for the quadrangle would be too empty for you, but the complex is not one lot, but rather 4 (one for each building) and so I found it hard to get the fillers to work quite right. At one point I had lightpoles and some people, but nothing seemed to line up right, so I thought I'd let it go....

Hi Ryan,

No no no , I think you haven't to let it go ... $%Grinno$% ... just edit that BAT as Prop , then create a normal Lot with the BAT as building plus 3 others as props ... ;D . Be another boring perfectionnist !   :D

See you next ...

°   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °


For those interested in the building used by Yoder as the financial ministry ... have a look at THIS link


The city looks very great. Fine work.

Thanks to all for the praise about the Rathaus.
PErhaps i will comeback in the SimCity community.

Emperor Stormont

Drops dead...... wonderful update. I also love the political aspect of this MD, something I enjoy alot.  &apls &apls

Is that finance building a personal creation?? If so it's fabulous and is it available to download???

As mentioned in Stropon's MD, I will be inactive for several weeks due to exam issues so my apologies for any missed updates. Once I return I will comment in full, as well as potential talks on further diplomatic relations.

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Goodness me....what an amazing MD! I can't believe i have never dropped by before! Please accept my apologies!!

The use of BAT's and the way everything is planned is just stunning. I love all the political background to your MD and i will be making regular visits back here now!!

Great work Yoder  &apls


Official Correspondence.

In one word, The Empire of Stropon is honoured to accept your offer.



simply stunning  :thumbsup:  &apls
I'm back


Great stuff! ;D Your citadel area is most impressive. What did you select for the walls around it? I like those.
You have a gift for government structures. Osterland is a rockin' place!  :thumbsup:
See the all-new National Capital Region!:http://sc4devotion.com/forums/index.php?topic=15118.0


Much to see and read since I was last here. The history and government stories were very informative.
I must say your plugins folder fits exceptionally well - both old and new buildings (and the selected Maxis ones) all work together brilliantly - but, if you'll allow me a tm moment - where did you get the circular underground carpark? It looks very nifty indeed


First some replies..... ::)

@Glenni - Thanks for the comments, the Ministry of Finance is a building by Meister-Z and I believe it is based on the Rathaus in Vienna.

@Danthe - Glad to hear you like it!

@Badsim - Well it turns out that building is a prop anyways, so I've been doing some work on it in LE...just not done with it yet :) I'll show a picture of it when I get it done, but there are other pressing matters at the moment, like this update  :D

@Serkanner - Thanks for stopping by and directing traffic...glad to hear you take on this project of getting some classics back available for the masses  ;D

@Meister-Z - Thanks for your comment...thanks for your great creation too, I couldn't have a Ministry of Finance without it. I'm sure that many would enjoy your renewed presence.

@Belfastuniguy - Glad to hear you liked the update, hopefully you'll like this one  ;D The Ministry of Finance is now available on LEX, it is a creation by Meister-Z. Well, sorry to hear you are going to be inactive for awhile, we'll be here when you get back  :D

@Pipishere - Thanks for stopping by Pip! Consider yourself forgiven  :D :P Well I look forward to future comments from you!

@Strechnitz - Glad to hear an official response from the Stropon government, we'll be setting up your permanent residence in Payens shortly.

@Jayo - Thankyou very much!

@Schulmanator - Thanks, I've done a lot of work in batting and lotting to get the Citadel in the shape it is today...glad to hear you like what I've done. The wall set is my own creation that I plan to release on LEX sometime in the future  ;)

@Mattb325 - Thanks for your comment Matt! I don't mind TM moments  :D Actually, I'm surprised that more people didn't comment on the Helix Parking Garage. It is actually a parking garage by McDrye that was never released to the general public. Jeronij worked on a version where he rendered and modded it as a parking garage and then turned it over to Swamper77 for the pathing. I don't think that Swamper77 ever finished working on it, there might have been technical difficulties in getting the cars to stay on the road right...Anyways, this is one of those lots that you get as a perk with being a member of the BSC ;D If you get on the board and go to the dungeon you can find McDrye's old transportation related buildings thread and it is attached to a post by Jeronij on the 6th page. Enjoy!

OK, now that the business is out of the way...ON TO THE UPDATE.....Ministries Part 2!

The Ministry of Justice is one of the more important ministries in Osturland. This ministry is taxed with upholding and enforcing the county and federal laws among the Osturland people; including the prosecution of wrongdoers. It also provides administration over the many federal law enforcement agencies in Osturland. The Ministry of Justice is in the 2nd Ward of Payens, directly across the canal from the Osturland Parliament and Leudin Plaza (seen in the foreground of this picture). The ministry is headed by Lord Dennis E. Keating.

As previously mentioned in the Citadel update, the Ministry for Foreign Affairs is located in the Administration Building in the Payens Citadel across from the Grand Citadel Palace. This ministry is responsible for Osturland's diplomatic relationships throughout the world. Within its walls, future diplomats and ambassadors see first had how well Osturland works with its allies and the trouble it can cause for its enemies :P Indeed, the ministries' chief administrators work with other nations to broker peace and civility in the world and to help negotiate fair trade for all nations. The ministry is headed by Lord Alfred M. Laugier

The other ministry housed within the walls of the Payens Citadel is the Ministry of Internal Affairs. This ministry is responsible for Osturland domestic security and emergency response. Some of the departments within the ministry include the Emergency Response Administration, the Office for Immigration Affairs and Citizenship, and Port and Travel Security Administration. Some of Osturland's top secret intelligence agencies are also directed through the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Currently, Hattie B. Turley is responsible for the administration of the Ministry.

The Ministry for Domestic Planning is located in Payens 2nd Ward behind the Ministry of Justice. This ministry occupies two buildings built across from each other, separated by a small plaza commemorating key figures in the early administration of the Ministry of Justice. The plaza is locally known as Justice Park. This ministry is responsible for the maintenance of the natural beauty of Osturland via its parks system as well as directing the physical development of all of Osturlands cities and counties. The Housing and Urban Development Department is run through this ministry and helps poor families in Osturland secure shelter through its housing programs. All building projects in Osturland must receive authorization through this ministry in order to legally construct new facilities or structures. The ministry is headed by Lester A Ebosh Sr.

The Ministry of Information is one of the largest ministry structures in Payens. It is located in the 4th Ward and employees the second most number of individuals of any of the other ministries (except the Ministry of War). This ministry is responsible for the postal and parcel service in the nation and also is responsible for regulating the operation of all Osturland media outlets. At one time, the ministry was responsible for pro-Osturland propaganda, but this function has since been dissolved. The only remnants of propaganda that can be found today is the Osturland-sponsored Osturland Broadcasting Network, which has offices and studios inside the ministry. Even though much of the OBN is today funded by Osturland citizens, it is still difficult for the citizenry to separate the network from the government. It does however remain one of the government's harshest critics. The Ministry of Information is currently headed by Harold K Tallet.

The Ministry of Commerce is located across the canal from the Osturland Parliament, one block east of the Ministry of Justice in the 2nd Ward of Payens. This ministry is responsible for promoting economic development throughout the land. It is also responsible for monitoring the impact of the trade relations Osturland has with its neighbors and friends on Osturland businesses and corporations. Currently in charge of the Ministry of Commerce is Frederick W.Dynys.

Also located in the 2nd Ward of Payens, directly to the north of the Ministry of Commerce is the Ministry of Labor. This ministry monitors the labor markets in Osturland. It is responsible for providing oversight to the global development of the Osturland workforce as well as ensuring that Osturland workers are not being taken advantage of in the workplace. This ranges from occupational safety to ensuring that all Osturland workers have equal employment opportunities. This is one of the newest ministries added to the roster of government workers in the last 50 years. Currently, Floyd Mcrittchie is the Minister of Labor to the Prime Minister.

The Ministry of Energy is one of the most vital ministries in the Osturland government. This ministry is responsible for maintaining Osturland energy supply as well as acquiring new sources of energy through research or discovery of new deposits. Much of Osturland relies on nuclear energy and this ministry is charged with keeping this form of energy safe for the people of Osturland. The ministry occupies two identical buildings that are separated by the Grand Army Plaza. Across from both buildings is the Ministry of War, hence the purpose of the Grand Army Plaza. Located in Payens 4th Ward, the Ministry of Energy is just over the bridge to the east of the Payens Citadel.

The largest ministry in Osturland is the Ministry of War. It employees the most people and has the most land and building facilities than any other ministry. In fact, it is the largest employer of any organization in Osturland. The ministry is divided into three divisions. The Osturland Army, Navy and Air Force. All three branches of service have their office headquarters located in the Ministry of War. The primary function of the ministry is to protect Osturland from attack from other nations. The Osturland Government has a strict anti-preemptive attach doctrine. Even though the ministry is called the Ministry of War (a relic of WWII times) it is really a ministry of self-defense. Currently, the chief civilian for the Osturland Armed Services is George M. Ivery

The last few pictures are of the Grand Army Plaza, which seperates the Ministries of War and Energy.

Well that is all from me for now...you have been exposed to all of the Ministries of the Osturland Government. In the next few updates, I'll probably showcase scenes from around Payens...till then,



WoW....your pic's are amazing and those BAT's !! :o
Osturland is truely beautiful and everything is in perfect harmony!
Great MD,i'll be back for more!!  &apls
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I'm in awe...and speechless. Incredible. I really don't know what else to say. Simply incredible.


Great looking capital area

I like how youve taken into account a government needs lots of office space, not just a fancy looking building

im unfamiliar with the tower you used for the ministry of information. is it one of your own that hasnt been released? If not, where can I find it?
War Kittens !?


This is a spectacular CJ, made all the more spectacular with your great BATs.  &apls
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It is wonderful, I adore ...

... Excel choices for each building, the organization of your city is perfect  :thumbsup:

Excellent Update ... Bravo !  &apls