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Started by Yoder7652, March 31, 2007, 12:01:33 PM

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Awesome pictures! Great buildings! :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


Wow, super job.  I really like how you have everything laid out so well, lots of parks and the city doesn't look too over crowded.

Robin   :thumbsup:
Call me Robin, please.


Hello Ryan ,

I noticed too that Helix Parking Garage , but each time I see there an unknown BAT (for me) , I think it's one of your secret ones ... ;D
Like for this update about the ministry of commerce ...??? ... $%Grinno$%

Great harmony as always , I love your transformation of Trafalgar Square , my favorite is Grand Army Plaza : plain (strict) & stylised ...beautiful !  :thumbsup: &apls

@Zaphod ; It's an "old" (several years  :D ) japanase BAT , right now I don't remember from which creator , the name of this BAT is "Pudong..." something like this . ::)

Waiting impatiently for the next update ....  ;)

°   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °


It's just insane ! Your BATs add a great touch of realism. The Ministry of commerce building is it your creation ?


Ohh a stunning update! I was planning on doing somehting simular in my CJ but i doubt it will be a fab as yours.

Great work :D


No words for such great photos!   &apls  &apls   &apls

Thanks for sharing
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Dammit! I knew I should have taken the time to relot the Palacio BAT properly for my own journal. ;D

Your version looks amazing, frankly! And the fountain across the street tops it off perfectly. Wow! :thumbsup:

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I love this CJ   &apls &apls


Hi Yoder,

Strange but I was really under the impression I already commented your new update. must be a figment of my own immagination...oh well ???

Yet again a wonderfull update. I really like the order you incorporate in your city planning. so different from my own eclectic habbit of ramming as much buildings as possible  into one spot. ;) And your choice of buildings is very good indeed. it was yet again a joy to read.



How about some replies!

@iamgoingtoeatyou - Oh, well I hope that means I did good...I take it from the applause that it is  :D

@Fledder200 - Thanks, I try to strike a balance so that buildings look like they should go together rather than just a hodge podge of what I like...although that happens sometimes anyways  ;D

@Thundercrack83 - Thanks for you comments, I'm glad you liked my little update  :)

@Zaphod - Thanks, I've put alot of work into getting it to come out, hopefully, nice. I've tried to select buildings that might somewhat resemble the types of ministries they are supposed to be housing...personally I like 75% of my choices  :D Anyways, the building in question is called Pudong International Information Port by torremayo. I think Badsim is right, you could find it if you search through the Massively Gigantic Japanese BAT Gallery at ST. I can't exactly remember where in the pages it is located. Good luck!

@Snorrelli - Glad that you like my MD. It has been most fun sharing pictures from around Osturland with the SC4Devotion community!

@Snaper - Thanks for your comments. It makes me happy to know that my work in uploading these pictures goes appreciated ;D By the way, I really like what you have started with London. :thumbsup:

@Bat - Thanks bat...feel free to stop by any time! Glad you like my MD.

@Rooker1 - Thanks, the city really isn't very overcrowded. I've tried to incorporate large green spaces in the city in order to help keep pollution levels low as well as keep the city looking good asthetically.

@Badsim - It is alwasy a pleasure to hear from you! Yes the Helix Parking Garage isn't mine to release, but it is a great little parking lot. Rest assured that in the future I will make it known if a bat I'm showcasing is mine or not  ;) The ministry of commerce building is not mine but is something I downloaded from one of the German sites (I think). I believe it is called "T Neu." I'm not sure if it is available any more or not. Maybe it should be apart of the Lost Treasures of the Bat Gods work being done. I'll have to PM Serkanner. Thanks for the comment on Trafalgar Square, I had alot of fun working that out...it was really the result of more of an experiment than intentional lot making. I like Grand Army Plaza as well...particularly the night view is quite nice. Thanks for helping out Zaphod.

@Air6 - Thanks for your comments, I'm glad you like my BATs. The ministry of commerce is addressed in Badsim's comment.

@Pipishere - Glad to see you visit again! I've drawn inspiration for Osturland from Royal Cytheria as well as your CJ before that....Cordovia? I can't remember, but that sounds right. Thanks again for your comments!

@Sebes - Thanks for stopping by! I'm glad you liked the pics of the various ministries.

@Emilin - Thanks, I'm glad you liked that little government complex with the justice and planning ministries. I really like the fountain plaza across the street...it is one of my favorite spots in all of Osturland.

@JJ - I'm glad you like it...I also noticed that you've added Osturland in your signature...thanks very much! :)

@Strechnitz - I know how that goes....I get lost in MDs sometimes and forget what I've read and what I haven't and where I've commented and where I haven't. I'm glad you liked the ministries update! It was fun to make.

Well I took some pictures of Osturland today and hope to organize them into a future upday....could be today, could be tomorrow, could be whenever!...but I'm leaning to soon  ;D :D


So I finished getting my photos together for an update! Here are some pictures from the 1st Ward in Payens, Osturland.

Here is a picture of the whole of the 1st Ward. The 1st Ward is located directly east of the Government Center in Payens and directly north of the Payens Citadel. Some of the noteworthy buildings include the Osturland Ministry of Finance, the new Jubilee Dome, the 1st Ward Municipal Hospital, Osturland National Cathedral, and Gardannes Central Rail Station. There are many multinational businesses that call the first ward home as well. Hope you enjoy some of the pictures of the 1st Ward.

We begin with some photos taken of the recently constructed Jubilee Dome. The dome was built in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of King William Gardannes rule in Osturland. Incidentally, the King will turn 83 years old later this year. Jubilee festivities will take place in the dome during the week leading up to the anniversary of the King's coronation and will serve as a state exhibition hall after the Jubilee Celebration. Several musical concerts are planned for the Jubilee Dome, as well as in Grant Park, and an exhibit depicting the events occuring throughout the King's rule will be on display for much of the remainder of the year.

Directly north of the new Jubilee Dome is a bridge connecting the 1st Ward of Payens to the 2nd Ward. While the Ministry of Finance is located in Payens 1st Ward, the financial district of the city is actually the 2nd Ward in Payens.

Now for some mosaics around the 1st Ward:


 :o you're killin' me yoder! &apls


It's very beautiful  ;)

The distant sight it's wonderful, and we can see that it is very well organized  :thumbsup:

Bravo l'ami  &apls


One word to describe this!

Intense  ()stsfd()


Quote from: JJ on May 25, 2007, 04:05:20 PM
One word to describe this!

Intense  ()stsfd()

I couldn't have put it better myself! The First Ward is outstanding, my friend. With each update, you continue to impress and mesmerize me! Keep it up!


Another excellent update! Beautiful work! :thumbsup:

Shadow Assassin



You've seriously outdone yourself, yoder. It's getting better and better!
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And suddenly there was another update to enjoy. &hlp

Payens posses so much style and grace, it is a very beautiful city, must have taken a lot of time to get it this far.
The taller structures are well incorpareted with your older buildings and the cathedral has found its natural place in close proximity to the citadell and one of its gates.
As so often with these kind of city images the squares and streets are as important as the buildings, and you seem to master this aspect of citybuilding effortlessly.

I also enjoyed your last update on the ministries of Osturland, and the rest of the seals, I did not quite get the one from the Ministrie of Information though, something to do with a certain level of censorship?


Indeed my first CJ was Cordovia...well remembered lol! Well your update was cracking! I love the bridge and your second mosaic the best....fabulous!  &apls

nova vesfalo

nice and pleasant update, 1st ward is nice ! The mix of commercial highrise and the cathedral work well (like the old buildings next to the canal). The avenue+tramwaybridge is stunning !

The global transportation system layout is really nice !