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Copenhagen Pictures

Started by vester, August 21, 2009, 01:22:07 PM

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I have just moved to Copenhagen. Want to show pictures from my new hometown, which I just love walking and biking around.

Will start with two pictures, that is taken close to where I live:

First pictures is on the edges of Vesterbro from the Carlsberg Breweries (yes in plural)

Around half way to my place you find this place:

Enghave Parken (the Meadow Garden Park)

more pictures to come.....


Verny nice pics, Arne. The first one is really impressive. You're lucky to live in such a beautiful city now  :)

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^ Carlos, with all those churches so close to each other this must be paradise for you  :D

Great shots Arne, I'm looking forward to more ;)


moin Vester,

looks like a neat place to live in every aspect!
hope you will enjoy livin' there and can't wait to see more picture of your findings in København ...



Thank for you comments.

Here is one from the center of town, a square just 200-300 meters from the center of power, Folketinget, the Danish Parliament house in Christiansborg Castle and the Christiansborg Castle Church.

Next is one take by the lakes:

The street at the top, has some of the busiest bike lanes in world. On a good day more the 14.000 pass by this point, twice a day.

and a last one. This one is of the other side of the lakes:



moin vester,

i never thought about Copenhagen being that nice ... i have to go there and see for myself!
thanx mate!



Quote from: beutelschlurf on August 24, 2009, 09:58:09 AM
i never thought about Copenhagen being that nice ...

Why in the world did you think that ?

Here is another picture from that bridge, Dronning Louises Bro - Queen Louises Bridge:

Well it's not one of mine, but is taken by Zakkaliciousness.
One I found in his blog: Cycle Chic from Copenhagen - copenhagencyclechic.com

Here is one from my coffee bar:

"The crucial difference"
A strip on the backside of one of the biggest Danish newspaper Politiken.

This one is taken from Paw Damsgaards blog. Would love to post a picture more from it, but I just can't find it !

EDIT: Found it:
The back room:

Tøsesnak (girlstalk) at Riccos in Istedgade

Both pictures is taken by Paw Damsgaard.


i didn't want to be offensive, i'm sorry if you felt that way - but you know, in the last time you hear so much about other cities here in germany ... so copenhagen was more or less left out. i know denmark is really beautyfull but i pictured copenhagen always somehow different - more like hannover &mmm sorry mate! ;D ... but hey, that's history. so it's because of your series of pictures what changed my mind! ... hope you will show us more nice places of copenhagen!



QuoteWell it's not one of mine, but is taken by Zakkaliciousness.
Hard to believe  $%Grinno$%

Great pictures Arne. I would love to visit København next year  :)


"The crucial difference"   :D
I like that one.


Beutelschlurf: I didn't get offensive. I might have forgotten to add this to the end: ;)

Det Ny Teater - The New Theater. This is Vesterbro on the edge to Frederiksberg and the lakes.
(Frederiksberg is not really a part of Copenhagen, but is totally surround by Copenhagen)

Here we are walking on the Frederiksberg side of the lakes, not long away from the New Theater.
The round building is the Tycho Brahe Planetarium.
Think I manage to take a picture without any bikes in :P

This is from the center of town with Vor Frue Kirke - Church of Our Lady.

This is close to the Christiansborg. Its the streets Magstrædet and Snaregade.

Here is a picture to show we have more modern buildings in Copenhagen:

Was in a bit of an arty mood when I took this.


Going back up a little and returning a little over a week:


Two more night/evening picture:

Both of Tietgenkollegiet - A Student housing complex


Great images Arne! I love the night shots  :thumbsup:


Thanks Merijn.

Well in fact the first is three images overlayed in PhotoShop.

Here is one of the main trainstation:

Not the best picture, but I really like the light in it.


Here is a picture from Christianshavn:

The spire in the background is Vor Frelsers Kirke - Church of Our Saviour


Very nice city, I enjoyed these pictures thank you :)

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You live in such a gorgeous city, Arne and I'm glad you shared some of the sites with us. The ornate architecture speaks of a rich heritage when craftsmanship flourished in a slower-paced world. It is wonderful to know these treasures still exist despite the hustle and bustle around us now!

Hoping to see much more of this lovely city...



Thanks Joan. Would like to show a lot more of the city.
The camera that I have taken these pictures with has was a borrowed one. I have planed to buy my own soon.

Still got some pictures to show you:

This one is from the new part of the city called: Ørestad.
The same part of town where Tietgenkollegiet is found.


Quote from: beutelschlurf on August 24, 2009, 11:56:27 AM
i know denmark is really beautyfull but i pictured copenhagen always somehow different - more like hannover &mmm sorry mate! ;D

Jesus, this kept over several minutes rolling on the floor, laughing.  :D

Thanks a lot Arne for sharing those wonderful pictures of that wonderful city. I hope I can manage to get by there myself and so we can have a coffee in your fav coffee bar or a walk through Enghave Parken and anything else to see.  :)

I somewhat really like the Tycho Brahe planetarium... it has something very dynamic about it.  :)