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Empire of Leviathan

Started by Fabian93, August 29, 2009, 12:34:14 PM

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Welcome to my new Mayor Diary...
The Empire of Leviathan

In this MD I'm going to show you the Empire of Leviathan.
Since my old MD (Laon) was doing pretty well, I decided to start a new one. As some of you know, my old MD was fully lotted. This was pretty time-consuming, so I thought it would be better to do a MD where only parts or only important places are lotted (for example the "Schlossplatz").
When we were discussing different enlighteners in history class, we also talked about Thomas Hobbes' Leviathan. I do not "support" his idea - I just liked that name of the book, which is named after a sea monster from the Old Testament of the Bible, by the way.

The Empire of Leviathan is located in the North and Middle of Germany, Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg:

Below you will find the Table of Contents and a Dictionary.
This Dictionary has two different sections. The first section is "Tourist  attractions". This section leads you through the many attractions the Empire of Leviathan has to offer. It's worth a mention that it is sorted by cities. The second section is "Cities". This section lists the different cities that were mentioned in the MD so far.

Table of Contents:

Updates 1 - 9
Update #1: From the Parliament to the City Hall
Update #2: Chancellery, Stadtschloss and an overview
Update #3: From the Siegesplatz to the Broadcasting Center of Leviathan
Update #4: Veburg ~ A small Island near to Laon
Update #5: More from Laon-Mitte
Update #6: A tad of Laon's port
Update #7: Another Mosaic of Laon-Mitte
Update #8: Showing my own Lots: Part 1
Update #9: Places of Interest: Part 1

Updates 10 - 19
Update #10: From the Museum Of Leviathan History to the Stadtschloss
Update #11: City of Erhaven
Update #12: OSITM
Update #13: Congratulations!
Update #14: One last Mosaic of Erhaven
Update #15: Another rural area in Leviathan
Update #16: And even more rural areas
Update #17: Two Mosaics
Update #18: And yet more rural areas
Update #19: One last Mosaic (of that area)

Updates 20 - 29
Update #20: A new Capital?
Update #21: Working on the new Boulevard
Update #22: Some Tests
Update #23: Random, Rural Pictures
Update #24: A first look at Mühlenberg
Update #25: Finishing Mühlenberg and Starting a new Region
Update #26: Huge Update
Update #27: City of Hammerbrook
Update #28: Just another Mosaic
Update #29: Starting all over again

The Dictionary:


Tourist attractions:


  • Chancellery: The Chancellery is the office of the chancellor of Leviathan. It was built in 1834 as a palace for state-guests. When the old Chancellery burned out in 1944, the chancellor decided to move his office to the former palace for state-guests. The burned out Chancellery has been rebuilt in 2004 and is used as a Museum at the moment. There are plans to use the current Museum as the Chancellery again.
  • Hauptbahnhof: The Laon Hauptbahnhof is one of the two big railroad stations in Laon-Mitte. It was built in 1879 together with the city hall of Laon. Unlike the other big railroad station (Veburger Bahnhof) the Laon Hauptbahnhof is a terminus station.
  • Rathaus: The Laon Rathaus is the city hall of Laon, the capital of Leviathan. It was originally constructed in 1879 but got destroyed in the 2nd World War. It was reconstructed in 1965.
  • Reichstagsgebäude: The Reichstagsgebäude was constructed to house the Reichstag (the Parliament of Leviathan) in 1885.
  • Siegesplatz: The Siegesplatz is a plaza in Laon-Mitte. It was built in 1880 after the independence war of 1873.
  • Stadtschloss: The Laon Stadtschloss is a palace in the district "Mitte" of Laon. It is the residence for the King if he's visiting his capitol city. Unfortunately the King rarely visits Laon, since he spends most of his time in a castle, that is laying far away from Laon. He personally hates big cities, so he prefers to stay on his rural castle. Because of that, the interior ministry occupies most of the Stadtschloss (just some rooms are left for the King and his servants). The Stadtschloss was built around 1850.
  • Stadttor von Laon: The Stadttor von Laon is an old city gate, marking the former border of Laon. It was built in 1824.
  • Veburger Bahnhof: The Veburger Bahnhof is one of the two big railroad stations in Laon-Mitte, even though it's capacity is not as high as the capacity of the Hauptbahnhof. It has one advantage though: Unlike the Hauptbahnhof, the Veburger Bahnhof is not a terminus station.



  • Erhaven: Erhaven is a rather small city, northeastern from Laon. It was once famous for it's port - nowadays the statue near the river is one of the most famous sights in Leviathan.
  • Laon: Laon is the capital of the Empire of Leviathan. With an estimated population of 3.863.200, Laon is Leviathan's biggest city. It was first mentioned in 980.
  • Veburg: Veburg is a small city with merely 2000 inhabitants, laying approximately 20km away from the city center of Laon. Veburg lays on a small island and is known for it's beautiful half-timber houses.

Other Projects:



Update #1 - From the Parliament to the City Hall

So... this is Update #1.
Below you will see a mosaic which was taken in Leviathan's capitol city: Laon (yeah I could not stop using that name, somehow  :D).
On the top you will see the Parliament and on the bottom you can see the City Hall (on the left) together with the main railroad station (on the right).

Looking forward to your replies.
Please tell me how you like the adjustment of the colors (Is it to "grey"? Is it to dark? Does it look more or less real?  ... and so on).



It all looks amazing! This is one of the quality MDs I always like to see. Can't say anything else about it. Great work!

oh, and the colours are good.


Wow! This is fantastic, I don't think it looks too grey  :thumbsup:


Wonderful start!  &apls And I think the adjusting of the colours is excellent, there's no need to change it. ;) Looking forward to more!
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Great Balance of wide avenues and narrow(er) side roads.  :thumbsup:

I do like the "old" buildings with some modern ones in between and what you did with the backyards. Only the one with the white plaster and JeroniJ's next to that bigger modern corner building in the upper part of the mosaic looks a bid sterile to me... dunno ... &Thk/(

The plaza between the Gar Du Nord and the "Rathaus" in Generell looks nice - rather spatious :). What I miss however - especially there but also on the rest of the area - are Misc. Transports - Busses, Subway, Light Rail, GLR, you name it. Such a big station  normally bundles a lot different lines of all types ...

Anyway - overall a great start!  &apls

Take care!

Bernhard  :thumbsup:


It's just, just amazing, you're a professional of LE &apls &apls &apls

Guillaume :thumbsup:
L'atelier d'architecture
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That is a fantastic mosaic  ;D and a nicely laid out, low-rise city!  The enhancements to the picture are well done and not overdone.

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hey Fabian, awesome start my friend, your city is really unique and pleasant. I like the effects you add to the mosaic, it give the real atmosphere of the city.
Looking forward to more for sure !
-Arthur.  :thumbsup:
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I like how you've mixed old and new. The pictures are bright and colorful.

Good Luck with your Diary - Jim Myers

Jim Myers  (5th member of SC4 Devotion)


Wow! Another great MD. I love this site. ;D

I like those low-rise blocks with the open areas on the interiors. Very well done, not to mention the photoshopping is as well. Great job! :thumbsup:

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Tomas Neto

Really awesome start of MD!!! Fantastic mosaic!!!  &apls &apls &apls



Update #2 - Chancellery, Stadtschloss and an overview

So here comes Update #2  :)!
In this update you get to see 3 mosaics. The first one shows you the chancellery, the second one the Stadtschloss and the third one gives you a simple overview.
Hope you like it  :)!

For more informations you can always check out the dictionary  ;). Hope you enjoyed Update #2!



Glowbal: Thanks a lot! Glad you like the colors.
CraigKingOfIreland: Thank you! It's always great to hear that.
io_bg: Thanks  :).
Nardo69: Thanks. Yeah you're probably right with that plaza, but I think it matches the surroundings quite well. And yes you're right: Misc. transport is really missing, but it's a little bit too late to change that. But I'll try to change at least a little bit. I hope you like the proposed area for a transportation hub (see mosaic #3). Glad you like it overall.
Sciurus: Glad you like my LE work  :). It is pretty time-consuming but in the end it's worth it, isn't it :-\?
sumwonyuno: Thank you  ;).
art128: Glad you like it Arthur. It's the first time I have a MD together with you in one section  :D, but I see you're almost a Best Seller (at least soon  :P).
jmyers2043: Thanks, good to hear you like the adjustment of color.
jimbo_jj: Thanks a lot, James! Glad you like the photoshopping (elements)  :P.
Thomas Neto: Thank you. Glad you enjoyed the mosaic.


A beautiful city and very coherent architectural style--a great start and I'm glad I found this MD :thumbsup:

My only comment is the photos, though very well done, are too black in the shadows. but this is very minor--wonderful work!


I love the quality in this, spectacular!  :)

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Very nice i like it a lot but in my opinion the aquarium doesn't fit in and the white maxis textures would look better as the grey concreate as it would be more fluid but it still looks great


Looks great! One of the few cities I wouldn't mind living in. Looking forward to your progress.


 &apls &apls

Wonderful!  Very impressive work and I think you have the pictures just right.  I'm looking forward to following this one.  :thumbsup:


These mosaics are looking great! I like that last one especially. I like how you used all those wall to wall buildings. You're doing a great job of producing a European city atmosphere (though I suppose you would have an advantage over me, seeing as you are European  :P). Keep it up, and I look forward to what's next! :thumbsup:

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simply amazing &apls
I love the medieval wall...very european.
seems like you're a plopper, not much growing there ;)

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