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The region of Pirgos is back! | Update 82 [28 November]

Started by io_bg, August 30, 2009, 10:10:37 AM

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Happy Easter from Pirgos!

The Orthodox Church celebrates Easter today. In the pic above I've shot some of my aunt's Easter eggs. I hope everyone's had a wonderful holiday :thumbsup:
Also, I'm sorry for the lack of updates recently but I haven't been in the mood for playing the game. I'm hoping this will change soon as I find inspiration :)
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Happy Easter for you too, my friend!

I know that feel, when you open the game, and then don't have any idea what you are going to do, and finally end up closing the game.. It was that during the entire week, and just today I found inspiration.

Hope to see some pictures soon, even a teaser of an undergoing area would be great!

Take care,

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Oh my gosh great job Ioan was the first time I see your industrial part and I dare say that I am thrilled and delighted. I would like to have similar areas in my city makes me envy you for perfectionism that achieves the construction of your cities.


Update 82

Okay guys... here's a new update - long overdue :D My excuse is that I didn't play the game for about half a year - I pretty much lost interest in it during the spring and summer. But after this long break in the autumn I ventured to play SC4 again ;D I continued developing an older city I still haven't shown, then started a new one and finally decided to return to Wilshire again. And since this month there are celebrations on SC4Devotion's birthday, it would be the perfect opportunity to continue my MD. So let's go!
First off is a city map. I haven't made many so far but I think it's turned out okay.

The train station and the area




Freeways, something new for the whole country during the mid-century








Transition to the industrial zone









Rails, rails...



That's all for now :) I hope the next update won't take as long :D
P.S.: I'm also changing my image hosting site. I chose imgur. Does it work well with all of you? And do you have any other recommendations for other good (and free) image host sites?
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Good to see you back at it! Wouldn't say you haven't played all this time.

I have just one remark on otherwise great pictures: I think you should use a different avenue bridge in 17. Looks like it comes down all the way onto the rail?



Your city has a very gritty 'lived-in' feeling - I enjoyed every picture.   :thumbsup:


Yes! it's back! :) Since this is 1952, the RHW does look a little out of place looking at the areas surrounding it. Though, it seems awkward to see such tall buildings in a city that seems so small on the map. Very nice update though, i love hoe there's always so much rail in the cities.

Glad to see you back! Overall, it was a great update, anybody agree with me? "$Deal"$
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Excellent update for your come-back, Ioan!

The transition from residential/commercial to industrial area is very well made. Picture #15 has to be my favorite from this update.
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Fantastic update  &apls &apls

The roads and rails are perfectly done. Excellent choice of BATs and nice map  :thumbsup:


Pirgos is looking great as ever.  &apls

But why is your update from March 15 a page back exactly the same as this one? Is there something wrong with my eyes?  %wrd
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Well, I initially intended to copy some text (including BB codes) from the last teaser but accidentally carried on writing there... It wasn't until posting it that I realised I should've made a new reply ;D That previous post had a teaser and the two pictures in it had disappeared. ??? So now I deleted it.
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That is an incredible return - I really like the tone to the images - makes me think of a very carefully colored graphic novel, i.e. blurring the edges between looking real and looking drawn (in an artistic sense).
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Glad to see Pirgos back with such wonderful pictures !  :thumbsup:

I also really appreciate the tone to the images. Excellent work !

Yann  :thumbsup:


What an awesome city!  &apls

I really like the buiding density and intricate transit solutions, 82.7 is my favourite in that regard.  :thumbsup:

As for hosting solutions; I've recently started using dropbox much to my satisfaction.
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Impressive! You have nailed the look and feel very well.
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Your industrials districts + the exacly dose of photoshop = Amazing pictures &apls

I love 82.17 and the different level tunels in the 82.8 :thumbsup:

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A delight to look at. I have always liked pictures of the darker industrial area's of cities in the game.